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Challenge Word: Nauseous (or nausea or nauseated)

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Chapter 3

Dean lay on his stomach across his bed. His body was tangled beneath the sheets and the comforter lay on the floor in a deformed ball. The older man groaned and moved his body so he was lying on his side and opened his eyes.

The curtains to the window of the motel room where pushed back and the sun's bright rays streamed through. Dean shut his eyes tight; the bright light hurt his eyes. He then reopened them and slowly sat up. His eyes darted to the nightstand where a sliver can of ginger ale sat next to a couple of saltines.

Okay so I survived the night, good. How many times did I puke? Seven I think. How the hell did I get back into my bed, I don't remember walking. Huh Sammy must have aided me over. Holy crap I'm so exhausted.

Dean rubbed his eyes and then reached his arm over to take a sip of the ginger ale. It was room temperature but it was good enough. Then suddenly he realized something.

"I don't feel nauseous." The older Winchester faintly whispered to himself. He grinned and then realized his little brother wasn't in his bed and there was no note that he went out or anything on the nightstand.

Dean's head turned towards the bathroom where he suddenly noticed that the shower had been running. The door was open a crack and a light beamed through. Dean got up slowly and rubbed his head, it throbbed a little.

As he got closer to the door he called "Hey Sammy!" He paused for a second "Dude I'm healed. I don't feel sick at all but just extremely exhausted."

He waited for a moment to hear Sam's reply but there was no reply.

"Sam?" He called in a much louder voice.

A wave of panic and worry hit Dean and he slowly opened the door and found Sam pale as a ghost, eyes squinting up, and leaning against the bathtub.

"I hate you so much." The younger Winchester rasped.

Dean sucked in a long breath "Crap. When did you start feeling sick?"

Sam hesitated "I woke up about an hour ago and felt a little blah and then I figured a shower would help but as I turned on the water I started to feel even more sick and I…" The youngest trailed off and Dean waved his hand for him to skip over that and continue.

"Anyway, I felt too weak to stand up and turn off the shower."

Dean nodded and crossed his arms "Fever?"

"Probably why I have chills." Sam swallowed. "Dean?"


"Can you turn off the water? I mean I just wasted an hour's worth we really should save water."

Dean snorted, "Your feeling like complete shit and instead of asking me to get you a blanket or some ginger ale you ask me to turn off the water?"

Sam nodded and Dean walked over and shut off the water.

"Vending machine outside right?" Dean asked.

Sam merely just nodded again.

"I'll get the comforter, that should keep you warm. Just don't puke on that cause then it will stink up the place. And I'll grab a few cans of ginger ale from the vending machine."

Sam's eyes closed as he pressed his cheek against the bathtub "Thanks D'n."

"I got your back, little brother."

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