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"How long?"

Tyki found his newspaper folded down to reveal a delicately concerned visage that he was none too thrilled to see. "What?"

"How long are you going to wait?"

"Oh, not this again!" Dark brows plummeted the second realization sunk in and Tyki hurriedly forced his reading (or rather, not-reading) back into its relatively vertical form, blocking his view of the unwanted visitor.

"Now, Tyki, you can't run away from this!" He swiveled purposefully to the right as his aggressor leaned to the left, "This is your prime! You have your pick of the best Europe can offer and they're all verily dying to get at you, it's almost cruel, really," a sharp one hundred and eighty degree turn as he rallied on the right," but most of all it's a crime to yourself!" A hand finally caught the unwilling audience member and prevented any further wriggling.

Sheryl blinked plaintively at what was visible of his scowling brother over the daily journal and composed his features into their most beseeching arrangement before swatting down the paper to the coffee table with an air of grand finality. "Tyki," he brought a slight palm to rest over that part of his vesture under which his most vital organ was said to rest, "it breaks my heart to see you suffer!"

"That's just it, dear brother," Tyki shrugged out of underneath Sheryl's gentle grip on his shoulder, " 'you'. This is all about you, this is all about your suffering over things in your imagination. It has nothing to do with me so, if you could please, go suffer somewhere else." He made a grab for the paper but a well-aimed flop onto the desk (and directly atop the desired object) prevented his desperate attempt to seize the ticket to distraction.

"Tyykiiii!" the disgruntled Noah lifted his gilded gaze to the far corner, pointedly avoiding the pout-contorted countenance that was so very similar to Road's when she was possessed by pining moods. "You're depriving yourself of the greatest happiness available to man!"

"In your humble opinion-"

"At least get a lady friend, Tyki!"

"Sheryl!" Tyki smacked the table and, for the first time in their conversation, turned to face his older brother full on, "I don't want a lady friend! I don't even want a female acquaintance! I am sick and tired of you and everybody else in the god-damned world hounding after me to marry or date or court or whatever. When I want to settle down, when I'm damn well ready to consider hunting down 'the one', I'll do it, I assure you. But for the time being," a smart tug brought the newspaper from beneath Sheryl's substantial derrière, "I'm perfectly content on my own, thank you."

For a few beats Tyki sat staring heatedly at his reading material, the electricity of his indignant outburst sizzling out, but when Sheryl made no sign of departing he ripped his eyes up savagely and said coldly, "I said 'thank you'…" The older Noah, seemingly in compliance to Tyki's disguised invitation for him to leave, slid from the desk with a sigh.

"Well… If that's how you feel-"

"It is-"

"I guess I'll just have to give up-"

"You've never said a kinder thing to me, Sheryl."

"Aw!" Tyki grimaced at the loathed but not unexpected pinch of his cheek that usually accompanied the various and sundry cooing noises his elder was prone to make, "You have until Saturday."

"What?" Tyki's eyes widened, face going slack in disbelief.

Sheryl gave his most sinisterly sweet smile, eyes forming two little perfect arches of elated evil and mouth curving upwards to the point that it looked fit to collapse on itself.

"Saturday. I'm having a party in honor of you and your new significant other. The whole of civilized society will be waiting for you to introduce your date to them so let's not disappoint anyone, hm? The Earl gets rather depressed when we smear the good family name. Toodles!" With a wiggle of his fingers, Sheryl all but ran from the room, pausing at the door to give a little shrug of delight.

Tyki let his head fall to greet the table top with a hollow thunk. The newspaper fluttered to the ground and raced the bedraggled bachelor's spirits in deflating.

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