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"Careful now Edward, you need to do this with caution, just make sure you don't shallow," Carlisle instructed kneeling on the floor beside his son and looming over my body, which was becoming weak.

I heard Edward take a deep breath and I felt his mouth on my wrist. His teeth dug into my flesh, I could feel him sucking the poison out of my body. I began to felt the darkness start to slowly fade away and I felt the strength return to my body.

"Okay Edward, your good. I think you got all the poison out of her," Carlisle stated. Edward removed his mouth my from wrist. Carlisle held a cup out so Edward could spit the poison in the cup. Carlisle handed him a glass of water to swash in his mouth and then spit out in the cup with the poison.

I gasped and rose into Edward's awaiting arms.

He held me tight to his body. I was shocked for a moment, trying to think clearly. "Edward," I said his name aloud.

"Yes Bella, it's me. Oh Bella. I'm so sorry. I won't ever let you out of my sight ever again," He then pressed his lips to mine. They were warm and soothing. His kiss was urgent and uncontrolled.

I peeled my lips away because there were others around us, and they were watching.

Edward didn't take me out of his arms as we stood up. I was glad that I was in his arms. I nuzzled my face in his neck. I breathed in his sweet scent as I closed my eyes. "Hold me Edward," I said to him.

He chuckled "I am holding you love, what more do you want?" He asked looking down at me.

"No, pick me up and hold me," I said hoping that he understood. I wanted him to cradle me in his arms like a baby.

He laughed again and picked me up and held me in his arms like a baby.

Edward leaned his mouth down and kissed me again. I leaned my head on his arm and looked up at him while he spoke.

"Carlisle I think we should go down and talk to Sam and the others. We need to straighten things out with him and tell him what happened and also tell him about the poison," I then twisted my head so it was leaning on his chest. I heard his words so much more clearly, in his chest.

"I think that is the right thing to do," Carlisle said and we started walking out of Edward's room.

"I'd tell you to sleep, but you can't, so just relax my Bella," Edward kissed the top of my head. I did what he told me to and relaxed in his arms.

"Bella, are you okay, your going to fine right?" Alice chimed in coming over to me in Edward's arms.

"Yeah Alice don't worry about me, I'm a rebel," I said with a smile.

"Yeah, what do you think you are worrying about Alice, Bella's a fighter. Nothing can kill my baby sister," Emmett ruffled my hair with a smile.

It made me feel warm inside that he called me his sister. I technically wasn't his sister yet, but it was nice to know that's what he saw me as right now. "Wait Edward, put me down," I said remembering someone.

Edward put me down slowly and I walked over to the chair where Seth was sitting.

I sat down beside him. He looked troubled, like something was bothering him, but he looked like whatever was in his system, he got it out. "Hey Seth. You okay. I mean I know that you have been through a lot for the past couple of days or so, but so have I. Are you going to be okay?" I asked wrapping a comforting arm around his shoulder and leaning waiting for his response.

He slowly looked up, his eyes were filled with pain, but relief that it was all done and over with and nothing like this was ever going to happen again.

"I'm so happy that you and the rest of the Cullen's are here for me and I know that you always will be, but I'm also sad that I can't be with you because of this thing that is going on with the pack. I'm sure they really hate you guys now. I have to do what's right for the pack, I can't abandon them just because I want to be with my other friends. You understand don't you Bella?" He asked me.

I nodded my head. "Yes Seth. I know what you are going through and I know that this is hard for you because you are young and you are dealing with so much. I understand, I want you to be with your pack, but please whenever you can I want you to stop by and see me and Edward, and well the rest of the family. Okay," Seth smiled partially. "That's a boy, now let's go," I said helping up since he was sent flying across the room, but he was tough.

We all gathered out side the Cullen home and stood with Sam and the little pack that was left.

"Sam, we would like to-" Edward was cut off by Sam.

"Don't waste your breath Cullen. I understand know and I was blind before and I didn't know what was going on and it was wrong of me. I should have seen it, and I didn't. Please will you ever forgive me for what has happened here the past couple of months," Sam was including when I was dating Jacob as well.

