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Author note - Alright. After many many requests for a sequel to my eating disorder fanfiction Model Behaviour, I have finally written a sequel. Hopefully it'll meet your area of liking in what you hoped for/expected for the second part. I'm sure everything will be along the same lines. Backstabbing friends, shocking secrets, new twists, eating disorders, and of course, SasuxSaku moments. This chapter also holds some pretty explicit moments near the end, so you've been warned.

Note that this is an eating disorder story. If you are self-conscious it may possibly be triggering to an eating disorder or any other form of self-harm. With this I can not and will not be held responsible if you develop any harmful condition while you read this story.

"See her? She just came back from rehab for starving herself." Haruno Sakura heard the low whisper of a fellow classmate a few lunch tables away.

"I can't find her, where is she?" The friend replied, craning her neck to find Sakura.

"Uchiha's girl. The one with the bright pink hair."

The friend made a disgusted noise. "Really? She had an eating disorder? It had to be for attention."

"I know. Didn't they start dating right after she got a little thin? Oh my gosh. She must have starved herself just to get Sasuke into her. What a fake!" The first girl exclaimed, making an equally disgusting noise.

A few feet away, Sakura let out a soft and long groan of annoyance. It hadn't stopped yet. Sadly. It was only the beginning of the torment Sakura had been given since she was released from a medical clinic that helped people recover from eating disorders. It had been non-stop since she was released earlier this month for gaining enough weight to make her stable. Since she came back to school, it was everywhere. It had been in the papers that she and her boyfriend, Uchiha Sasuke, had murdered the popular agent and pedophile, Orochimaru. After the trails, the final few paragraphs had mentioned what was next for Sasuke and Sakura.

Sakura entering rehab was one of those things mentioned.

"Tr-try to i-i-ignore them, S-sakura," her friend, Hinata squeaked, being one of the few who still stuck to her after she returned.

Rubbing her left temple, Sakura replied. "I'm trying, but after a while it gets old."

"You've been back for two weeks. Give it another two and things will be back to normal!" Hinata's quarky boyfriend, Naruto piped in. His mouth full of ramen noodles, that fell out of his mouth and onto the table as he spoke to her.

Looking at the noodles, Sakura tried hard to not form a disgusted look on her face. "I can't wait two more weeks, if it's even that long." She managed to look away and found her eyes on the magazine that Hinata had been reading in between bites of her own lunch.

'Feeling Fat? Thirteen new tips to guarantee a sexy new body by summer!'

She swallowed hard and tried to find a new headline on the front page to read.

'Eat great and lose weight with a new friendly diet plan!'

Her heart felt constricted in her chest and she glanced at the next one, which was much more satisfying then the first two had been.

'Fun activities to do on cold days with your man!'

Suddenly, she felt at ease and things appeared to be a little less tense for the moment until another comment was made and heard. Just then, the school bell rang and ended lunch, which blocked off the last bit of comment made about Sakura's thin body.

With a sigh of relief, she picked up her handbag and the text book for her next class and fast-paced walked to the psychology classroom on the second floor, not bothering to wait for Hinata to gather her things or for Sasuke to walk with her to the next class.

Psychology seemed fascinating at first. The study on mental functions and behaviour seemed highly seemed so interesting when she checked into the semester class. But the class ended up being long lectures of some of the stuff she had learned when she was at rehab and the homework was endless.

Her class was studying the personality section of psychology before moving on to the health psychology chapter, which was three before the one she was on now. She was supposed to be taking notes on the chapter and remember the name of those who had conducted experiments on this branch of psychology, but all she could focus on was what she had heard today at lunch.

Sakura tapped her pencil on her paper and sighed. When was it going to end? Didn't teenagers have anything else to gossip about? There were plenty more fascinating things to gossip about than her weight and what they did to her in the 'looney bin'. Her eyes were on the back of Sasuke's black hair. Though she was happy that Sasuke hadn't been mentioned much in the gossip, the fact that he killed someone was hardly even mentioned, it did seem unfair on several levels that he didn't get the as harsh critique.

"Miss. Haruno, are your notes going to magically appear from Mr. Uchihas head to your paper?" The sensei, Ibiki, said harshly.

A few of the students giggle and Sakura jumped into taking her notes. Not completely processing what she was writing down, her thoughts were still on what had happened. From time to time, she'd begin to focus all her attention to the comments and when the class had ended, she only had a quarter of the three pages of notes done.

Three classes later, the final bell rang and released a good portion of the population out for the weekend. It was the third week in January and the days were marked down on her calender at home when she'd finally be out of high school and live on her own. An end, she viewed it, to all of the harassment she had received since she came back to school. Missing the first semester had been hard and if it wasn't for that fancy rehabilitation center that still taught basic classes Sasuke paid for, she would most likely repeat her senior year.

