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Chapter 7

Grissom stood, watching as the coffin was slowly and respectfully lowered into the ground, taking with it the love of his life. God it all seemed so unfair. He looked around at the small but genuine crowd who had come to pay their lasts respects. He looked over at Catherine. She was holding his sleeping son who was oblivious as to what was happening, to what he had lost.

He looked further, past the crowd. He saw someone walking over. It was Alice. He could barely believe his eyes. She was supposed to be locked up in a secure unit, where she belonged. He dreaded to think what she was doing here. His only thought could be she was coming to take his son.

He quickly turned back to Catherine, but she was no longer stood by his side. She was gone. He looked up again and saw her walking over to Alice, taking with her his son.

He tried to move, tried to run over to her, tried to stop her. "Catherine!" he yelled, "Catherine, please stop!" he begged as Catherine handed over his and Sara's son to Alice.

He couldn't move couldn't budge an inch to do anything as Alice walked away with his son. He suddenly heard his name spoken, soft, almost like a whisper.


He turned and paled as he saw Sara, standing there, blood all over her. "Sara, no." he cried as she kept bleeding. He tried to move towards her but he still couldn't move. He turned to where his son had last been, with Alice, but they were both gone. He turned back to see Sara, just in time to see her fall to the floor as the last of her blood spilled from her body.

"No!" he bellowed…

Grissom suddenly sprung up in bed, his chest hurting as he tried desperately to catch his breath. He looked to the side of him. The bed was empty, cold. He looked to the clock on the other side of him. It was 4.00am, time for his sons feed, but he wasn't crying yet. Why?

Grissom threw the blankets off him and jumped out of bed and rushed to the nursery.

He finally relaxed when he got to the nursery. He smiled as he looked in and saw Sara, sat in the rocker, cradling their son, softly humming to him as he drank his bottle, gazing up with contented eyes at his mother.

Grissom walked over and softly kissed Sara's head.

"What are you doing up?" Sara asked him, her voice soft and gentle.

"Couldn't sleep." he told her simply.

"Are you okay?" Sara asked him.

"I'm fine now." he told her, kissing her again, this time leaving his lips on her head, taking in the sweet smell of her shampoo, loving and needing the connection with her.

He finally pulled away and watched as Sara stood up and put a now empty bottle down. She paced the room a little, rubbing the tiny boys back as she lulled him back off to sleep. Within minutes he was back off in dream world so she placed him into his crib.

Grissom stepped forward and stood over his sons crib. He loved to watch him when he was sleeping. In fact, he barely ever stopped looking at him. He had the same dark, soft hair as his mother and her eyes. He could watch him forever. As he slept, dreaming away, he made the same soft snores, almost silent, as Sara did.

Grissom couldn't help but smile at the thought of Sara and their son. He continued watching him in the soft glow of the night light coming from the corner of the nursery. Sara stood next to him, also watching.

Grissom took hold of Sara's wrist and gently pulled her to him so her body was now in front of his, so his arms were wrapped around her waist and his chin was resting on her shoulder as he nuzzled his face against hers as they both looked on at their sleeping son.

"Can you believe he's almost two weeks old?" Sara said with a proud smile.

Grissom took his time to answer. He certainly could believe it. Two weeks ago he had lost her to a crazy couple who would've killed her without giving it a second thought then he had got her back only to almost lose her again to a massive haemorrhage. She'd pulled through with the help of a great medical team and he still had her. He now had a perfect little family that he wouldn't trade for the world itself.

"He's perfect." he whispered softly to her, "Just like his mother."

Sara smiled and pulled Grissom's arms tighter around her. "And his father." she said.

Grissom smiled and suggested, "Let's go back to bed?"

Sara nodded and Grissom released her from his arms. He stepped back and watched as Sara leant into the crib and kissed their sons forehead. "Sleep sweet William." she whispered.

Grissom copied her, kissing his boy before then taking Sara's hand and leading her back to bed.

The End

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