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Chapter One

Amber Elric looked out the window and watched the scenery pass by. She was a fairly pretty teenage girl, though very short and thin. She looked a bit younger than her age, which bothered her a little sometimes, but she otherwise didn't care. Her long reddish-blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail at the back of her head; it was a habit she had adopted since she was much younger to keep her hair from getting in her way. Her father sometimes liked to tell her that she acted a lot like his grandfather, though in female form.

Her father Hughes Elric Jr. sat beside her in the car and drove along the road as they went through the grand state of Washington. He was handsome, very handsome, with dark gold hair that was cropped short and a pleasant, but strong face. His eyes, unlike Amber's, were a deep blue: a trait he often said came from his mother and grandmother, Amber's grandmother and great-grandmother. "We're getting close to Forks, honey. Isn't this place pretty, Amber?" asked Hughes softly. He smiled gently toward his daughter before looking back at the road as it began to rain a little.

They had moved from Texas where her father had been a marine since he was eighteen until he had retired. Their family had been a military family, according to Hughes, for a while. His father had been in the marines for a small time before he had died in combat at the age of twenty-six, leaving Amber's grandmother pregnant and alone. Amber often wondered if being a single parent was a common thing in their family, or a curse, as her own mother had died when she was young. Her great-great-uncle had died when he had been only seventeen from a severe illness, which had left her great-grandfather all alone with Amber's great-great-grandfather until he too died at the age of forty. Her great-grandfather had died at the age of twenty as well at the end of World War II, leaving his son Hughes Sr. and Hughes Sr.'s mother, Winry, all alone.

"Yeah, it's nice, dad," said Amber softly, eyeing the surroundings. She wasn't very fond of the place, but it was better than being no where. She was sure she would become accustomed to living in Washington in time, though she sort of missed the larger city of Austin, Texas where she grew up. Her father being a military man for most of her youth had afforded her the chance to be born in England before they moved back to the states when she was five. As a result she didn't exactly have any actual accent.

"I'm taking a job there as a police officer, Amber," said Hughes softly, "I was promised it when I was looking into moving up here. My friend Sirius helped me look for the house. I hope you don't mind."

"No, of course I don't, dad," said Amber quickly, "Why would I mind?"

Hughes smiled faintly and nodded, affording Amber a small glance before he looked back to the road and turned. "Well, being a military family hasn't exactly helped you make friends. Ever since I left the marines and became a police officer in Austin you've had a bit more stable lifestyle, but still nothing compared to what the kids around you probably had, right?"

"I don't mind. I didn't like many of the kids at school anyway," said Amber. She smiled and looked to her dad with her gold colored eyes.

He glanced at her again and then nodded. "Mind if you could get the map out? I want to make sure we're not lost or anything."

Amber nodded and pulled out the map of Washington that her dad had bought at a convenience store when they had stopped to fill up the car with gasoline. She opened it up carefully and traced the route her dad had marked down before looking out the window for anything definitive to give herself a place to start looking on the map. "We're almost there, dad," said Amber, grinning. "Will the movers have already put the stuff in the house when we get there?"

"Yeah, they did that yesterday. My pal Sirius told me he kept an eye on them while they did it," said Hughes, grinning.

"Sirius Black?"

"Yeah, you remember, right? He's the guy with the motorcycle and leather; sort of a Hell's Angel?"

Amber smirked faintly and nodded before closing up the map and holding it in her lap. "Yeah, I remember him. He lives up here now? I thought he was back in England."

"Eh, he was, but he moved over here because of your Aunt Rouge," said Hughes. "He's Uncle Sirius now, by the way."

"Oh? They finally married?" Amber raised her eyebrows as she eyed her dad. "I'm sure Damien likes that a lot." Her cousin Damien, the son of Aunt Rouge and Sirius, had always been picked on since he was a boy about his mom and dad not being married.

"Yeah, a small ceremony before a priest." He chuckled and shook his head. "He had his friends Remus and James there as witnesses. He bought their tickets for them to come over from England for a short stay."

"I'm glad he's happy now," said Amber, "And I'm sure Damien is happy, too."

"Sirius said James challenged him to a motorcycle race around the town before James' wife Lily put a stop to it. She allowed them to have it around the block, though." Hughes grinned as Amber laughed and shook her head. "Yeah, I know. Crazy bunch they are. Lily said James and Sirius were going to teach Harry and Damien how to be terrible men if they kept that up. Glad you could get to know them when you were little, though it's a shame you only got to see Sirius while growing up here in America. James and Remus are good guys, though they couldn't come to America that often. Sirius only stayed here because of my sister Rouge."

"I'm sure he missed them terribly," said Amber.

"Ah, yeah, he did. Thankfully, both James and Sirius come from rich families, so they could afford a small trip occasionally." They turned and Amber saw a small town seemingly appear around her with buildings and a few fast food restaurants along the road. "Looks like we've made it to Forks, honey."

As they made their way to the new house that Amber had only seen in the photograph her dad had received from her new uncle Sirius, so when she saw the house it was a mild surprise to see that her bicycle was locked up on the front porch of the house, away from the rain, and Sirius was sitting with her Aunt Rouge on the bench swing next to it. She smiled and, when they drove up into the driveway, got out of the car to hug her Aunt Rouge tightly. Rouge was much taller than her with a fair bust size and long red hair, all of which Amber did not possess.

