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Chapter 1- Isabella Ice

"Bella, I don't want you to come with me." Edward spoke the words slowly and precisely as his cold eyes watched my face.

"You…don't…want me?"

"No." he said coldly.

"Well that changes things." I mumbled.

"Of course I'll always love you…in a way. But what happened the other night made me realize that it's time for a change. Because I'm…tired of pretending to be something I'm not, Bella. I am not human. I've let this go on much too long, and I'm sorry for that." Edward said with no emotion.

"Don't. Don't do this." I said as pain and numbness began to take over.

"You're not good for me Bella." I already knew that the words before were a lie that he didn't love me and that I was of no use and wasn't good enough for him.

"If…that's what you want." I said numbly.

He nodded and all fell silent.

"I would like to ask one favor, though, is that's not too much."

"Anything." I vowed.

"Don't do anything reckless or stupid. Do you understand what I'm saying?" Edward ordered as I nodded helplessly.

"I'm thinking of Charlie, of course. He needs you. Take care of yourself for him." he explained.

"And I'll make you a promise in return. I promise that this will be the last time you'll see me. I won't come back. I won't put you through anything like this again. You can go on with your life without any more interference from me. It will be as if I'd never existed." he vowed.

"Don't worry. You're human, your memory is no more than a sieve. Time heals all wounds for your kind." it sounded like a joke to me.

"And your memories?" I asked.

"Well I won't forget. But my kind, we're very easily distracted."

"That's everything I suppose. We won't bother you again."

"Alice isn't coming back." I realized that my best friend left me without saying goodbye like I was useless and replaceable to her as well.

"No. They are all already gone." Edward said and then I thought of how the family I thought loved me left and realized that none of them loved me and I became even more numb and cold.

"Goodbye Bella." Edward said.

"Wait!" I pleaded.

"Take care of yourself." Edward ordered as he kissed my forehead and disappeared.

I stood there without movement until I finally was able to force my unmoving legs to walk forward. I walked and walked without end stumbling as I was cut up by vines, thorns, and branches. I was numb and I couldn't feel anything though. Every touch that pressed up against my body seemed to freeze as the pain engulfed me more. I tripped on something and fell to the ground as I laid there unmoving and unresponsive as the rain fell and seemed to drown me away with my lost soul. I laid there for hours it seemed until a cold touch stroked my cheek and I opened my eyes to red eyes burning into mine as they appraised me.

"Hello my sweet Bella. What are you doing here all alone. Where is Edward? I stopped by the house and nobody seemed to be around." Victoria smiled.

"They appear to be have been gone for sometime. Why are you all alone?" Laurent asked as he picked me up and I looked into his deep golden eyes as he placed me against the tree and both vampires sat on either side of me.

"They are all gone." I said with no emotion as Victoria stroked the hair out of my face to reveal scratches, cuts, and bruises and she hissed.

"We came here to kill you but it looks like you are already dead. Did they decide to attack you and leave you here?" Victoria smiled.

"They left. I'm of no use and a broken tool that is to be destroyed." I said with zero emotion.

"They left you here alone for dead." Laurent gasped from shock.

"Yes. They didn't even stay to say goodbye. They had a choice and chose not to so I guess that love was never with me." my eyes turned dark and my heart began to ice over.

"Victoria, I know you still wish to kill Bella. As in mate for mate. However I can't take part in this since I was just here as back up against the Cullens. I can't kill her when she is half dead. I'll leave her." he disappeared.

"As you wish. Thank you." Victoria called after him before turning back to me.

"Kill me if you wish." she looked at me shocked.

"You want to die?"

"Death has already taken over me. I'm already dead. My heart is no longer alive since it was shattered and then frozen so it could never be put together again. I'm sure you know this feeling." I said as she flinched.

"I do but I still need to make Edward suffer. He has made you suffer as well as me so it is only fair that he does. I'll have my fun and then grant you your wish of death." Victoria slammed me in the stomach and I went through the tree.

She started throwing me around and clawing at my skin. After awhile she brought me to the deepest part of the woods and tortured me for days. I was close to death when I heard thundering on the ground and Victoria scream. After that I felt a sharp pain in my neck, arms, legs, and left shoulder. I started to feel countless bites going into me but couldn't move or scream. I opened my eyes and saw Victoria continuously biting me. Victoria's face appeared above mine as she purred in my ear.

"You will live for eternity until someone kills you. Edward will loose everything he loved about you as you become a vampire. I have bitten you 100 times so you will appear to be a threat to other vampires so they won't attack you. Every bite has my venom so you will be in more pain than others during your transformation. When you see the Cullens give them a message from me. Tell them 'Not even my fire of hate could melt the ice of bleeding and broken heart of the human'. They'll know what I mean. Goodbye my child. Although you are the cause of James' death, I feel no hate towards you as I have witnessed your own pain. The pain I have felt. Tonight I will die as you are changed. Goodbye my Isabella Maria Ice." Victoria said before she was lifted away and I saw huge wolves appear from the forms of my friends in La Push and start tearing apart Victoria who smiled and let them do as they wished as I closed my eyes and was lifted and then opened them and saw Jacob sobbing along with a few other torn faces.

"What can we do Sam?" Jacob sobbed.

"We can't do anything for her." Sam replied.

"I may be able to help." a voice called from the forest to reveal Laurent.

"Wait. His eyes are gold and he hasn't stepped on our land" Sam growled as all the boys shook.

"I'll take her. She can't stay here and she'll need help." Laurent said.

"No." all the boys growled.

"Laurent." I reached for him and he smiled as Sam eyed me.

"Bella?" he asked.

"I will be a danger. Tell them I died. Tell Charlie I loved him. I must go. Forgive me Jacob." I said as he cried and held me close.

"Promise to come back one day." he begged.

"I promise as long as you keep me in your memory." I said as the pain engulfed me and I clenched my jaws as I struggled to stand and everyone gasped as Laurent ran to my side.

"Forgive me for not coming earlier. I thought you would already have been dead and then I got a call from Victoria telling me to come and get you. She decided to let you live and she wanted to die. She has a letter waiting for me to give to you and only you." Laurent said as he held me up.

