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Chapter 14- The End and the Beginning

I still couldn't believe I was about to go into battle against my own family. Against the people I turned into vampires. Against the shape shifters who I had come to call family. Against the Cullens who have been my family since I was a human. And against the other vampires staying with my family. I knew they would have a strategy planned but I have my own.

I'll use my powers to the fullest to take down the enemy for the last time. After this fight I will give freedom to everyone. I will end my life in this battle. I just wander if Victoria will die by my side. I also wander how everyone will live on without me.

I mainly think about what Edward will do. He said he couldn't live without me. I wander if he truly can't. I wander if he'll find someone new after my death. It seems natural that he would. After all, who wouldn't fall in love with Edward.

I hope Jackson will take Ellis with him. Dallas will follow them no doubt. If I'm not around Laurent will take care of everyone and if Victoria survives then so will she. They'll both protect what I am willing to die for.

Before my death I must tell Edward something important though. It may be enough to kill me. I just need to tell him. Even if it does. I just hope he'll listen. He's always been hard of hearing despite being able to read minds.

The other thing I have to do is get Silvia with Sebastian. He's waited long enough for her. And if I manage to survive somehow then I would like him to live without knowing my every move. I would truthfully appreciate it.

"You seem deep in thought." Silvia murmured as we stood outside in front of the manor before a set of mirrors we were to use to go to the field where the fight would be.

"Really?" I looked at her dully and she chuckled sheepishly.

"I'm sorry. I was just worried." she apologized quickly.

"It's alright." I said just as Maria came to my side.

"You seem calm for someone who is about to kill every member of their family." she stated simply while looking a her nails.

"And you seem calm for someone standing beside a war hero." I said just as simply earning a stifled laugh from Silvia and a grunt from Maria.

"You think I am scared of you." she stated rather than asked.

"Whether you are afraid of me or not is not what is important." I could feel the weight of her eyes upon my face.

"What is important then?" she demanded.

"Whether or not you can kill me." I sill didn't remove my eyes from the mirrors.

"Now why would that be important?" she almost growled.

"It's important to know if you can kill the person who's coming for your head." at this I turned to her just in time to see her eyes blaze with rage before cooling.

"So you're after my head?" she asked.

"Whether it be me or Jasper to take your life is still yet to be determined." I said with a shrug.

"I know Jasper would never kill me." she said with certainty.

"Do you know what you should know?" I noticed she had began to twitch as if she wanted to strike me.

"What?" she barked impatiently.

"That I would gladly end your life given the chance." she grabbed hold of my arm and spun me around at that.

"Just because you are Darien's soon to be wife doesn't mean that you may speak to me like that." she said while tightening her grip in an attempt to intimidate me.

"Is that so?" I smirked openly.

"Yes." she nodded.

"Well you know what makes me allowed to speak to you as such?" I raised an eyebrow at her.

"What?" she really wanted to rip my head off.

"This." I smiled pleasantly while sending an ice wave over her entire body through my arms and she screamed before releasing me and stepping back.

"Maria?" Darien called form somewhere in a distance.

"I can speak to you as I wish because I can kill you if I wish. Don't try to threaten me or intimidate me. Because if you do I will show you why they say I'm the most powerful vampire around." I said with a growl just as Darien broke through the crowd of vampires and came to my side.

"Problem?" he had obviously heard what I said.

"Nothing I can't handle." I turned back to the mirrors.

"Very well." he wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Darien?" Maria questioned with a sigh.

"We will be leaving now. I have already sent out a group of newborns in the forest. The entire unit against me has already appeared in the clearing. All we need to do is get there." he informed her while brushing hi lips against my temple.

"Do you plan on betraying me?" he questioned.

"Yes." I answered without hesitation causing him to laugh.

"Will you go back to your family?" he demanded.

"No. I have no family." I said without a single moment of hesitation again.

"Very well. I'll kill them all just to make sure you have nowhere to go incase you do run." he said as another vampire came up to us.

"Sir?" he saluted.

"What is it?" he didn't take his eyes off my face.

"Four of the six fifty men units you sent out to fight have been killed. Only seventeen remain from unit five and thirty-three from unit six." he informed us and I smirked slightly.

"Good ole Caius leading them no doubt." at this Darien just smiled.

"He's had a lot of battle experience. Now then it is our turn to go." he turned around and looked at the one hundred vampires behind us.

