Kyo scowled and resisted the urge to cover his ears as the repetitive tapping of the pencil stung his ears. He turned his head around to glare at Yuki, then sighed when he realized Yuki was so enthralled by the sheet of math problems that he didn't even realize how annoying he was being. Damn rat, no wonder he gets such good grades...

"Hey." He snapped, making Yuki's head whip up in a very undignified manner with a look of puzzlement in his violet eyes, before quickly recomposing the emotionless stare that he constantly sported. "Stop tapping your pencil."

"If you don't want to hear my pencil, go into another room." Yuki said softly, his head lowering again to stare at the paper.

"You don't have to be so pissy, all I did was ask you to stop being so aggravating." Kyo said angrily.

"You didn't ask me anything, you told me. And I don't take orders from you." Yuki said shortly, his eyes not leaving the complicated work.

"Funny, last night you didn't seem to mind taking orders from me. You actually seemed pretty eager, considering how much you were begging." Kyo said, nearly wincing as soon as the words left his mouth. The lividity in Yuki's eyes didn't hide the cherry red blush that immediately rose to his cheeks at the memory of their sweaty, fervent encounter the night before, when Shigure had been out to dinner with his editor, and Tohru had been studying at Uo's house.

Tohru's face turned crimson and her mouth became an 'o' shape. Yuki stood, shoving his paper and pencil into his backpack, and snatched it up, stomping up the stairs into his room. The door shut with a loud slam.

Kyo groaned and his head dropped into his hands. Shigure chuckled from his usual spot on the cushy, leather armchair.

"A lover's quarrel? How adorable. Wait until I tell Aya, he'll be tickled pink!" He laughed, and Kyo snarled at him.

"Mind your own business, you fucking dog!" He said. "And leave Ayame out of this, Yuki is already pissed enough! If you make him more mad at me, I'll kill you!"

Shigure's brown eyes widened at his cousin's outburst. He tsked, smirking. "Temper, temper, Kyon. What would Yuki say about such needless violence?"

"Shut up." He said quickly. Shigure smirked, tasting victory.

Kyo stood, ready to go up and apologize to his silver-haired boyfriend.

"I'd give him time to cool off before you went in there, Kyo. He might just deck you." The brown-haired man said in a sing-song voice.

"Fine. I'll go take a shower."

* * * * * * * * * *

Kyo sighed quietly as he half-heartedly scrubbed his body with the soapy washcloth. He could imagine quite clearly in his mind Yuki laying on his bed, eyes glaring defiantly up at the ceiling. He very nearly grinned when he thought of his love's pink bottom lip poking out in a hateful pout. The nezumi might remain calm, cool, and collected in front of other people, but when it came to Kyo, he let his true feelings show. And every once in a while, Prince Charming sulked and pouted until he got his way. "I didn't mean to make him mad..." He mumbled as he picked up the bottle of shampoo and squirted some into his palm. "It just slipped out." He began to wash his hair. As he massaged the lather into his scalp, the vivid memory of their very first fight as a couple forced itself into the forefront of his mind.

"And can I get that with no onions please?" Kyo asked, folding the plastic-covered menu and placing it in front of him. The young blonde waiter raised one eyebrow slightly, his eyes brushing over the orange-haired boy,

"You can get it however you want." He said, picking up the menu. "Will that be all for you?" He asked, brushing a lock of wheat-colored hair from in front of his pretty hazel eyes.

"I think so." He said, glancing over across the booth at his boyfriend. "Yuki?"
"Sure." He said briskly, glaring at the waiter. The boy didn't seem to notice as he shifted the tiny notepad he had used to take thier orders on, between his fingers.

"Well, if you need... Anything... Don't hesitate to ask." He said, lightly laying a hand on Kyo's tanned arm, before walking off. Yuki nearly gritted his teeth. It was taking all of his willpower not to leap out of the horrendously uncomfortable red seats and tackle the slutty waiter.

"Are you alright?" Kyo asked incredulously, noticing immediately the sour look on his lover's usually pleasant face.

"Fine." The rat said quietly, crossing his arms over his chest. Kyo frowned.

"You're pissed." The neko said flatly, and Yuki scowled at him.

"That whore of a waiter had eye-fucked you about 4 times since we got into this place." He hissed.

"He is not!" Kyo said, taken aback. "He's just a waiter! He's being nice because he wants a tip!"
"I know what he wants as a tip." Yuki said bitterly, turning his face away.

"You're being ridiculous." Kyo whispered. "And even if he did... It's not like I'm gonna go cheat on you with him or something. Don't be stupid." He said.

"I am not being stupid, you fucking cat." Yuki snapped, forgetting they were in public. "And what do I care if you go with that slut? See if it bothers me." He said, ignoring the pang in his chest at the thought of his cat fucking another guy.