"How can she stand?" Sam asked.

"I'm not sure. No matter what every human being turned is immediately sent into a burning since of pain that feels like your body is on fire and you are in complete pain and you can't move and all you do is scream. I'm not sure how she can manage." Laurent said as he picked me up bridal style.

"I'll take care of her. I'll keep her safe since Victoria asked me too." Laurent said.

"What?" all the boys gasped.

"I don't know. The letter says it all but I can't read it unless Bella permits it." Laurent said before taking off running as the wind whipped around us.

We appeared at a cabin somewhere deep in the woods and I saw a high fence cage that held some deer. It looked like a horse farm.

"I caught those for you when you awake." Laurent said as he sat me down on a bed and sat on the chair beside it.

"Rest now. I'll never leave you my dearest sister." Laurent said as I closed my eyes and let the pain engulf me.

I spent 7 days in pain, which I didn't get because the transformation only lasts for 3 days. The entire time I felt Laurent holding my hand and encouraging me to stay strong. I decided at that moment he was going to be like a brother and I would protect him the way he is me. Just when I thought the pain couldn't get any worse it did. All of it went straight to my heart and I listened as it beat for the last time.

"Bella? Bella? Please open your eyes and let your brother see a sign you are alright." Laurent begged.

"Laurent?" I asked and I noticed my voice sounded like bell chimes in a gentle snow as my eyes opened and I saw Laurent who gasped and then looked at me with 'awe'.

"Bella, your eyes." he picked me up and glided me to a room that has one side covered in mirrors and I gasped.

Before me was not the Bella I was before. I was taller. Not 5' 4" but 5' 7" and I was paler than usual. I mean paler than any other vampire I had ever seen. I had defined features and I was curvy and my lips were fuller and my face more angular. My hair was longer, down to my lower back and was darker. I was muscular but slender. Every inch of my body was defined and muscle. The thing that surprised me even more than all the scars that were only visible to vampires that were all around my body that was wrapped in torn, muddy, and blood stained clothes, was my eyes. They weren't golden, red, black or any color I had seen in other vampire eyes. The were a almost clear ice blue with red specs in them.

"My eyes." I said as I touched my face and Laurent nodded.

"I've never seen anything like them. The red will soon turn gold if you drink animal blood like I have grown accustomed to. I wonder why your eyes are blue. I also would like to know why you were in pain for 7 days instead of 3."

"I'm not sure either. It might have had something to do with the extent of my injuries."

"Maybe. I wonder if that is it. My you must be thirsty." I noticed a pain in the back of my throat but I couldn't really feel it.

"I suppose." I shrugged as Laurent smiled at me.

"You will make one special vampire. Come on." he walked us to the door and then out to the fence that held the deer.

"Would you like to go first Isabella?" Laurent asked.

"You can call me Bella and I don't know how." I frowned and he gave me a brotherly hug.

"Don't worry. I'll help you." he smiled as he dashed over and I watched as he stalked and then lunged at his prey and sucked it dry before smiling at me.

I jumped over the fence and lunged at the deer. I was surprised at how fast I was and easy it was for me to kill my prey. When I finished off two deer I stood up and wiped off the blood and walked over to Laurent who had been observing.

"Amazing. How about you clean up and then we try out in the forest." Laurent smiled as we dashed into the house.

"This is Victoria's room. She called and told me to let you have anything you would like. She also left the letter for you on the bed there." Laurent said and I nodded as he left the room.

I jumped on the bed and picked up the letter and stared before deciding to open it so I could read it.

Dearest Isabella Maria Ice,

I am sorry for everything I've done to you. I blamed you for all of problems and James's death. While I was torturing you I realized something. Actually a few things. One was that you were strong and wouldn't scream out. You didn't want to let me see you or let anyone know you were hurting. That also shows courage. I remember how you were going to sacrifice yourself for the Cullens and your mother on that night when James tricked you. I apologize for the pain he caused you and I now realized he died because he wanted you dead for his own games just the way I wanted you dead for his death. You are strong and determined. I saw how your heart was frozen before I had even bit you. A dead hurt beats more than yours did. When you would pass out from the pain I heard you sleep talk. You were always going on about how you deserved death and that you were the cause for everyone's problems. I was going to kill you the night before I bit you when you passed out and apologized to me for warning your life and causing you pain. That's when I realized that nothing was your fault. I can't even begin to say how sorry I am so I called Laurent and told him to come and get you because it was my time to die and yours was to live. I told him that you were like a sister to me and no harm was to come to you. He'll protect you and please protect him. You two will be each others family and I am sure that you two will find your loves and make a coven. Forgive me my dear sister but I must go, I have left a silver necklace that I have kept with me since my turn. There is a large heart locket that holds two pictures. The inscriptions in it say 'To protect, to defend, to live for thy siblings' on the back in Italian. I wish for you to live dearest sister. Live the life that I have given you and taken from you at the same time. You will be the leader and caretaker of the coven. All the lives of your family lie with you to hold, protect, love, and defend. Be happy and strong and keep Laurent in line. I love you.

Your Sister,


I stared at the paper in shock as a sob shook through my body and Laurent appeared in the door way.

"What's wrong?" he asked worry clear on his face and as I looked into his eyes I saw his past, but not just his past it was his most painful memories and saddest moments.

"Bella?" he yelled as he reached for me when I gasped and fell off the bed.

"I think I just found my power." I said and he looked at me curiously.

"You had a twin sister named Laura, a mother named Holly, and a father named Scott and they were all attacked and killed by a robber and you watched them get killed and the next night you became a vampire and killed the small town." I said and he gasped.

"How did you know?" he asked.

"I saw it when I looked into your eyes. I only see the saddest parts of your past and any negative thing." I said.

"What about the letter?" Laurent asked.

"You can read it while I change." I dashed over to the corner room and back to the bathroom after I picked out a pair of skinny black jeans and a blue corset styled top and then put on black boots with the golden locket.

When I changed I came out and saw Laurent dry sobbing and rushed over to him as I embraced him in a sisterly hug and then he spotted the necklace.