"Four hundred newborns for this fight. Over half are already dead and I haven't even got there yet." I said sweetly.

"That's alright. You may kill them all if you wish. They will all be eliminated after this fight." he said and rage boiled in my blood at his words.

"They won't be the only ones to get eliminated." I stepped forward as he gently tugged me towards the mirror.

"We'll see my love. We'll see." he said with a chuckle before taking me through the mirrors.


"Damn." I heard Jasper growl form behind me.

"You alright?" I asked while keeping track of everyone by concentrating on their minds.

"Yes Edward but I believe that Darien is trying to tire us out by having us fight this many units before he even shows up." he explained.

"Well at least all the newborns are dead." Emmett grinned as he approached us with a very pissed Rosalie.

"That bitch tried to pull out my hair." she growled while patting her hair down with her hands.

"You look just fine." Cassia smiled at Rose.

"How is everyone?" Conner looked to each of us.

"We're all fine." Carlisle replied while watching for any threat.

"I still haven't seen Mom." Ellis frowned.

"It'll be fine Ellis. She'll come soon." Jackson reassured her.

"That may be sooner than any of us think." Caius growled when mirrors appeared on the battlefield and suddenly a hundred vampires appeared and in the front of them all was Bella, Maria, Darien, and a new vampire who Bella seemed to be gravitating to as she stood with grace among the other army.

"It would seem that you all have managed to survive so far. But I doubt you'll survive this." Darien snapped his fingers and suddenly twenty vampires came hurdling towards us.

"Be careful everyone. Those are more experienced." Jasper said just as Bella and the other vampire appeared in front of the approaching vampires.

"Bells!" Missy shouted just as ice started to cover the field and then sprang up and froze all the approaching vampires before shattering thus killing them all.

"Isabella?!" Maria snarled as Bella whirled and sent a telekinetic wave out that sent all the other vampires flying back at least twenty feet.

"Sebastian?" Bella called while turning to face us Darien.

"Yes?" he called as he approached the group then froze as he stared at the girl beside of Bella.

"You have a fine woman. She's been waiting for you for a long time. Now come and get her. And keep her safe." she ordered as she nodded for the girl to run to Sebastian and as she approached he held at his arms and hoisted her into the air.

"You're really here, Silvia." he breathed in relief as she smiled.

"Yes but we must help Bella." she said sternly and his dream struck face froze before a more serious mask came up and he sat her down.

"I know. We know what we must do." he looked to Bella who nodded.

"Do you plan on striking me?" Darien questioned.

"Yes. I will take you all down." she growled while creating a tornado of ice.

"You plan on killing us from that distance?" Maria began to laugh but stopped as ice began to accumulate upon her.

"What?" a few of the other vampires mumbled as the ice started to come upon them.

"You forgot something Maria. I told you that if I were given the chance, I would kill you." Bella said solemnly as the ice started to climb up Maria's body and freeze her.

"How? You're over there!" Maria gasped as the ice reached her neck.

"In this world water can be found everywhere. In the sky, plants, humans, animals, and from bodies of water. Water is everywhere and as such you should know hat this entire world is in my range. This whole world is my battlefield." Bella snapped her fingers and Maria screamed an eerie sound before shattering thus killing her.

"You truly are scary my love." Darien grinned wildly at her as he snapped his fingers and all the vampires attacks.

"Move in!" Caius barked and we all headed into the battle with Bella already in the middle of it.

With all of us fighting we knew the battle would be simple. The problem was taking care of Darien. He could easily defeat all of our attacks without even having to move from his current position. The only way to get him was to get up close and personal.

I spotted Bella through the mind of Melissa and Victoria who were frantically trying to get to her. They had a deeper thought as they watched Bella. They were trying to get to her for a reason. They had some kind of plan.

"Edward watch out!" Dallas tackled me from the left just as Darien sent an attack at me.

"Hmm. You avoided it." Darien sighed simply while easily tossing Conner across the field.

The Volturi members had backed off after Jane and Alec were defeated. They weren't killed but they were injured so badly by the attacks from Darien that they could no longer fight. So the top priority of the Volturi was to keep them both alive. They got the Denali Coven to help them with that.

The Amazon sisters were still fighting but Kachiri was injured so Zafrina and Senna were currently trying to protect her while she laid on the ground hissing in pain. Our family was doing pretty well. With Dallas guiding Bella's side and Jasper guiding our side we had no problem really. We just kept getting thrown by Darien. We just couldn't get close to him.