"You're letting this get to you. It's been three weeks, aren't you use to it, yet?" Sasuke asked, walking her to her car.

She breathed out and made her breath noticeable in the air. "You know I take critique hard. It's not like I'm the first in our school. Two years ago I remember one girl had a pretty bad case and she didn't even come back after she gained all that weight. She and her family moved to one of the islands to finish out her high school years. In fact, after everything we did, I'm amazed we even came back to this school. My parents are so obsessed with their social status, they don't talk about me to their friends or business partners anymore."

They both stopped when they reached Sakura's silver little car.

"Do Kakashi and Rin still want me to come over tonight?"

Sasuke nodded.

Nearly every weekend Sasuke's adoptive parents, Hatake Kakashi and Rin would have her over just to watch movies, play board games, or simply talk about what was going on in life. Though it only started after she returned to school, Rin seemed to be interested in taking Sakura out shopping for outfits. She was certain it was just their way of saying sorry for not helping earlier.

"Is six okay? My mom will want to have our daily discussion first."

"Six is good."

They hugged each other softly, her body still fragile and Sasuke never being so much of a touching person, and kissed gently on the lips before Sakura got into her car and drove home.

After pulling into the parking lot of her home, Sakura slipped into the house as quiet as possible, hoping her parents weren't home. She set down her keys near the television and began to go up the creaking stairs to her room. Finally, she was in her room.

"Where are you going?" Her mothers voice calm and stunning.

Sakura jumped, dropping her backpack with a loud clunk on the floor. "Mom! Oh, you scared me. I'm just getting ready to go Hinata's to study. Loads of psychology notes need to be done and she's better at explaining it than I am..." Sakura nervously reached for her backpack and a few other items. Makeup, hairbrush, and a nightgown that was freshly folded. "I might spend the night if it takes longer than we expect."

"You're going to that Sasuke's boys house again, aren't you?" Her mother eyed Sakura's suspicious movements.

Sakura tried calm herself down. "What makes you say that?"

After the accident, Kakashi had taken the liberty of explaining the entire situation to her parents. Her father, a man usually out on more government business trips more often than had been home in his life, was ashamed of Sakura's behaviour and had almost disowned her because of her shameful acts. He took it study. One word at a time and understood what she had wrong with her, but couldn't understand how it happened. Her mother on the other hand, gave a different reaction.

Her mom couldn't understand why anyone could starve themselves or do drugs. How her daughter could let a man touch her. She now watched Sakura suspiciously at all time and would encourage her to eat seconds on the few days they would eat as a family. Mrs. Haruno was also convinced that she had developed an eating disorder because of Sasuke, and that it was entirely his fault.

"You're panicking," her mother watched Sakura grab a change of clothes and shove them into them into her bulging backpack.

"Well," Sakura started to zip up the bag. "Hanabi will be home soon and she's bringing a few friends. If Hinata and I want to get this homework done, we need to get it done fast."

"And if I call Mr. Hyuuga will he confirm this?"

Sakura sighed. "I'm going to be eighteen in a few months, mom. I'm old enough to make my own decisions."

Her mother scoffed. "Apparently not."

"I'm going. I have my cell phone, so if some creepy guy wants to take naked photos of me, I'll call you instead of the boy who might be a few doors down." She spoke with an acid tone and slung the backpack of her shoulder.

"Don't you dare walk out that door!" Her mother started to yell, walking fast-paced behind her daughter as she bounced down the stairs and went for her keys. "Haruno Sakura, don't you disobey me, you're not allowed to see him anymore."

Sakura picked up her keys, not caring that it was only four and that she'd be two hours ahead of the planned time. "Why this week? What happened the last two weekends I've been home?"

"You can't spend the night at his house! People will think that you're sleeping with him and it'll will be bad for our reputation! Sakura, I was just pro----"

She slammed the door and ran to her car, slamming the door shut with as much force as possible and jamming the key in the ignition. That was all her parents cared about, their social status and that Sakura stayed as that innocent three year old they've been bragging about until the last two years have happened. She didn't care either that she and her mother were supposed to have their daily 'Group' discussion, that was highly encouraged by her Group counselor.

Gone for only a mere six minutes and her car felt like an ice cube again.

Sakura always felt better when she was at Sasuke's house. Maybe it was because of Kyoko that made it so warm. She was learning how to walk and was good at taking about three steps before falling either on her bottom or her knees and crawling the rest of the way. Her giggle warmed Sakura's heart and Kyoko had become so familiar with her that she always outstretched her arms, waiting to be held by Sakura for a good portion of the night.