Edward smiled "Yes. We forgive you, it's not really all your fault. Here is Seth. He's willing to be loyal to his pack and continuing being like that, but we would like to see him from time to time," Edward smiled. I was glad to see that smile on his face.

"And Sam, this in here is the poison that was going to kill Bella. If it wasn't for Edward, Bella might be dead," Carlisle explained holding out the cup to Sam.

He took it, examining the inside.

" I can't believe something like this would get so far. I will dispose of this stuff immediately, don't you worry," Sam said assuringly.

"It's fine Sam, thankfully no one got hurt from the stuff, but I'm not sure we can say the same thing about Jared, when Jared inserted the poison into Bella, Edward pushed him off her and he went flying through the window, unfortunately he wasn't able to make it. The glass pierced his body all over and he landed on a rock and broke his spine," Carlisle said solemnly.

Sam sighed knowing there was no other fate for Jared, he got what was coming to him. "It's fine. I don't blame you for doing something like that Edward. He was out of control and you stopped the madness. I'm sure nothing more is going to happen with my pack. I'm sorry for all the trouble they have caused," Sam turned and looked like he was about to leave.

"Sam, if you don't mind, we would all like to attend the funeral and calling hours, it would make us feel a lot better and they deserve our respect," Carlisle asked.

"Yes you may come. Jacob's and Leah's calling hour is tomorrow and then the funeral is the next day. Jared's calling hours and funeral probably won't be for about another couple of days," Sam informed us.

"We will see you tomorrow," Esme said with a nod of the head.

I stood in Edward's room looking at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a long black dress. It wasn't dragging on the floor, but was about at my ankles, I had matching shoes. Alice fixed my hair and put it in a messy bun, some of the hair came down over my face.

I didn't really want to go to this because I always cried, no matter who died. When I saw someone else cry, it made me cry.

Edward came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my body to his. "What's the matter love?" He whispered into my ear, before placing kisses along my neck. It was hard to think when he was touching and kissing me like he was.

"I don't like funerals, I always cry and I feel all upset because others around me are crying," I said to him keeping my back pressed to his stomach and chest.

"Well I don't think you'll have to worry about the crying part because well, you can't cry, and I know it's upsetting, but your dad's going to be there and you should really pay your respects to him even though Jacob and Leah put you through a living hell," Edward said holding me close, we started to slowly sway back and forth.

He looked very handsome in his suit and blue tie.

"Do think I will do fine with all those people around though Edward?" I asked him not so sure I was going to be okay with all of those people.

"I know you will be able to go through with it. You did fine with Charlie. You don't need to worry about anything. I'm going to be at your side the whole time, if something should go wrong then I will take you outside. Will saw that you are very upset and need some time to be outside alone," Edward said reassuringly.

I trusted him, but I wasn't so sure about myself. Edward must have seen that on my face because he nuzzled his face into my neck. "You worry to much, you need to relax a little honey," He cooed.

We all arrived at the Calling hours. Billy was there, Seth, the rest of the pack Sue, Charlie and everyone else who were close to Jacob and Leah.

No one knew that it was me who killed them both. It was the our little secret.

Charlie was dressed in a nice suit.

"Hi dad," I said to him softly.

He looked as if he was going to break down into tears. I loved him so much.

"Hi Bella," He replied looking down at his nice dress shoes.

"Dad, you don't know how much I love you," I said to him. I cautiously brought him into a hug. I trusted my thirst. I was to upset to be thirsty. He did smell good though.

Edward wasn't far away. He watched as I hugged my father. A smile came to his face.

I pulled away.

"It's to bad this happened. The poor kids. Did you hear that Jared died. He fell through a window and broke his spine and his body was pierced with glass," I put on a face of surprise, like I hadn't heard this before.

"Your kidding me?" I asked sounding puzzled.

"Yeah. He and some friends were at there house and broke the window," Charlie explained.

I didn't know how the Cullen's got him to believe this, but it seemed to work fine.

"That's terrible. Poor kid, he was so young," I said pretending to feel bad but feeling the anger burn within my mouth, venom started to flow naturally.