"What are you going to put in it?" he asked.

"This." I smiled after I found a picture of Laurent and Victoria smiling.

"But-" I cut him off.

"No buts it is my locket. I will put a picture of you and me on the other side once my eyes turn more golden." I smiled.

"Well I suppose we should go hunting." he locked elbows with me and the took off towards the woods with me to his side chasing after our prey.

After Laurent attacked a bear I smelt the most luring smell I have ever smelt and ran to it. When I got closer it started to smell sickly sweet and repulsive as I stopped and then noticed it was human with his family.

"Why didn't you attack them?" Laurent asked.

"I don't know. They smelt fine when they were far away but when I got closer they were repulsive." I backed away.

"Truly amazing." Laurent laughed as we ran back into the woods and he explained that we would have to move and there is a place set up in Canada.

-5 years later-

"Bella?" Laurent called from our cabin in the deep part of Canada.

"I'm coming!" I yelled back as I appeared in front of him waiting to go hunting.

"Ready for some moose?" he laughed.

"I'm not sure. I was thinking more like bear." I smiled.

"You always are great leader." he laughed.

"Why do you always call me that?" I sighed as we ran through the forest.

"Because you are the boss." he laughed as I threw a snowball at him and he chuckled.

"ARGH!" I heard a scream and stopped then smelt blood.

"It's human blood. Hold your breath." I hissed at Laurent who nodded.

We took off running and I found a woman and two men standing together while a pack of wolves surrounded them. The man was attacked and sent flying back as the woman held onto the other man who was laying on the ground bleeding. All of them were injured and bleeding heavily. I was so mad that I charged right at the wolves and attacked one that was about to jump at the man. When I turned to the man the wolves tried to attack and I was so mad that I growled and flung my hand at them in the air as my fingernails grew an icy blew and then the snow around me moved with the movements of my body and the wind whipped at the ground and sliced everything as some of the wolves turned to ice and then I clutched my hand into a fist and the ice shattered. The rest of the wolves tried to attack and I lifted my hand back up and my fingernails turned a snow white and then everything started floating and a pushed my arm forward and all the wolves were slung back into the rocks with the movement of my hand. Once the wolves got up and ran my fingernails stopped glowing and the snow and wind stopped raging as I turned to the humans before me.

"Who are you?" the woman asked through tears as she shielded the man under her.

"My name is Isabella Maria Ice. What is your name?" I asked as I checked the injuries of the man a few feet away.

"Valeria Swiss and this is my husband Thomas Swiss. That's my little brother, Oliver Weston. Please save him." she begged.

"I can't. There is only one way to save him. Valeria, I'm a vampire and the only way I can save him is to turn him. I won't unless you give me the alright." I said as she stared before nodding.

"Save him and then turn us as well." she begged and I nodded as I leaned down and bit him before going to the others and biting them.

I called Laurent over after they started screaming and we took them to the house.

"Will they be alright?" I asked Laurent as I held Valeria's hand.

"They'll be fine but what was that you did to the wolves?" he asked as he took a seat beside me.

"I'm not sure. I wanted the wolves to stop so I held out my hand and my fingers turned blue and then I felt like I was controlling the snow, ice, and the water in the air so then all the water in the air gathered around the wolves and froze them before I shattered them with my fists. When everything started floating and my nails glowed white I wanted them all to just go away and then I felt like I could move things and push them back. What do you think?" I asked Laurent nervously as he pulled me close for comfort.

"I think you have more than just one power but I think your power revolves around ice or things that are cold and negative. It must be from where when we found you and you were cold and numb. One power is to get into others minds and see their darkest memories or past. Power number two is when your nails glow icy blue. I think you can control anything with water, which means snow, ice, and the wind was because of the precipitation. Power number three is telekinesis. You wanted to move or push things away so that's what you did. You pushed everything away. You truly are amazing my sister." Laurent smiled at me.

"Thanks." I stroked Valeria's hair and then my fingernails turned a soft watery blue when I touched her wound and it healed over as I gasped.

"Make that four powers. You can heal when your nails glow a watery blue. It makes sense because water is the element of healing." Laurent laughed as I used my new found power on the others and they all seemed to be in less pain so I kept up my power for three days so they wouldn't be in as much pain.

After three days the awoken and they all woke up within seconds of each other.

"How are you feeling Valeria?" I asked as her eyes grew wide.

"It wasn't a dream. You are beautiful." she smiled wildly and I laughed as she gasped from her voice that sounded like a smooth flowing river.

"You should see yourself." I pointed to the mirror and she walked over to it and gasped.

Valeria was 5' 8" with long wavy blonde hair that had a slight brown in it. Her curves were well defined and she was more slender than muscular. She resembles Rosalie greatly, but had darker shade of hair.

"Valeria?" Thomas called in a train like voice.

Thomas was 6' 5" and very muscular. He had a giant build that looked intimidating but his innocent and gentle face made you think he was a gentle bear. His hair was a messy brown with darker brown and shagged over his head. He looked perfect with Valeria and he reminded me of Emmett's figure.

"You're alright." she smiled as she kissed him lovingly and gently.

"Not in front of me." Oliver laughed in a voice that sounded like a waterfall.

Oliver had a muscular build but was more lean than muscular. He was 6' 3" and had brown hair with a darker brown that resembled my hair in it and a goofy look on his face. He reminded me of Jasper's structure and Emmett's personality with his child like face and joking attitude.

"Oliver get up." Valeria smiled as he threw his legs over the bed and opened his eyes to meet mine and he gasped.

"I must be in heaven because there is no way something so beautiful could be of this earth. You must be an angel. So angel what happened?" Oliver mused as he looked at me with 'awe'.

"Well you are not dead, but you are sort of. You are all vampires." I explained and they gasped besides Valeria.

"We were all going to die so I asked her to save us. She bit us to change us all into what she was. She saved all of us." Valeria smiled and Thomas looked at me.

"Thank you." he smiled and I smiled back.

"So you bit me? Cool. I got a love bite from the angel." Oliver laughed and I did too.