Rin greeted Sakura the usual way. One arm carrying Kyoko and the other wrapped around Sakura's petite body as she exclaimed "Sakura! It's so good to have you over again," then she would turn and call out for her husband, Kakashi and Sasuke.

Kakashi would usually come from the living room and Sasuke would walk silently down the stairs. Both greeting Sakura with a sign of affection.

"You're in time, Sakura," Kakashi took her backpack and tossed it to the foot of the stairs, "Rin is just about done making supper, then we're going to watch a movie. Is gore going to be alright with you, or do you need something less violent still?"

After watching someone be beaten to death and their eyeball being squished in by a high-heeled shoe, gore movies disturbed her a bit, but made it easier for her to point out how wrong the movie made certain murders. "Gore will be fine."

Rin had returned to the kitchen when she heard the water overboiling and handed Kyoko to Kakashi, who began to bounce her up and asking her who loved her and who was the most beautiful baby in the world.

Sasuke had picked up her bulging backpack, "Staying the night?"

"If it's alright with you," She followed Sasuke behind the stairs, "my mom and I got into an argument before we left...and it was about you. I'll go to Hinata's if you have something planned tomorrow morning."

"No, I want you stay," He pushed open his door and set the bag carefully down next to his bed.

Sakura studied his room. The bed sheets were messy and scattered, like her had been sleeping rough. A pile of dirty clothes rest in the bottom of the basket, intellectual books filled most of the large bookcase at the far end of his room, his computer had an IM popup from Naruto asking if Sakura was over yet in bold orange text. Everything appeared to fit the description of a normal boys room except for the dark colours that gave the room a more uncomfortable feeling than it should.

"Tsunade called me last night," she said suddenly.

"What?" Sasuke's voice turned sharp and alert.

Sakura sat down on his soft bed. "She wants to know if I want to come back. She has someone else who will be my agent. Oh, Sasuke, she still feels awful about what happened that night and misses us so much. She says that Usui isn't the same as it was when we were there."

"I don't know if that would be a good idea."

"Why not? She's still doing the weekly weigh in for models to make sure that they're healthy and we'll pick up right where we left off. Tsunade is even arranging some charity fashion shows, isn't that sweet of her?"

Sasuke opened his mouth to argue but Kakashi called them saying that dinner was ready.

Noodles with shrimp, pork and beef strips, some kimchi on the side for Kakashi, a platter of vegetables in the center with an western dip in the center.

The aroma felt good in Sakura's nostrils and made her ready to eat everything in sight, not leaving anything left. She was starving after not eating breakfast and lunch but instantly scolded at herself for even thinking about stuffing her face.

"This looks good, Rin," Sasuke sat down in his usual seat and began to dish himself a plate full of everything. He reached for Sakura's plate and gave her a large amount of food that was equal to his overflowing plate.

After everyone was dished and Kyoko had her baby food in her own bowl, the eating began.

The conversations started off with Rin asking Kakashi about work. He told us stories of the busy he day he had and how he wasn't looking forward to tomorrow. It was followed by Sasuke and Sakura's day at school, which finished then with Rin's exciting day with Kyoko. The following conversations scattered from different things that was in their daily lives or were upcoming events.

"Excuse me," Sakura pushed herself away from the table and headed up to the bathroom. Sasuke didn't bother to ask where she was going this time, it was obvious now and for what reason.

After locking the door, Sakura wrapped her hair in the familiar sloppy ponytail and knelt before the toilet.

I can't believe he made me eat so much. I could feel the fat still left on the pork and beef, it felt like rubber in my mouth...

She leaned her head forward and slipped a single finger down her throat. A few more actions finally got the food out of her body. It always looked unfamiliar in the toilet bowl. Sometimes she'd be able to make out a lump if it wasn't chewed fully or if there was still some good decent shape to it, but the noodles were small and scattered, and the meat was in chunks that was a little hard to make out. Only the vegetables were the clear ones in the bowl, a chunk of green here and there. The smell was rancid as the contents swam in a peach colour liquid after she had been drinking peach juice since dinner started.

Watery eyes and vomit slipping down her arm, Sakura was fairly satisfied with herself. She had been doing it for so long and was so good at it that she hardly made a noise now.

After cleaning up and returning as normal as she could to the table, she saw that Sasuke was putting away the leftovers while Kakashi did the dishes.

She had been there a tad longer than she thought.

"Just wondering when you were going to come back," Kakashi joked.

Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Ha...yeah..." Sakura grabbed some dishes on the table and began to help Kakashi, "sorry about that."