"You are the man who she loves then?" Darien grinned after I managed to get to where I was in front of him.

"You are the man she wishes to kill?" I growled.

"Possibly. I am curious as to what it is you have that I do not." he growled before coming at me with full speed.

"Perhaps I'm just the better man." I went for a punch but he caught my arm and I hissed when he sent a shock wave over me.

"Edward!" Carlisle yelled as he ran towards me with the others.

"I suppose it's time I reveal my ace." he smirked as more mirrors appeared and suddenly three hundred newborns were surrounding us. "I won't stop until I can have Bella for myself." he laughed.

"You will never have her." I growled as rage flashed in his eyes.

"Neither will you." his hand was suddenly surrounded in a glass and a shock wave was generating over it. "Goodbye Edward." he hissed before aiming his coiled hand towards my heart but I never felt it.

"No!" Ellis's horror filled cry had my eyes flying open and I landed on a small form in front of me.

"Bella." I gasped out when I saw Darien's hand had pierced where her heart was and she had pierced where his heart was.

"Isabella." Darien breathed as ice began to generate from his wound while glass came from Bella's.

"You will never touch him." she growled before ripping her hand out from his heart and he froze over completely before shattering while Bella fell to the ground and I caught her just before she hit it.

"Everyone look out!" Jasper yelled as the newborns began to rampage.

"Edward." Bella gasped out and I stared down at her eyes hat were dulling slowly.

"Bella hold on." I gripped her tightly.

"I can't. I have to fight them. I have to save everyone." she was gasping and I could hear Victoria and Missy running just behind me.

"You have to rest." she brushed my hands aside as she began to stand.

"Bella wait!" Victoria screamed as ice began to develop around Bella just as orb like shields appeared around all the vampires that were fighting to take down Darien and help Bella.

"Bella." her name came out in a breath as ice wings appeared on her back as she began to float in the way out of my reach.

'My Last Breath by Evanescence'

"Hold on to me love. You know I can't stay long. All I wanted to say was I love you and I'm not afraid. Can you hear me? Can you feel me in your arms?." she began singing as she flew higher and higher into the air while Victoria and Ellis stood on top of the cliff beside me.

"Holding my last breath. Safe inside myself are all my thoughts of you. Sweet raptured light it ends here tonight." suddenly the ice began to spin around the field and stick to the vampires who were all frozen in a daze.

"I'll miss the winter. A world of fragile things. Look for me in the white forest hiding in a hollow tree (come find me). I know you hear me. I can taste it in your tears." she cried out as I yelled her name telling her to stop noticing the glass from her wound was starting to grow bigger and scratch at her body.

"Holding my last breath. Safe inside myself are all my thoughts of you. Sweet raptured light it ends here tonight." she continued her song as the newborns became completely encased in ice.

"Closing your eyes to disappear. You pray your dreams will leave you here but still you wake and know the truth. No one's there." she began to lift the vampires into the air and the higher they got the more they froze.

"Say goodnight. Don't be afraid. Calling me. Calling me as you fade to black." suddenly all the vampires exploded and snow began to fall heavily along the entire field.

"Holding my last breath. Safe inside myself are all my thoughts of you. Sweet raptured light it ends here tonight." she sang as her wings shattered and I ran and caught her quickly while Victoria and Ellis followed.

"Bella?" I rubbed her cheek and sighed with relief when her eyes opened and stared with love into mine.

"I need to tell you something Edward." she gasped out and pain filled my heart.

"Bella you'll be fine. I'll-" she cut me off.

"Please listen Edward." she propped herself up just as one of Missy's bubbles surrounded us and Victoria raced towards us through the heavy snow.

"Alright." I looked deep into her eyes as she smiled.

"I wanted to tell you something that I couldn't even tell myself. No matter how much pain I feel. No matter how much I cursed your name and swore I'd never love again. No matter what I did in the end it was all the same. I was simply lying to myself. Because not for even a second, not when you left me, not when I was turned, not when I was forced into fighting, not when I was forced to kill, not even when I was forced to lie to everyone, not for even a second through all of that hate and anger have I ever stopped loving you. I could tell myself for the rest of eternity that I'm over you but the truth is that I haven't ever began to let you go Edward. I love you. I always have. Even in my death I love you." she smiled with so much love that I began to choke on tears.