"Stop calling her angel. You should know that even though she is small she can turn you to ice." Laurent smiled.

"Cool. Can I call you Ice Angel? Please?" Oliver begged as I nodded.

"Well I think I should explain some things but first I want you to meet Laurent. He is a brother to me and family." I smiled as he stepped by my side and they all greeted one another.

"How old are all of you?" Laurent asked.

"I'm 21." Thomas said.

"20." Valeria smiled.

"And I'm 17." Oliver sang.

"Well you guys will stay that age and look the same for the rest of your lives." Laurent said and they all gasped.

"So I don't have to turn 30? Yes!" Valeria sang and we all laughed.

"I'll explain some facts. We don't need to sleep, we drink animal blood instead of human, we have to avoid humans, and we move around a lot. Also your appearance is different and I think we should go hunting." I smiled.

"Animal blood?" Valeria asked.

"Yes, we call it a 'vegetarian' diet and it is because we don't want to kill humans." I explained and she nodded in understanding.

"Dude. I'm hot!" Oliver yelled from the mirror beside Thomas who laughed.

"How about that hunting now?" I smiled as we all left to go hunting and we talked to them about where we would be moving to keep them safe and we decided on Russia.

-5 years later-

"So how was everyone's first day of school?" Oliver laughed as I groaned which made him laugh harder.

"Not so good." I growled as we ran through the forest with Valeria.

"Poor girl hates attention." she smiled apologetically at me and then I felt relief.

"Thanks for that Valeria." I smiled.

"Anytime. As long as I have my power to sense and control emotions I'll use it to help." she sang happily.

"Suck up." Oliver pouted.

"Just because I am an empath that doesn't mean you get to make fun of me. It's not my fault you were given the power to go through things." Valeria smiled as Oliver growled and then I smelt blood.

"I smell blood. It's human. Stay here." I ordered as they stopped and I ran towards the smell and found two women on the ground both sobbing and I noticed they had been stabbed.

"What happened?" I asked as I gently picked the conscious one up.

"We were attacked by a group of men. They kidnapped me and Silvia. Please you have to save her. She is my big sister and she got hurt protecting me." she sobbed.

"What's your name?" I asked as I hurried to her sister and sat her down beside of Silvia.

"Scarlet Dawn." she sobbed.

"Scarlet I am a vampire and the only way I can save her is to change her. Do you want me to change her?" I asked.

"Yes. Just save her and then change me. I don't have anyone else and I don't want to be alone." she sobbed and I smiled warmly at her before I bit her sister and then I bit Scarlet.

"You're never going to be alone." I whispered as she drifted off into her transformation and I yelled for Valeria and Oliver.

We ran the back to our house and I sat them both on the bed in my room as I sat in between them and used my healing power to ease their pain.

"What is she doing?" Thomas asked.

"She is healing their pain. They can still feel a burning feeling but it is put at ease and not even close to the pain you normally feel. I'm sure you remember when she first bit you." Laurent explained.

"Yes. That was horrible, it felt like I was on fore and then it eased all of a sudden and I just felt sore and like I had a fever with a bad sunburn." Valeria flinched.

"Was Bella the one who eased our pain?" Thomas asked.

"Yes but it caused her pain to use it continuously like that." Laurent said and they all gasped.

"Bella was in pain." Thomas said with a little self-hatred.

"Don't worry. She'll be fine just like she was then." Laurent reassured him.

After three days Scarlet and Sicily awoke.

"You?" Scarlet smiled and then slammed her hand to her mouth because it sounded like a summer breeze.

"Your voice does change when you are a vampire and so does your looks." I smiled as I pointed to the mirror in front of us and she gasped.

Scarlet was 5' 7" with long curly black hair. She was petite and had defined bone structure just like the rest of us. She was slender but still curvy.

"Is that me?" Sicily said as she looked at herself in the mirror and gasped while she flung her hand to her mouth when it sounded like an ocean breeze.

Sicily was 5' 9" with black hair to her lower back in gentle curls. She was curvy and well defined. Her body was a light muscular like mine, but not as defined with muscles.

"Who are you?" she asked me.

"I'm Isabella Maria Ice. You can call me Bella. I'm a vampire." I said and she looked shocked but then 'awe' struck.

"You saved us." Sicily smiled before running to me and giving me a hug.

"You saved my little sister." she smiled again and I returned the hug as my coven growled slightly.

"Why are they growling at us?" Scarlet asked.

"Because you are newborn vampires and they can be dangerous and they are overprotective of me. How old are you?" I asked.

"I'm 17." Sicily smiled.

"I'm 16." Scarlet sang as she opened her arms to give me a hug and I ran to her while everyone relaxed.

"Who are all of you?" Scarlet asked towards everyone while everyone introduced themselves and then I explained about being a vampire and we should go hunting and when we got back I explained how we had to leave to avoid suspicion and control there thirst.

"You know I have always wanted to go to the U.S." Scarlet smiled.

"Mississippi to be exact. We had family that went there once and told us all about it. Do you think we could go?" Sicily asked Oliver.

"Maybe." he said and looked at me with the rest of the coven.

"Why did you all look at her?" Scarlet asked.

"Because she is the leader." Sicily said.

"How did you know?" Oliver asked.

"I can see it. Well I see strings to be exact. Each string is a certain color and tied to one another. I can see who is each others love and siblings. All of you have a golden string that leads to Bella and is wrapped all around her. So she is the leader." Sicily said.

"You must have the power to see bonds." I smiled and she did too.

"That is awesome." Scarlet sang and then I heard everyone's thoughts mixed together and I gasped while Laurent ran to my side and held me up.

"What's wrong?" he asked as he crouched down over me.

"I think I found power number 5." I laughed as I rubbed my head.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"I heard everyone's thoughts, but that's not just it. I heard them together like we were all talking to one another in each others head." I said.

"Well let's try that." Laurent smiled and everyone started thinking.

'Can you hear me Bella?'…Laurent

'Dude I can hear you in my head.'….Oliver

'Stop saying dude.'….Valeria

'I can hear everyone.'…Thomas


'Bella, you are a telepath.'….Sicily

'Wow.'…we all thought and then laughed.