Charlie nodded his head and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Well I'm going to talk with some other people. Sue isn't doing to well. So I will go over and talk to her. Billy seems to be keeping it in," Charlie told me as he walked away.

That made me feel bad.

I had taken the children from them.

Edward must have noticed this because he came to my side and held me close kissing the side of my face. "It's okay Bella. I know you feel bad, but it wasn't your fault. It was their fault that they came in contact with my vampire," Edward smiled devilishly at me. I tried to hold back the smile. I hit him playfully.

"Edward, that's no way to be," I said with the smile showing. His just got wider. He called me his vampire and I was glad that it was that way.

I turned my body so that I was in front of him and looking up into his eyes. We held each others hands. Edward leaned his head down and took my lips in his. It was just a quick peck on the lips, he suddenly pulled away when someone stood by us.

It was Billy.

He looked at Edward, then myself and then at both of us. "I would just like to say thank you for coming here this evening and showing respect. Hope to see you tomorrow," That was all he said, and that was all he needed to say.

"You ready to head home now my love?' He asked thinking that we had stayed long enough.

"Yeah. I think we stayed long enough. Edward are we going to come tomorrow. I mean the funeral is for family and close friends. We weren't really close," I explained to him. The Funeral was in the morning, and I didn't feel like going that early. I had a few other things on my mind.

"There is something on your mind love, I can see it in your eyes. What's bothering you?" He asked.

I smiled and took his hand. "Why don't we go home and I will show you," I whispered. I was on my tip toes telling him this.

"Sounds like a good idea," Edward and I were about to leave hand in hand when the sound of my fathers voice stopped me.

"So when is the wedding going to be?" I turned and looked at Edward wondering when he was planning to have it.

"April 22, another month and a half," Edward answered. We didn't even discuss this. I looked at him baffled.

"Okay. Where is it going to be then?" Charlie asked.

Edward turned to me and smiled. "Uh we haven't figured that out yet," Edward knew where it was but he didn't want to tell my father.

"Alright. I'll be waiting for that call," Charlie smiled and went off to his Cruiser.

As soon as he was gone I asked Edward. "Where are we getting married?" He was silent for a moment.

"Where we first fell in love," Edward hushed. I felt my body begin to tingle with the thought that we were going to get married there. It was so different from where I had seen people normally get married.

People gathered in the chairs and I stood in the woods in a little clearing that Emmett had made. I was standing there in my new Wedding dress that Alice had ordered before the wedding.

Charlie was standing there with me. We were in an awkward silence. It was almost time to walk on the green grass that led into the meadow where Esme and Rosalie set up the Altar. It was white with pink flowers all over it. Alice decorated it herself and I thought she did a very good job.

"Are you ready to do this Bella?" Charlie asked breaking the silence.

I turned and nodded my head. I was as ready as I was ever going to be. There was no music, the only signal was the people that turned and looked at us and waited for Charlie and I to walk up the grassy aisle. Charlie was such a slow walker to me. It wasn't his fault he was just human.

It seemed to take forever to reach the love of my life. Edward Cullen. Then man I was going to marry. We were going to be together forever and that was the truth.

I didn't take my eyes off Edward and he didn't take his eyes off mine.

The ceremony started and it seemed to drone on and on.

Edward and I held hands, big grins on our faces.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live?" Edward nodded his head slowly

"I do," He whispered.

"And do you Isabella Marie Swan take this man to be your lawful wedded husband in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live?"

I did the same and nodded my head and then said "I do,"

"With the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride," The man closed his book and smiled awaiting for Edward and I took kiss.

He cradled my face in his hands and brought my lips to his in a soft but sweet and yet at the same time, passionate kiss.

It was breath taking.

Edward pulled our lips apart and everyone stood up and clapped. My mother was in tears in the front row.

It seemed like everyone embraced me in hugs and kisses. I was to wrapped up in happiness to think about taking a bite out of one of my friends or family.

Seth was there and he was crying and hugging me.

I was so happy. This felt like the first time in a long time that I was going to be happy. I had everyone I loved around me and they were all happy and now and for forever I was officially a Cullen.

And they all lived happily ever after. The End.

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