I don't remember how it started exactly, one minute I was sitting in my backyard with my best friend Edward, and the next I was crying my heart out into my pillow. We were 13 years old, living in the always thrilling town of Forks, Washington. Nothing EVER happens in Forks, but it was in Forks, that my best friend broke my heart on my 13th birthday.

Edward was gorgeous of course, and I was just plain old Bella. At 13 I had yet to grow into my body, I still had most of my baby fat, braces covered my teeth and the ever rainy season in Forks caused my hair to frizz 98% of the year. But even if I could have tamed my hair it still would have been boring at best compared to Edwards beautiful bronze locks. And if his hair was beautiful, then those emerald eyes were amazing, stunning, breath taking……I could go on forever about those eyes.

It wasn't what Edward said that day that broke my heart, it was what he didn't say. Tanya was beautiful, the kind of girl that I had always imagined Edward dating. Tall, at least 4 inches taller than my 5'3, with long strawberry blonde hair and deep blue eyes, every bit as beautiful as Edward's green ones.

We were sitting on the hammock in my back yard, just moments after getting my birthday present from Edward, a teddy bear and a charm bracelet with a best friends charm, when Tanya came waltzing up. That day she ripped my heart out of my chest and ripped it into a million pieces before throwing it on the ground and stomping on it with her designer shoes, all before flipping her hair over her shoulder and waltzing away gracefully just as quickly as she had come.

"Edward why do you insist on hanging out with this loser?" she asked.

Did she seriously just say that, I mean this is my backyard, I thought looking up at Edward waiting for a response, but was greeted with silence.

"Eddie, why don't you come and hang out with me, I promise you I can show you a much better time than this loser."

Ohhhh she's going to get it now, he HATES it when people call him Eddie, I thought.

Again I looked at Edward waiting for a response but once again I was greeted with silence. Tanya laughed, clearly laughing only at me.

"Bella you are so pathetic, you know the only reason he is friends with you is because your mothers are so close. I mean seriously why else would he hang out with you?" she asked laughing.

I looked up at Edward one last time, with tears streaming down my face, and once again I was met with silence.

I stood up and threw the teddy bear at him before ripping the charm bracelet off my wrist and doing the same, and running into the house. If I hadn't been so heart broken I would have been impressed with myself for not tripping. At least I didn't embarrass myself any farther. That night I locked myself in my room and cried my heart out before falling into a restless sleep.

The next day I stayed home from school, and stayed in bed for most of the day, with an ice pack on my eyes. I heard Edward's mother Esme, downstairs talking to my parent's right before dinner. I loved Esme, and Carlisle and Edward's goofy older brother Emmett. But things would never be the same between us again, and just the thought brought on a whole new round of tears. Thank God it was Friday. But the weekend itself was a blessing and a curse all in one. On one hand I didn't have to face Edward and Tanya in school until Monday, but at the same time I couldn't leave my house, because apparently Edward was eager to speak to me. But speaking to Edward Cullen was something that I vowed to myself I would never do again.

I wasn't rude; eventually I was able to move past the pain. The relationship between our mothers meant that I was obliged to spend at least nine days a year in the presence of Edward Cullen. Birthdays, Christmas and New Years were spent at the adult table now, rather than hanging out, laughing and spending time with Edward. Of course I spoke to him, but only when spoken to, and if he ever tried to actually carry on a conversation, or if the general conversation ever got too personal I simply excused myself politely to retire early.

In the 10th grade I met my best friend and complete opposite, when Alice Brandon moved to Forks from L.A. with her parents. All of the damage that Edward and Tanya had done to push me farther into my shell, Alice easily reversed tenfold in her first year in Forks. I started hanging out with a group of girls that didn't exactly hang out with the popular group that Edward and Tanya hung out with, but they were popular enough in their own right.

Alice helped me to find a cute but relaxed look that was both easy to manage and comfortable. I could feel cute and relaxed which is exactly who I was. While Alice, Jessica and Angela did wonders for my self esteem and my personality, Tanya and Edward did wonders for my G.P.A. I was 2nd in our class of 138, 2nd only to Edward, of course. As the end of our junior year approached I was applying to Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton and NYU, all of which were 3500 miles from the place that I had called home my entire life.

Senior year breezed by, Edward and I always neck and neck for first in the class. I started the year in 1st but thankfully by the end of the year Edward beat me out by 1/1000th of a point, which was fine by me. 2nd in the class meant that I wasn't obligated to make a speech, which drastically reduced the likelihood that I would embarrass myself.

It was just hours after graduation that I stood in my kitchen remembering the past and smiling to myself. Just as I had vowed to myself nearly five years ago, I had never spoken to Edward Cullen again.

But tonight was going to be a different story entirely, tonight was our graduation party. Yes that's right our parents were throwing us a joint graduation party. I was having my joint graduation party with a complete stranger. Okay so maybe that was just a little dramatic, but seriously I knew nothing about Edward Cullen and tonight I was going to have to pretend to be his best friend. I think I need a drink, and lets make it a stiff one.

"Isabella Marie Swan, why aren't you dressed yet?" asked Alice pulling me from my thoughts.

"Oh sorry Alice, I was just thinking," I said sighing.

"Bella, you are going to have a great time tonight. You are a confident, beautiful young woman who is on her way to Harvard. Edward Cullen is NOTHING to you, and in two months you will be completely rid of him for the rest of your life! Now take your cute, sexy self upstairs and put on the perfect outfit that I picked out for you." Alice was easily frustrated with my low self-esteem, but not all of us could be so beautiful and graceful as she could, with as little effort.

I couldn't help but laugh at her, no matter what; I could always count on Alice to cheer me up.

I came down a few minutes later in Alice's perfect outfit, a short denim skirt and a deep blue tank top. Apparently this was MY color, and Alice was doing everything in her power to make me look my best tonight, although according to her, it wasn't that difficult.

"Well my dear shall we?" asked Alice.

I couldn't help but laugh and her before saying "Yes lets," and looping my arm through hers.

Of course, being a guest of honor there was no one at the Cullen's but our parents when Alice and I arrived.

"Oh Bella you look so beautiful," said Esme as Alice and I walked into the kitchen.

"Aw, thank you Esme, you are too kind," I said kissing her cheek.

"So are you guys excited about Harvard?"

I looked at her confused for a moment before saying, "I'm thrilled, but Alice is going to Columbia."

"Oh of course dear, I was talking about you and Edward of course," she said exchanging and 'oh shit' look with Carlisle.

"What?" I asked as a mixture of shock and confusion ran through my body.

"But I thought Edward was going to Chapel Hill?"

"I was originally, but I had a long conversation with my father and eventually I came to the conclusion that I just couldn't pass up an Ivey League education," said Edward as he joined us in the kitchen.

"Oh, well of course not," I said leaning against the counter.

"I am sorry Bella, I should have told you sooner," said Edward.

The thing that I hated the most about that non-existent relationship that I had with Edward was the way he spoke to me. There was never a hint of sarcasm or hatred in his voice. Just now he sounded truly apologetic and though he may be a total stranger to me these days, I could see in his eyes that he truly meant what he said, that he wasn't mocking me.

"No, its okay," I said. Well so much for getting away from Edward in two months, I thought. But if I thought the news of Edward attending Harvard was a shock, I was no where near prepared for what our parents were about to do.