Title: How Can I Be Dead if My Body's Moving ?
Author: EIW

Preview "Your dead" I shouted and all she did was give me this nasty look. " How Can I Be Dead if My Body's Moving ?" she questioned. That was a good question as I kept seeing her two of her. One with a glow and one with nothing. "I don't know" I sighed.

Summary: Suze Simmon decide for her Summer to spend it in New York with her best friend Gina. What she didn't count on was Nikki Howard being a ghost and human. Now instead of a fun Summer she sorting out a mystery that could end her life and Nikki Howard's ghost or human.

I'm going to switch points of views up, right now it's Suze's POV

I'm a big fan of Meg Cabot, I love her series the Mediator and her soon to be trigoloy Airhead

Suze's POV

Chapter 1

Gina had invited me back home, by home I mean Brooklyn for the summer. Well techinally I'll be staying with my grandma which was the only way my mom would allow it. Summer was going to be great,No hotel jobs, which meant no Paul, Which was great! Down side I was leaving Jesse, my friends and family behind for the Summer. And oh New York for some reason has the most ghosts but no work or summer school so it might be worth it.

I had been standing in the airport looking around for Gina and my Grandma. I struggle with one of bags walking around to find them. Too bad I didn't have a cellphone it probably would had been easy to find them. The airport was packed so it didn't make it any easier to find them.

"Gabriel Luna We Love you" a hugh group of girls squeakled. "Excuse me, can I help you with your bag?" he asked with a british acent almost as dreamy as Jesse's.

"Um, why?" I replied feeling like I wasn't missing something. "Fan girls, and your not screaming my name" he replied pulling me and my bag through the crowed airport. "So why are you here pleasure, family, business?" he asked making small talk. "Family, Friends, and pleasures" I answered as I finally saw Gina. Gina came up to me and hugged me right away.

"Since when do you Gabriel Luna?" she asked. "Um, I don't know anyone by that name" I responded confused, the british let out a small laugh. "I'm Gabriel Luna" the british guy said still laughing. "That explains your fan girl comment" I said as I had already spot a ghost. Maybe if I pretend I don't see her she might not notice.

"Can I have your autograph?" Gina asked trying not to sound like a spatz. "Um, I'll give you something better backstage passes to tomorrow night's concert" Gabriel said handing me passes. "Uh thanks" I said. How long have I been out of it not to know about some new british singer."Well bye" he said as he rushed out of one the exits.

"That's cool, Backstage passes" Gina said looking at me amazed but there was that ghost still looking at me. She looked like a Paris Hitilon lookalike. She had the blonde hair, the typical model outfit along with the shillotes. I wonder if those shoes are comfortable, I don't think they be enjoyable to walk around dead in.

"So where's my grandma?" I questioned as Gina was in probably a day dream phase. Probably picturing that british guy marrying her and living happily ever after. "Hello" I said as I wave my hand infront of her. "Oh sorry trying to get a taxi" Gina responded as she lead us out of the airport.

Chapter 2

There my grandma was standing arguing with a taxi cab driver. "I swear if you do not get out of my way, I will slap you navie tourist" my grandma was shouting at some tourist who had been pushing her. "Move it" she said pushing the tourist. The tourist shot her a nasty look but the tourist move on.

"Suze, it's been awhile" my grandma said taking my lunnage and putting in the trunk of the car. "To long" I said as I hugged her. "So you a Califorina girl now?" my grandma asked as she crammed into the back of the taxi car. "It was a hard adjustment at first, but now I'm used to the weather" I responded. "It is so good to see my only grand daugther" my grandma said trying to hugged me happily.

"So what are plans so far?" my grandma questioned. There was some good things about my grandma, the major one was she didn't questioned my actions much. "A Concert for tomorrow night" I said as Gina squeakled. "Really what concert and where?" she questioned probably because my mom is making her be a 'mom'. "The Gardern and there backstages, so pleaseeeee Yancy" Gina pleaded.

"It's alright with me, so what about tonight" she asked and Gina and I couldn't help but laugh. "Were going to walk around Manhattan with maps and pretend to be tourist" I responded as my grandma let out her own little laugh. "Well have fun, just call your mom we get to the apartment." my grandma said. See I could tell her I was going to a concert and she didn't freak like my mom would have.

"How's Andy and your step brothers?" she questioned. "Andy and David are okay but Jake and Brad are um hmm have no clue how to describe them" I answered as I laugh a little nervously. "Your mom's happy?" she asked. "Yup" I answered as I looked out the window. "Wow we're making great time?" I said amaze.

Later afterwards, we were in front of my grandma's apartment. It was werid being here on my own, well really not on my own but away. I already began to missed Jesse. I grabbed my luggage out of the trunk as my grandma was paying the taxi driver. I turn around and there was that ghost again, she kept looking me confused. Why? I'm in New York less then an hour and already one ghost was being presiting. I found it strange though she hasn't said anything to me yet.

"Can you see me?" she asked waving her hand in front of me. I pretend I did not see her and waited for my grandma to open the apartment door. "Suze come on" my grandma said as she opened the door. "I would like you to settle down before you go out" she said as I followed her to her apartment. Her apartment's elvator was out service so fourteen flights of stairs I had to climbed.

She had left me in a single room I didn't know she had. It was simple it had a bed, a dresser and a small closet. I was unpacking and the supermodel looking ghost materizale in my room. I sort of jump giving up I could see her. "Why" I said under my breath. "You can see me, I know it, why" she accused angrily. "I'm Suze, I'm a mediator and your going to have to wait two days before I help you move on" I said as I unpacked as quick as possible.

"But I'm not dead" she said in denial. "Uh huh" I said still unpacking. "Um I would accepted that if I didn't see a picture of me on the cover of Vogue" she whined. "Technology is amazing" I responded ready to punch her. "Do you know who I am" she questioned insulted. "No don't care, I have my own plans after all this is my vaction away from you guys" I said as I left my room and told my grandma I was going to meet Gina at the subway.