"Good grief! Hughes! I thought I told you to give this girl some meat! Look at you! You're all skin and bones!" Amber flushed brightly and started to move away from Rouge before the woman pulled her close again. "Oh, don't mind me, Amber! I just love teasing!" Rouge then leaned down and kissed Amber on her forehead before moving back over to Sirius' side and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Sirius, a very handsome man with shoulder-length black hair and pale gray eyes, stood grinning at Amber and winked at her. "Don't worry on it, love, she's just happy to see you again," he said; his English accent was prominent, especially to Amber's American-trained ears. "Are you ready to see the new house? I made sure to get Rouge's help in organizing some things. We'll help unpack everything and move things if you want."

"Thanks, Sirius," said Hughes after hugging Rouge. "We'll need the help I think."

"Oh, it's no problem, really," said Rouge quickly, "After all, you're family."

Amber beamed happily at them all as they all made their way into the house. It was a medium sized house, the side paneling white with the eaves and window borders painted a deep red. Inside it was fair sized, though the furniture sort of filled up the space. Sirius and Hughes both worked hard to move things around properly and move boxes out of the way while Rouge made tea with Amber.

"I was surprised when I saw you, Amber," said Rouge as she poured the hot water from the tea kettle into four mugs, "You look so much like the photos of your great-grandfather that it's almost frightening."

Amber blinked and put her hands into her pockets for lack of something to do with her hands. "What do you mean?"

Rouge beckoned with a finger and pulled Amber away to a photo album that looked quite old. "This was made by my father, your grandfather, when he was your age. He found some old photos of our family dating back to the turn of the century practically."

Amber looked through the pictures carefully. The writing was a little hard to read, however, due to the age of the ink and paper. Thankfully, Rouge was quite willing to point out everything. "This is a photo of my great-grandfather Hohenheim Elric when he was a baby, about a year old in 1900. He was born in Germany. And here is his wife when she was a baby, Trisha. Here are their respective photographs growing up too."

Hohenheim Elric and Trisha growing up were an interesting set of photographs all in that old sepia tone found in old photographs. Hohenheim looked exactly like Amber did at that moment, complete with long hair pulled back into a ponytail by the time they had reached the teenage photographs. Rouge kept talking and said that Hohenheim's family had moved to England before the Great War started up and that was where he had met Trisha. Trisha had a similar look to Amber's dad, a pleasant but strong face with wide, smiling eyes, but her hair was dark. When Hohenheim grew up to be about nineteen he married Trisha and a year later they had Edward Elric, Amber's great-grandfather, and the next year afterward Alphonse Elric, Amber's great-great-uncle.

Then, when Amber saw her great-grandfather's photograph at the age of fifteen, when his father Hohenheim had died at the age of forty in 1939, Amber stopped and stared. Aunt Rouge had been correct in saying she looked exactly like Edward Elric. Hohenheim as a teenager had been startling enough to see her face in the photograph, though more masculine admittedly, but Edward's face was as round as hers was and his eyes were as angled and sharp as hers. His hair was pulled back in a long braid at the back of his head and he wore a sharp look of determination.

Alphonse Elric, on the other hand, reminded Amber of Trisha. He held the same gentle, but strong face and pleasant eyes, but his light hair was cropped short in comparison to Edward. "Three years later, Uncle Alphonse died of pneumonia and was buried out in the family graveyard. Edward married Winry Rockbell here," Rouge showed her a picture of a lovely young woman with pale hair and a bright, smiling face, "the year before Alphonse had died and Hughes Sr. was born soon afterward. Edward died in 1944 at the age of twenty in combat. My father and grandmother moved to America then and my father joined the marines. He married Alisha, here, and had me. Then, he died when mom was six months pregnant with your dad."

"So, great-grandpa Edward is buried in England?" asked Amber.

"Well, sort of. They sent back a box with his coat and watch inside it with his name inscribed on it. The doctor who had sent it had said there wasn't enough of him left to burry," said Rouge softly. "I can't imagine the pain granny Winry must have gone through."

"And great-uncle Alphonse is buried there, right?"

"Yes, of course," said Rouge, "Why would you ask something like that?"

"Because it says here that he disappeared," said Amber, pointing to the page in front of her. Indeed it was an obituary with Edward's photograph with him wearing a British uniform and underneath his photograph was the obituary saying, "…he died in service to his country and was buried next to his brother, whose body had disappeared after his death."

Rouge frowned at it before closing the book up and handing it to Amber. "Here, I'm giving it to you to take care of now. All right?"

Amber nodded and clutched the photo album to her body. "All right, Aunt Rouge," she said, smiling at her pretty aunt. "So, where is Damien?"

"He's at home with a couple of friends doing a science project," said Rouge, grinning faintly. "Likely, they're playing videogames, though. I'll have to get Sirius to disconnect it if Damien doesn't actually work on anything. He's a freshman this year at your new high school."

Amber smiled faintly and nodded. "All right, Aunt Rouge." Then, she put the photo album away into her new room and surveyed the mess she would have to tackle before being able to do anything with her bed. Boxes were everywhere. Thankfully, though, her father and her uncle had been able to move a few into her closet with her clothes. So, with that ahead of her, she dove right into putting things in their places.