"So now we found power number five. You are a telepath. That's new. I guess we can talk in our heads now. I think this power is from your strong bonds and you can talk to us through those bonds." Laurent explained.

"Alright. So I guess we are heading to Mississippi." I laughed.

"There is my necklace." Scarlet sang and then she appeared on the other side of the room and back in front of me without even taking a step.

"She can teleport." Laurent laughed.

"How do you always know our powers. Unless you can see other vampires powers?" I sang and he chuckled.

"Yes but I only tell them when someone finds then. Scarlet can teleport, Sicily can see bonds, Oliver can go through tings, Valeria is an empath, I can find people's powers, and then there is Bella and her powers. Thomas hasn't found his power yet and Bella has one more power coming up. The reason you have seven powers is because you spent seven nights in a transformation." Laurent said.

"Wait seven powers? I thought you said I had one more to find?" I asked.

"I did. You're sixth power is a shield. You can block mind attacks. You've had this power from the beginning but you didn't notice until today." Laurent said.

"What about my power?" Thomas asked.

"I suppose I should tell you before something happens and you hurt someone by accident. You can turn your body into steel. Think hard for a moment and imagine your body turning to a solid source." Laurent said and Thomas closed his eyes and then his body turned into a sheet of steel.

"Wow." we all said in amazement and then he turned back into his normal skin.

"That's what I was thinking." Thomas laughed.

"What about my power?" I asked.

"You'll know in time. I can't tell you because this one will come through instinct when you really need it. We should leave now." Laurent said.

After we all packed and got ready we left for Mississippi at Scarlet and Sicily's request.

-5 years later-

"Excuse me." a cheerful voice asked from behind me in the book store and I turned to see a girl who looked just like Alice with her spiky black hair but had red tips and her petite form and cheerful attitude.

"Yes?" I smiled at her.

"Have we met?" she asked.

"Not that I remember. I moved here five years ago. My name Isabella Maria Ice." I smiled as I held out my hand and she took it then her eyes went all glassy.

"My name is Ellis Anne Brandon." Ellis smiled.

"It's nice to meet you Ellis but I really must be going." I smiled but she followed.

"Yes?" I asked.

"I'm sorry but for some reason I think I know you." she smiled again.

"Well how about we go out to eat and we can talk. There is a nice little coffee spot around the corner." I smiled as she beamed and squealed like Alice used to do.

"Yes!" she smiled as she wrapped her arms around mine and looked up and me with sisterly admiration and hope.

"Alright." I laughed as we went around the corner to the coffee shop and after we ordered something we talked for awhile and then I saw a necklace that said 'in my memory' on the front.

"Who is that necklace for?" I smiled and she frowned.

"It is for my grandmother's sister. I look just like her everyone says. She was put in an asylum for being said to see visions. They all thought she was crazy but I see them to but I see the past and the future of the people I'm closest to. My twin brother resembles us as well and he can somehow show what he has seen and he can see what others have. I sound crazy too." she frowned.

"Not at all. What was her name?" I asked dreading the answer.

"Alice Brandon. I do look just like her except my hair has red in it." she laughed.

"Well I really must be going. It was very nice meeting you." I smiled and so did she.

"Thanks for listening and believing me." she smiled and then I left.

My head was spinning so fast that I couldn't even think. I ran to the house and thankfully everyone had already gone hunting. When they got back a few hours later I told them I was going hunting alone and they all knew that I had to think. After I ran for a couple hours I smelt it. It was blood. There was two human scents and I noticed one as Ellis. I took off running and smelt four vampires. When I reached a clearing I saw them. Ellis was chained with a young boy who I presumed to be her brother and there were two vampires chained beside them heavily injured. The other two vampires were walking around them smiling and laughing.

"I saw you talking to that other vampire. What did you tell her?" a black haired one laughed.

"Nothing." Ellis gasped.

"Sure you didn't. We'll teach you to lie to us." a brown head said as he went to strike at her and I bolted and punched him right in the face and he was sent flying into a boulder.

"Bella! Get out of here." Ellis cried.

"You know her?" the boy asked.

"Yes. She knows our Alice. I could see her past and I saw her in it. Alice is a vampire and she knew her when she was human." Ellis cried and then the boy looked at me with shock.

"So that's why she was talking to you." the black hair laughed and I was suddenly struck with chains and slammed into a rock as the chains wrapped around me and I couldn't break them.

"Forget it. You won't be able to break them. My power is to create a trap. I create chains from stones and they can't be broken unless I will them too." the black haired man said.

"Let me kill her Jared." the other man said.

"Let's kill those two first Garret." Jared said.

"No!" I roared and started thrashing while trying to get loose.

"You know what my power is? I can create copies of myself. Let's see how you like that." Garret laughed as he created copies.

"Stop!" I roared and then I felt something screaming in my head to sing.

"We'll kill them right in front of you." Jared laughed and anger burned through me as words screamed in my head telling me to sing them out loud so I did.

(Savior- Skillet)

There's nothing left to lose

There's nothing left to prove

Surrender your love, it's all you can do..Yeah!

Garrett and Jared's eyes turned glassy and they both stood in a daze as the chains broke and I continued my song as I used my power of ice to break the chains into pieces.

What you got, what you want, what you need?

Gonna be your Savior

Everything's gonna crash and break

But I know, yeah I know

What you got, what you want, what you need?

Gonna be your Savior

Everything's gonna crash and break

Your Savior

I am the eyes inside staring back at you

I am the eyes inside staring back at you

You need, You need


Garret and Jared collapsed on the ground as I finished my melody and then I used my power to turn things to ice to freeze them then I broke them into a million pieces before I threw a match on the ice and then I turned back to Ellis and her brother who were close to death from being beaten and the other two vampires sobbed.

"Bella? Please I beg you. Turn me. I'm scared and I know you will keep us safe. Please?" Ellis begged and I nodded as I bit her then her brother who thanked me and I picked them up as the other two vampires watched me and I told them to come if the wished so they followed.

