This is for the E/O drabble challenge of the week

Challenge word: Thermometer

A/N: Hey guys! Enjoy! The title is really cheesy, i know! Just some brotherly fluff.

I got your back, big brother

He placed his head on the coolness of the window and let it soothe his horrible headache. Dean Winchester never got headaches. Sammy was always the one to get them but never him. He wasn't sure how long ago he asked Sam to drive it felt like hours.

The impala cruised along the road and then slowly stopped. Dean heard Sam get out of the car and for a few moments it was silent and then his little brother returned to the car.

Suddenly he felt a cool glass stick being placed under his tongue.

"What's goin' on?" The oldest Winchester mumbled. Confused. Dazed.

"Dean, just relax." Sam soothed. "It's just a thermometer."

"M'not sick, Sammy." Dean said sounding more awake. He opened his eyes but kept his head on the glass.

"Dean you're sweating." Sam stated. "And you asked me to drive." The youngest smirked slightly at his last comment towards his brother.

"I'm just tired."

"At the next motel were stopping for the night."

"I can sleep in the car, it's fine."

"Dean, stop talking for a minute, will ya? I need to see how high your fever is."



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