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Bella x Edward

The plan

Bella P.O.V

The definition for high school in the dictionary is the name used in some parts of the world to describe an institution which provides all or part of Secondary Education. For teenagers the definition of high school is a place where you can see your friends everyday and hang out. For me the definition of high school is Hell.

My name is Bella Swan, and I go to Forks High... in Forks...duh!

In my school I am known as the weird girl with the really shiny eyes. Since I was little I've always been trying to shut everything away because I know what high school does to normal teenagers. It changes them. The 98% of the kids that are in high school aren't really what they show outside school... just to get the one term that everyone wants: being popular.

For me this wasn't a problem. I always hang out alone and I really didn't care what people thought about me. I knew that everyone knew that I was freak and a klutz... but that is who I am.

My life changed a lovely morning in summer... also known as the first day of school.

That day I woke at the same time as always, 7:30 sharp. I got dressed into a blue T-shirt and some jeans with my hair tied up and, of course, my glasses.

I got into my rusty old car and drove up to the school. As I got to the parking lot that morning, everyone looked my way since my car made so much noise, calling everyone's attention. But as soon as they saw it was only me they kept doing what they were doing.

I got out of my car and took my bag and went to meet with my friend Derek (I made him up and I need him to be gay so don't be confused people) otherwise known as the gayest guy you'll ever met. As I made my way to my friend I passed the most popular girls in school or as I like to call them The Bitches.

The leader, Tanya, is a blond girl with green eyes, while her followers are Jessica who has brown short hair and black eyes and Lauren who has black hair and green eyes.

I've known them all my life and I have always hated them. They made my life hell. Tanya was with a senior named Edward but Derek told me they broke up over the summer.

That was another thing about Derek: he knew everything about everyone. Don't ask me how he does it he just does.

I looked down so they wouldn't notice me and kept heading towards my friend. Minutes later I found my self in front of a dark haired guy who was smiling at me... that was Derek.

"Hey Bella! It's been so long! Can you believe were juniors!!" Derek giggled like a kindergarten girl while I just laughed.

"Yeah big woop," I said as I opened my locker and took out my books.

"Are you emo this year? Come on show more spirit!!"Derek yelled.

"Yay," I said in a bored tone.

"That's more like it! Now what did you do over summer? Any cute guys?" Derek asked as we walked to our first class.

Meanwhile a bronze haired guy with green eyes was getting out of his BMW with all his style and flow. He coolly made his way to the the front of the school where his friends waited for him while some girl drooled over him as passed by them giving them a smile.

This was Edward Cullen, AKA the hottest guy in all the school. I didn't think so. I thought that guy was so over his own ego that he didn't see what really was in front of him but Derek had some sort of small crush on him and I wasn't aloud to talk trash about the all so great Edward Cullen.

Edward greeted all of his friends and they started to make their way to the back part of the school where they usually hung out. His two best friends walked beside him. The black haired guy was named Emmett who was going out with Edward's cousin Rosalie Cullen and the other one was Jasper Hale who was going out with Edward's sister. The three friends sat in their usual seat.

"So I heard that Tanya dumped you," Emmett said, trying to get more information from Edward.

"Yeah... but I'm over it, whatever... I can get any girl I want," Edward said, giving a cool smirk to his friends.

"Well someone woke up with extra ego this morning!" Jasper laughed.

"I'm serious guys... I don't need a Tanya... I can have any girl," Edward said.

"Wanna make it a bet?" Emmett asked.

"Please don't do this guys," Jasper said, trying to stop both of his friends.

"Sounds like fun," Edward replied.

"Guys... that's not a good idea," Jasper said.

"Ok then... I bet you... to get.."

Emmett looked around to try and find a girl for the bet when he spotted me.

"Ha! I bet you can't get Isabella Swan to fall for you," Emmett said.

"What? No way! Anyone but her... she's weird," Edward said.

"A bet is bet my man," Emmett said.

"Fine! What do I get if I win?" Edward asked making Jasper groan.

"Loser has to run around the school in his underwear," Emmett said.

"Fine," Edward replied and they both shook hands.

"So... you can start when ever you want," Emmett said and Edward got up with a smug smirk.

"Well... prepare to lose my good friends," Edward said.

"Oh no I'm not in this," Jasper said shaking his head.

"Fine... well wish me luck," Edward said and walked to the table where me and Derek were sitting.

"Hey," Edward said, with a smug smile, to us.

Derek and I turned around and Derek let out a girly gasp.

"Hi... Omg your Edward Cullen!" Derek said, excited.

"Uh... yeah... and your... Deok right?" Edward asked, unsure.

"I'm Derek but close enough."

Derek smiled and Edward smiled back.

"Sorry," he said.

"Oh don't worry... I love your hair today it looks sexy," Derek said.

Edward stood in silence while looking at Derek weirdly while I secretly laugh.

"Uh... thanks... so... your Isabella Swan right?" Edward asked turning to me.

"Yeah," I said seriously.

"Uh I was wondering if we could hang out sometime?" Edward asked with a smile.

"I'm busy... Sorry," I said as I stood up and started to walk away.

"Come on Derek," I said.

"Sorry," Derek said and ran to me and we walked away.

"That went well," Emmet said while he walked from behind to Edward .

"That's just the first step... I'm not about to give up," Edward said and walked away.

Emmett laughed and followed him and they made their way to class.

"Why did you say no?! Come on Edward Cullen asked you out and he knows your name," Derek said as we walked through the hallway.

"Because I don't like him and everyone knows my name... I'm the freak of the school," I said as I rolled my eyes.

Derek rolled his eyes too and kept babbling of how stupid I was for turning down the hottest guy in school. I wasn't really listening... I knew something was up with Edward... I knew something was up.


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