"Laurent!" I yelled and he appeared in front of our house ready to fight when the other two vampires appeared.

"They are my guests." I called and everyone relaxed as we ran to my room and I sat the twins on the bed while I began to use my healing power and they stopped their screaming.

"Who are you?" I asked the vampires.

"My name is Cassie Parker and this is my husband." Cassie said in a honey voice.

She was 5' 9" with straight blonde hair that curled at the end about half way down her back and rounded all though slender. She had a heart like face and gentle features that were subtle but defined.

"My name is Conner Parker. Who are you?" Conner asked in a think honey voice as we began our introductions.

He was 6' 5" and had smooth blonde hair that was in a neat but messy fix around his face. His features were defined and angular. Although he was slender he has an obvious build and gentle eyes.

"What happened to you and these two?" I asked.

"We were turned into vampires by those two you destroyed. They used their power to hold us hostage and then they kidnapped those two children. Jared and Garret are part of a larger coven but came looking for recruits and that's when they found us in the woods hiking and turned us. We've been with them for seven months now. Thank you for setting us free." Cassie sobbed as she gave me hug while I continued to heal Ellis and her brother.

"Excuse me but would you let us be a part of your coven? We don't have anywhere else to go and I'm interested in your diet. Jared and Garret had seen you with Ellis and noticed your eye color had gold specs in it and they also wandered why your eyes are blue and then they noticed you hunting animals. We don't want to hunt humans." Conner said as the rest of my coven looked at me awaiting my judgment.

"We'll happily welcome you into our coven. Everyone take them out to hunt. Valeria will you and Laurent stay here to help with them?" I asked.

"Yes of course." they all answered.

"So you found your seventh and final power?" Laurent chuckled.

"Yes. What was that?" I asked.

"Your seventh and final power is a lullaby. Your lullaby can send people into either a dazed coma like state and leave them helpless or you can lure them into a calming state where all negative thoughts leave the mind." Laurent explained as I nodded.

Three days later Ellis woke up with her brother and they were shocked by their looks.

"Is that really me?" Ellis gasped in a voice like golden wind chimes.

Ellis still had black spiky hair and red tips, but she was well defined and small and slender in the extreme. She was 4' 8" and very petite.

"Yes that's you." her twin laughed with a voice like silver wind chimes.

He was 4' 9" with black smooth hair that was layered over his eyes and he had red in it like Ellis. He was small and defined with a slight muscular frame and he looked just like Ellis.

"So what is your name?" I asked the boy.

"My name is Dallas. Thanks for saving us." Dallas smiled while I brought him into a hug.

"You're welcome. By the way, how old are all of you?" I asked.

"27." Conner said.

"28." Cassia smiled.

"16." Ellis and Dallas smiled.

"Alright. Let's go hunting." I smiled after I explained the rules and our way along with changes.

"So where will we go now?" Laurent asked as we started packing.

"Northern part of Alaska." Ellis smiled.

"How do you know that?" Valeria asked.

"She has the power to see the future of the coven she is in but nobody else. She can also see their past memories by touching them. Dallas can show you what he has seen and he can show you what has happened in others pasts' by touching them. Conner has the power to control metal and Cassie has the power to make illusions." Laurent explained and everyone nodded.

-5 years later-

"Ready to go?" I asked as we all headed out to go hunting.

"Yep!" Ellis perked as she ran to my side with Dallas.

"I bet I can catch a bigger bear than Emmett ever did." Dallas growled.

Everyone already saw my past since Ellis saw it and then she showed Dallas who showed it to everyone else. They all officially hated the Cullens but Alice was an exception for Ellis however Dallas was angry that she abandoned me. We all ran to the forest and started hunting when I heard Valeria scream and I ran over to where they were and saw a group of vampires snarling at them ready to attack.

"Who are you?" I asked as I stood in front of my coven and pushed them all back to where they were at least 20 feet behind me.

"My name is Aro. Who are you my dear? And why are your eyes blue?" Aro asked as he walked over to me and lifted my hand.

"Isabella Maria Ice. They have been that way since I was turned. What happened here?" I asked as he dropped my hand and laughed.

"Amazing. I can't read her mind. As to what happened your friend over there insulted my dearest Jane and she didn't take it to well." Aro laughed as Jane growled and then smiled at me and started snarling.

"It's not working." Jane growled as she tensed for a pounce.

"Calm down dear one. Why aren't our powers working on you?" Aro asked.

"I am a shield and one of my powers cancels out and blocks other vampire attacks that attack the mind." I said and then two more vampires appeared beside Aro.

"My name is Caius and did you say powers?" he asked.

"Yes. I have more than one." I said as Aro beamed.

"How many powers do you have?" Aro asked.

"Seven." I said and they all gasped.

"And yet you stay with a coven." Caius said.

"She's the leader actually. I can see the bonds and they are all tied to her with great strength, trust, and love." the other said as I raised an eyebrow.

"Sorry. My name is Marcus and I see bonds." Marcus smiled.

"Oh that's what Sicily does." I smiled as he smiled back.

"So your coven has someone with more than one power?" Caius asked.

"Yes. We all have powers." I smiled and they all gasped.

"So many vampires with powers. How many are in your coven?" Aro chuckled.

"11." I answered.

"Really who is your mate?" Marcus asked.

"Don't have one. There is Valeria and Thomas. Then Sicily and Oliver. Scarlet and Dallas. Laurent and Ellis don't have a mate either." I smiled as he nodded.

"So where is Sicily, Oliver, and Laurent?" Caius asked.

"Hunting in a different section. We hunt animals." I said and they nodded.

"Why are you here?" I asked.

"We are exterminating a newborn vampire outbreak." Aro said.

"Newborns huh?" I said as and then I heard a scream and saw Sicily being slung back with Oliver and they landed with a skid and then they ran by my side.

"What happened?" I asked as my coven gathered around.

"Newborns are coming. Laurent is on his way." Sicily said as she growled.

"How many?" Aro asked as he stepped in front of her.

"17." she answered and then I saw Laurent get flung and landed to the other end of the clearing while newborns emerged.

