Dreams Only Last For a Night

By Gabby Reisz

I'll be fine, even though I'm not always right

These words, or lyrics, I should say, ran through my mind as the phone sat a few feet from me. I had been attempting to call all day with no luck. My nerves made it hard to even dial the number. What would happen if he answered? What would I say? 'Remember me'? I would sound desperate. All I really wanted was to see him again. It had been so long.

I sat for hours just staring at the phone, hoping magically he would call me. But since I knew that would never happen, I finally made progress. I inched along on my dorm room floor towards my cell phone. All my dorm sisters were partying while I was sitting around like a loser. I really hoped this would work.

I picked up the phone. Oddly enough, it felt heavier then usual. Before calling his cell, I would think he would've gotten a new phone over the years, so I dialed a different number instead. His mom answered immediately. I knew I could count on Amelia.

"Hello? Barakat residence."

"Amelia? Hi it's Grace."

"Grace? Wow it's been what? 7 years?"

"Yeah! Well I was wondering..." I mumbled.

"You probably want Jack's number."

"No... Maybe. OK yeah I guess I do." I admitted, embarrassed.

"Well I can understand. He will definitely remember you. You were the best girlfriend he ever had, definitely my favorite." I smiled. Back when I was 13 were some of the best times of my life. Amelia gave me his number and told me good luck. I thanked her and told her I missed seeing her. I said goodbye and hung up. The hardest was yet to come.

I remember the first time I saw Jack on TV. I was watching MTV (back when MTV had music on it) and a music video was premiering. It was a video with a fairly attractive lead singer and a really catchy tune. The video was set in a strip club though, it caught my attention. I watched and watched until I saw him. I could swear it was Jack. He looked exactly the same as Junior high.

To be sure, I looked up the band name (All Time Low) on the Internet. I wasn't shocked, but amazed.

All Time Low is an American pop punk band from Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland, formed in 2003. The band comprises lead vocalist Alex Gaskarth, guitarist Jack Barakat, bassist Zack Merrick , and drummer Rian Dawson

To see his name sent shivers through my body. It had been 7 years since I had even heard from him. Back in the days of Junior high, I would call him every night before I went to bed to tell him that I loved him. I would hug him every morning before class. I would even kiss him behind the lockers. He was the guy every adolescent girl dreams of.

We ended our 2 year love on behalf of different high schools. I remember that day. We had both been thinking about it, but he was the only one with the guts to say anything. I didn't cry that day at school, but I broke down once I was alone in my room. I look back on it now, and I think I really did love him.

Now that I had his current number, I gripped the phone tightly. I took one of the most nervous deep breaths I had taken in my 20 years. And I dialed the number.

"Hello?" I had defiantly called the right number, but it didn't sound like Jack.

"Uh is Jack there?" I asked shyly.

"Ah no he is out with Alex and Rian, may I ask who is calling?"

"This is Grace Eckridge. I'm an old friend." I fought my shy whisper willingly.

"Oh the famous Grace that I'll never hear the end of. Jack would always talk about you on the bus."

"Really?" I was somewhat shocked and flattered. I blushed at the thought of Jack remembering me.

"Oh and by the way, this is Zack, Zack Merrick."

"Um Zack? I know this sounds really weird... but where are guys at?" I tried not to sound like a stalker.

"We're in Baltimore right now, and we'll be here for about 2 weeks." it was almost perfect. Baltimore is where I called home.

"I really want to see Jack again." I felt weird telling this to some guy I had never met before but Zack seemed very friendly.

"OK. I think I can help." Zack sounded quite mischievous now.

Zack had a plan. He would meet me outside their hotel while the others were off doing who knows what. We would wait there until the guys got back and surprise them. He called it, 'the rekindling romance'. I laughed at him. I had to emphasize that it was 7 years ago the last time I told Jack I loved him. While I was telling Zack all these things, I found myself tearing up. Explaining all this brought back memories, happy and sad. I just knew that I would be seeing Jack again soon, and that made my heart race.

Zack was good looking, he had an infectious smile. I would thank him until the end of time for everything that he had done for me.

It was almost time, and I thought I was going to throw up. It was surreal. Out of nowhere, Jack's phone starts ringing. Zack peeked over at the caller-id.

"Thats Alex. I should get that, and you may want to get in your hiding place." Zack smiled and winked. I blushed as I walked over to my designated spot. I heard Zack from the other room telling Alex to tell Jack that he had a surprise waiting for him. Zack leaned into the living room where I was sitting on one of the generic couches.

"You got 2 minutes." all of a sudden, my entire body tightens. My breathing got faster, and my head started pounding. "Are you alright?" Zack asked as he brought in a glass of water.

"Nervous." I said.

"I can imagine." he smiled. There was a knocking on the door. And all nerves came to a halt. Jack was on the other side of that door, confused and agitated. Zack got up and before opening the door, turned to me and gave me a thumbs-up. I smiled at him and waited.

"Open this damn door Zack!" I could hear Alex and Rian yelling from the other side.

"OK, OK." he said as he flung open the door.

"So what is this surprise that a I..." Jack said as he walked into the room, but stopped when he saw me. Shock flowed through the both of us. Suddenly, I could see our childhood memories flood into my eyes.