After the movie, Sasuke and Sakura retired to Sasuke's bedroom while Kakashi and Rin went to their own after putting Kyoko to bed. It wasn't extremely late, but Sakura felt exhausted.

"Can we talk about Tsunade's offer now?" She asked, watching Sasuke undress before her. "She says that she'll even be my agent if I'm that uncomfortable with a stranger. She'll give us more free-time, better protection has been put around the agency. Please?"

Sasuke slipped out of his shirt and revealed a slender back to her, which made her heart pound in her chest.

"I don't think so. Do you really want a repeat of last year? You're more stressed this year worrying about college applications, I think going back into modeling would be bad right now." He was beginning to take of his pants as his spoke.

"Tsunade will understand if I need a personal day, she doesn't run your average agency, please?"

Sasuke stood there in nothing but boxers, his back turned to Sakura. So strikingly handsome in the light. "Fine."

"Oh thank you, Sasuke!" She squealed and jumped onto his back, bouncing up and down with excitement. "She wants to see us next week, it'll be just like the old days...w-without Him, of course. I'm happy you're agreeing to this, I know what you think is going to be better than any advice my parents have to offer."

"Hm," was all he could say.

Still self-conscious, Sakura changed in the bathroom, careful to lock the door again and make sure that she still looked pretty, even if she was half asleep. They crawled into bed together, a new thing they had started after her first week back from school, and both were asleep within minutes.

A dream occurred.

Colourful and rich in detail, Sakura found herself in her old room at the agency. Neat and tidy, which was highly uncommon when she was working there. Everything looked like it was in perfect order except for the pile of beer bottles surrounding one of the chairs that was more commonly occupied by Orochimaru.

"Sakura, you've gained!" Orochimaru exclaimed, lifting up her shirt and rubbing his luke warm hand across her stomach. "Look what you've done to yourself, gained all this weight and for what? Whose happiness? Whose acceptance? Surely not your own," He took off her shirt.

For some reason, Sakura was unable to move. Her body stood frozen before Orochimaru as he walked around her and critiqued her body, removing pieces of clothing one by one and touching different parts of her body.

He grabbed the skin on her upper arm and firmly pinched, making her release a noise of pain. "What is this, Sakura? Fat? I'd expect more from you," He undid her bra from the back and began to touch her breasts, squeezing and pinching them hard.

"S-stop, I don't want to do this," Sakura could only say in a whisper. Her body movements were beyond her own control. She didn't even remember stepping out of her pants, but now they were gone and Orochimaru was on his knees, rubbing her thighs with his hands.

"Of course you do, my dear. I know you love it. Your body says it all." His hands grabbed the final piece of clothing on her and pulled it down to her ankles.
She was now completely naked.

His hands were running up and down her legs, and she noticed now that he had somehow become entirely naked. She didn't move, but her insides trembled. Each time she tried to move, she felt stiff and couldn't, like pushing against a large stone that was firmly planted.

"You'll have to do like this for now...but Sakura, I expect you to lose all of this," he grabbed her buttocks and pushed himself upward with his legs and was now towering over her.

"Stop touching me. Don't you dare. Sasuke will rescue me, he always does," Sakura spoke as loud as she could, which was no louder than a whisper.

"Sasuke won't save you tonight. You're mine for now," His lips touch her chest just above her breasts, one hand kept the firm grip on her buttocks and the other move to the front, dancing around her hips before entering her.

Sakura awoke, gasping for air and feeling cold as she had separated her body from the warm bed, sweat, and Sasuke, who was still sleeping soundlessly. She shook all over and felt pain in her lower stomach which was probably caused by the dream.

"Just a dream....just a dream," she told herself as she rocked her body on the bed. It was the tenth dream she had had about Orochimaru since the murder. They weren't always sexual. Other times it was him talking to her and telling her how she looked, sometimes it would be repeats of what experiences they had shared together, like her weigh ins, only one other one like this had been sexual, but he had not even entered her then.

"It was just a dream," Sakura repeated once more as she lied her head down next to Sasuke, too afraid to go back to sleep.

Author note - Well that's the first chapter. It's a bit of an introduction of what life is like for Sakura now that she's out of rehab and how she feels about things. I know that even though Sasuke was in there, he didn't play such a big role, but the next chapter will be better, more Sasuke scenes rather than Sakura-centric. So, I apologize about the slightly confusing plot and the lack of Sasuke. The next chapter will make up for it. If you have any feedback or something you'd like to see in the future, feel free to fill me in. I'm always looking in on satisfying the readers.

So...funny comment, I was always convinced that the modeling competition I had in Model Behaviour was highly unrealistic, but I just went to a modeling competition and I was very close in detail. Who knew?

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