"Stay here." I ordered and they all got in there defensive crouches as I took a deep breath and my fingernails glowed white and I moved to the side while the others watched me curiously and then I roared a deadly vicious growl when the newborns got to the middle of the clearing and the ground erupted where I stood as everything began to fly by and I took off after the newborns and began ripping them apart.

"Bella!" Ellis called and I saw a vampire bust through Laurent's defenses and I ran up to the left and swerved and punched him right in the face as he went flying and then my fingers glowed a icy blue and the four vampires behind me turned to ice then shattered as I ran back to help Laurent and stood by his side as I started to sing.

(Taking Over Me- Evanescence)

you don't remember me but i remember you

i lie awake and try so hard not to think of you

but who can decide what they dream?

and dream i do...

i believe in you

i'll give up everything just to find you

i have to be with you to live to breathe

you're taking over me

When I finished my song all the newborns vampires fell the ground in their coma state as I used my ice power to freeze them and then crush them as my coven set each ice on fire.

"Amazing." Aro said as he cupped my shoulder.

"Would you like to join the Volturi?" he asked.

"No thank you but I'd like to see you again sometime." I smiled as he beamed.

"Well then until next time." Aro smiled and then they all left and we ran home.

"Where are we going?" Valeria asked.

"Bella I wanted to know if we could go back to Forks?" Ellis asked.

"What?" I asked shocked.

"I want to go back to Forks." Ellis said timidly and I sighed.

"Why?" I asked.

"I think it would be a good idea. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked." she said and looked as if she would cry.

"It's fine. We should go. I did promise I would come back one day." I smiled and she looked up to me sadly.

"Really?" she asked and I walked over to her and gave her a huge hug.

"Absolutely. I will do what is best for the family and that means a new place that we can easily fit into." I smiled as she beamed and ran out the door to pack.

"How will we be able to stay? Won't people recognize you?" Valeria questioned.

"Dallas will take care of it. He'll just tamper with some memories." I shrugged.

After we got done packing I walked down stairs to see everyone in the living room waiting for me smiling.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Well you know how covens have their own symbol?" Laurent asked.

"Yes." I answered confused.

"Well we picked out a symbol." Valeria smiled as she walked over to me and handed me a box.

"Guys." I gasped when I pulled out a silver seven pointed star that had a icy blue sapphire oval stone in the center with a heart carved into the stone.

"Do you like it?" Ellis asked.

"It is designed to match you. The seven points mark your seven powers and the center stone with the heart carving represents your love for us and you as the center of the coven." Scarlet explained.

"I love it." I smiled as I gave them all a hug and we got ready to leave.

-1 week later-

We arrived in Forks a week later and I had picked us out a house that was near La Push but still on our side of the border line.

"Are you ready for this?" Ellis asked from my door as we got ready for school.

"Yes now hurry up so I can change." I laughed as she closed the door and I changed into a pair of black leggings and a dark blue long sleeve shirt that clung to my skin and was low cut and went to mid-thigh and then I put on a pair of black heels and let my hair wave down my back in soft curls.

"Is everyone ready?" I asked as I came downstairs.

"Yes." Valeria smiled.

"Alright. Let's go over this one more time. Oliver, Thomas, and I are brothers and sister and we will go by the Ice siblings. Silvia and Scarlet are sisters and will be using Dawn and Ellis and Dallas are twins and will be using Brandon. Valeria is an only child and will go by Parker and is the only one that will pose as a blood daughter and Laurent will go by Swiss and then Cassie and Conner are posing as our adoptive parents with the last names Parker. I'll be driving my midnight blue Lamborghini and Thomas will drive his Jeep Wrangler. Laurent, Ellis, Scarlet, and Dallas will ride with me. When I pull in I want you to pull my car around with the others while Laurent and I get our schedules Scarlet." I said and they all nodded.

"Alright let's go." I sighed and they all ran to the cars leaving me in the room with Laurent.

"They are excited to see where you went to school." he laughed as I rolled my eyes and glided to the school.

We reached school in a matter of minutes and everyone drove to the parking lot while I went to pick up our schedules with Laurent.

"Hello?" I asked a woman who turned around and gasped and I realized that it was Mrs. Cope.

"Mrs. Cope. How may I help you?" she asked while she blushed.

"I'm here to pick up the Swiss, Ice, Brandon, Dawn, and Parker schedules. We are the new students." I smiled and her heart sped up.

"Yes. Of course. One moment. Her you are. Have a nice day." she smiled and I nodded as I walked round the school and found my coven leaning against the cars growling and then I heard growling from the parked car beside them a Volvo.

"No." I gasped and Laurent was in front of me holding on to me for dear life.

"Are you going to be alright? Maybe we should leave." Laurent said and I saw Valeria yelling at Rose.

"I can't. They will hurt each other. I will protect my coven." I growled as I walked faster and dashed right by the Cullens so they couldn't see my face and stepped in between Rose and Valeria and my coven backed up and looked at their feet as Laurent handed out the schedules.

"Are you trying to get us exposed." I said as they all looked up at me and smiled apologetically.

"Will you be alright?" Valeria whispered and I nodded.

"I'll be fine." I whispered back.

"She may be fine but that girl won't after growling at me." Rose snarled from behind me and I sighed as I turned to face the Cullens who all gasped.

"I'm sorry for my Covens behavior Cullen Coven. The bell will ring in a matter of minutes guys. Who is going with who?" I asked my coven and they all walked over to me to take a look at my schedule.

"I have all my classes with Ice Angel." Oliver laughed.

"So do I." Ellis sang and I laughed.

"Anybody else have Language first?" I asked.

"Yes. I have first with you leader Bella." Laurent said as he handed me my bag and I smiled at him.

"Bella?" Alice called from behind me and I turned to the Cullens who were still standing there in shock.

"Yes?" I asked as I looked into Alice's eyes and was hit with all her most recent and painful memories and the future pains she may face that she has seen in her visions and I tensed and hissed as Laurent rushed to my side and held onto me until I finished my vision and snarled.

"Shit." I growled as the vision got more intense before fading away.

"Who?" Laurent asked as he eyed the Cullens and the rest of my coven stood silent behind us.