"Bella you'll make it through this." I said just as her skin started to freeze over like she was turning into ice.

"I love you." she just kept smiling and pulled my face down to hers.

"And I love you." I kissed her lips and I could have cried from the love and utter passion that Bella transferred to me with that one kiss.

"Goodbye." she whispered in just a breath as her entire body turned to ice jus as Victoria grabbed her shoulder.

"Bel-" Victoria never finished her name because she suddenly burst into flames just as Bella shattered into ice.

"No. No. No!" I roared towards the heavens and my cry of pain was accompanied by everyone besides Tanya and the Volturi and all of La Push began to weep at hearing our cries knowing that Bella was dead.

It had been a month since the loss of Bella. Everyone had gone back to their home. Irene was the only one to stay for she wished not to leave Laurent. In the end he got a mate while I lost my soul mate. Ellis and Jackson have officially become a pair and we've all decided it would be best if Jackson went with Ellis. The family had lost enough already and we didn't want to take Ellis away from them.

Today was to be the day that they were going to leave. They had decided to go to an island for awhile. Just get away from everyone and every thing. I was tempted to go with them but Alice wouldn't allow me anywhere because she feared that I'd try to off myself again.

The only thing left to do was decide who would be watching the house. Nobody wanted to take it because it had so many memories of Bella in there. Her scent still filled the house and could be smelt out in the yard. There wasn't one thing about the house that wasn't Bella.

"Somebody has to stay here." Conner sighed in aggravation.

"But Bella." Dallas mumbled.

"We know." Scarlet whispered.

"We can't just leave the house." Valeria growled.

"We can watch it." Esme offered.

"But you are all leaving also." Cassia smiled slightly.

"And whoever stays here can watch your house too." Thomas said.

"One of us can really stay though." Carlisle tried to ease their worry.

"We can't separate you all." Sicily said.

"It's fine really." Alice was doing her burst not to break down again.

"It's alright Auntie Alice." Ellis said in just above a whisper.

"Honestly guys. We'll figure out something." Oliver grinned despite the whirlwind of thoughts in his mind.

"But we'd like to help." Jasper said.

"You're family." Emmett was looking sadly at the house as if expecting Bella to step out in second.

"Perhaps I could stay while you-" Irene was cut off.

"We can't separate you and Laurent either." Rose mumbled.

"It's quiet fine." Laurent shook his head.

"Then maybe I could-" Jackson was cut off.

"We can't keep you all separated either." I sighed.

"Perhaps I know someone who could stay." we turned at a voice and saw Sebastian standing with Silvia.

"You'll stay here?" Carlisle blinked.

"Well actually I was thinking about Silvia and I watching your house for you." he grinned.

"Our house?" Esme blinked.

"Yes." Silvia smiled brightly.

"But what about their house?" Rose grumbled.

"I've already asked someone to watch it." he took the keys from Dallas's hands and started to twirl them around his finger.

"Who?" I demanded as he smirked and threw the keys in the air.

"Why the owner of the house." suddenly the keys stopped and began to float in the air almost telekinetically.

"No way." Oliver breathed.

"It seems like Victoria's plan worked." he looked to Alice who suddenly broke out in a huge smile.

"Then she's alive? How? Where?" she demanded while gripping onto Jasper so tightly that he flinched.

"Yes. Both her and Victoria broke down into their natural element and from their own graves rose back up in a the process and rebirthing. Victoria is now heading to the Amazon Coven to let them know of Bella's survival and then is going to speak with Missy." he grinned.

"And Bella?" I asked as he pointed towards the keys that suddenly shot behind my head and landed with a clang in none other than Bella's hands.

"I believe we'll be needing these Edward. That is if you don't mind living in the house with me for awhile." she smiled brightly and before I could stop myself I had her wrapped in my arms and was kissing her fiercely.

"You're alive." I said once we broke apart and suddenly Bella and I were being hit by all sides in hugs.

"Should I presume that you will stay?" she asked after managing to free herself from Alice's grasp.

"I have no where else I'd rather be." I smiled as she leaned up on her toes and kissed me in an angel soft kiss on the lips.

"I love you." her breath caressed my face gently causing a grin to form on my face.

"And I love you." and with that I took her in my arms knowing that she would forever be mine.

~The End~

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