"It was Alice." I sighed as I regained my posture.

"Is it really you?" Alice sobbed.

"Yes it's me but the bell will ring. Goodbye Mrs. Cullen." I said as I locked elbows with Ellis and walked off to class with Laurent and Oliver behind and I heard Alice start dry sobbing and yelling at Edward.

"I'm sorry Bella." Ellis sobbed into my shoulder as we reached our classroom.

"It's alright. I'll protect my coven." I smiled and she smiled back.

"We are the new students." I said to the teacher who turned to me and their heart skipped a beat.

"Yes. You boys sit back there at the empty table and you can sit with them. Miss Isabella you can sit in between the two Cullens." Mr. Tony said as I smiled and his heart almost stopped.

I turned around to see Jasper and Emmett sitting across from each other with shocked expressions as I sat down in between them.

This is going to be a long day.


It has been 20 years since I last saw my angel's face. When I left Bella I left to protect her but she ended up dead. I have been in a depression zombie like state since I left her. My whole family has been. Jasper blames himself and is always in a state of guilt. Emmett never makes a joke. Carlisle is always at work and is always trying to stay busy. Esme feels like she lost another daughter. Rose has even been less interested in everything and occasionally thinks of her. Alice is the second worst. She barely shops and has lost most of her perkiness. We have been in Forks for the passed 4 months and we are getting new students today. We came back when we heard Charlie died of a heart attack and came to see if we could help and found out that Bella was dead. She had died the very night I left her in the forest. She never made it home because she was attacked by a bear and was killed. I tried to go and kill myself when I found out but Alice always sees and stops me. I was so dead to the world that the only person I would talk to was Jackson who is a new member of our family and comes to talk to me about his concerns and I try to help to keep my mind off of Bella.

"Come on Ed! Time to go." Jackson called from my door and I got up and walked out with him to my Volvo with the rest of my family to go to school.

"Alice what's wrong?" Jasper asked.

"I'm not sure. I am trying to see what is going to happen today but I keep getting a blur of images." Alice sighed frustrated.

"What does that mean?" Rose asked.

"I'm not sure but we are going to meet new vampires today." Jackson said.

Jackson has the power to see new vampires that we are going to meet and also a tracking ability.

"Are they going to be trouble?" Jasper asked.

"I'm not sure." Jackson said.

"Well we are about to find out." Emmett grinned as we pulled into the parking lot and then a Jeep wrangler and a midnight blue Lamborghini pulled up to our side and then eight vampires stepped out and spotted us and froze.

"They just got hostile and angry." Jasper said as he held onto Alice.

"They are yelling and cursing at us in there minds. The blonde girl is really going at Rose." I said.

"Why?" Jackson asked.

"I don't know. They are blocking their minds but cursing at us at the same time." I said.

"What are you staring at? Who are you?" Rose hissed at the blonde.

"Valeria and I'm staring at a bunch of traitors." Valeria growled as she stepped up in front of Rose's face and snarled.

"I would back off if I were you." Rose smiled.

"Well I'm not you because I actually give a damn about our coven leader unlike all of you Cullens who hurt her!" Valeria hissed and then all the rest growled.

"I don't even know who you are!" Rose snarled as she smacked Valeria's hand away and then a bigger man stood behind Valeria snarling while Emmett stepped behind Rose.

"The name is Thomas and I think you should back off my wife!" he growled.

"I think you all should leave." Rose hissed and before Valeria could reply another vampire appeared in between Rose and Valeria and the coven backed up and looked at there feet as Laurent handed out the schedules and all family all thought why is he here.

"Are you trying to get us exposed." a voice like bell chimes in a gentle snow said as they all looked up at her and smiled apologetically.

"Will you be alright?" Valeria whispered and she nodded.

"I'll be fine." she whispered back.

"She may be fine but that girl won't after growling at me." Rose snarled from behind her and she sighed as she turned to face us and we all gasped.

'She's supposed to be dead!'…Rose

'She's alive! But how?'…Emmett

'Why didn't I see this! My sister and best friend is alive!'….Alice

'She's alive. Look at her eyes. What is with all those scars?'….Jasper

'Who is this chick?'…..Jackson

"I'm sorry for my Covens behavior Cullen Coven. The bell will ring in a matter of minutes guys. Who is going with who?" Bella asked the coven and they all walked over to her to take a look at her schedule.

'Edward it's Bella!'….Alice

"I have all my classes with Ice Angel." a brown haired boy laughed.

"So do I." a girl who looked like Alice sang and Bella laughed.

"Anybody else have Language first?" Bella asked.

"Yes. I have first with you leader Bella." Laurent said as he handed her a bag and she smiled at him.

'She's the leader of the coven?!'….Jasper

"Bella?" Alice called from behind her and she turned to the us still standing there in shock.

"Yes?" she asked as she looked into Alice's eyes and she tensed and hissed as Laurent rushed to her side and held onto her.

'What's happening?'…Jasper

'Is she hurt? Oh God! Did I do something?'….Alice

"Shit." she growled before releasing her tense body.

"Who?" Laurent asked as he eyed us and the rest of her coven stood silent behind them.

"It was Alice." Bella sighed as she regained her posture.

'It was me what?'…Alice

"Is it really you?" Alice sobbed.

"Yes it's me but the bell will ring. Goodbye Mrs. Cullen." Bella said as she locked elbows with the pixie girl and walked off to class with Laurent and the brown haired guy and Alice started dry sobbing.

"She's alive Edward! What the hell happened?! She hates me now! What did you do?! I lost my best friend!" Alice sobbed as everyone stared at her.

"Excuse me but what happened?" Jackson asked.

"We'll explain later but we must get to class. I must say I hoped what I saw with my power wasn't true dear Aunt Alice but they are. You all left our leader Bella for dead and broken in the forest the night you left. We must go now." a pixie like boy who looked like the Alice look-alike said as they all walked off.

"Aunt Alice?" Alice asked.

"We'll figure this out." Jasper said as they all walked off to their own classes and I walked in a daze to my first class waiting for lunch.