Kyo shook his head. "You're being such a psycho!" He growled.

The fight had continued home, and had resulted in Yuki denying Kyo sex for nearly a week. As the neko rinsed all the shampoo from his hair, he nearly groaned, remembering that torturous week. He prayed this argument wouldn't have the same punishment.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Oh my..." Tohru blushed again, thinking of what could have gone on between Kyo and Yuki the night before. She shook her head to clear it of the offending image. "I hope Sohma-kun isn't too upset..." She said, and Shigure smiled at her.

"It's just an argument, my pretty flower." He said, using his affectionate pet name for the girl. "All couples have them. I'm sure they'll make up before the night is even over." The man said, and Tohru nodded slowly, still frowning. They look so much happier now than before...

"I hope so." She said, then her blue eyes widened impossibly as Shigure reached for the phone, grinning mischeviously.
"But I just can't resist telling Aya." He said, cheerfully punching the number buttons.

"Oh... Shigure." She said quietly. "You'll only make it worse!" She said, and he waved a hand dismissively, as if to say it would be fine. She bit her bottom lip, and grabbed her backpack, swinging it over her shoulder.

"I believe I'll go over to Uo-chan's..." She said, nodding. "I've got an exam coming up, we could always use more studying." She said happily.
"Be careful, Tohru!" Shigure called to her, before resuming his gossip with his cousin and longtime friend.

* * * * * * * * * *

After he had stepped out of the shower and gotten dressed into his signature cargo pants and black shirt, he stood in front of Yuki's bedroom door. He ran a hand through his mop of orange hair before knocking, three staccato raps.

"Yes?" Yuki's soft, breathy voice answered.

"It's me. Can I come in?"

"No." The pleasant lilt immediately vanished, replaced by annoyance.

"C'mon, Yuki! I need to talk to you."

"There's nothing to talk about." Yuki said, clenching his fists when the door opened anyway. Kyo closed it behind him, and looked at the rat. He nearly grinned at the way Yuki's chin rested on his knees, his arms wrapped around, a pout stubbornly placed on his beautiful face. He dropped down beside his boyfriend, sighing.

"I'm sorry I said that earlier." He said, and the thought occured to him that before they had become lovers, he would have bittten his own tongue in half before apologizing to 'Prince Charming' Yuki . Yuki's face turned from him. He sighed. "Yuki, I said I'm sorry! Will you just talk to me!?" He snapped, and cupped the rat's chin, to turn his face. Yuki's purple orbs widened at the rough treatment before he smacked Kyo's hand away.

"Do you have any idea how embarassing that was?" He said, and Kyo's pumpkin-orange eyes lowered. "And in front of Ms. Honda! You know how innocent she is!"

"I know, it was a mistake. I said I was sorry."

"Well, sorry doesn't help now that Ms. Honda and Shigure know every intimate detail about our sex life."

"Every intimate detail?" Kyo laughed. "If that had been my intention, I would have told them how you have to press your face into my shoulder or a pillow because you moan so loud. Or the way your legs wr-"

"Enough." Yuki said quickly, his face flushed. He couldn't help but notice the perverted leer that had come into his lover's eyes. "I guess I can forgive you. Until my brother comes over, giggling and asking me about last night." He said, and Kyo stifled a gag.

"I'm sorry... I'll be there for back-up." He offered.

"Thanks..." Yuki sighed, and glanced over, where Kyo was looking at him, a lecherous grin plastered on his face. "Don't even think about it." He said matter-of-factly. "I have a lot of homework to do."

"Fuck homework."

"I'd rather not."

"Then fuck me." Kyo grinned. Yuki rolled his eyes. He had walked right into that one.

"It must be so tiring to be that horny all the time."

"It's not so bad. I have a sexy boyfriend that usually helps me with it." He said, and Yuki inwardly smiled at Kyo calling him sexy.

"Well, not tonight. Go help yourself with it." He immediately regretted his words as Kyo's tanned hands trailed down to his own zipper, pulling it down slowly. Yuki's hands covered Kyo's. "Don't do that in here. I'm working. Go into your own bedroom if you're really going to jack off."

"But I know as soon as I start, you'll get turned on and we'll fuck, anyway."

"That's why I want you to leave."

Kyo shot one mischevious glance at Yuki's pretty face before plucking the wretched math sheet off the floor in front of Yuki and crumpling it up and tossing it into the corner of the room. Yuki's jaw dropped. He didn't have time to express his anger, though, before Kyo pushed him down to the carpeted floor, straddling his slender hips. "Kyo, get off me!"

"That's not what you want." Kyo said. His hands gripped the front of Yuki's dress shirt, ripping it open, buttons popping off and flying everywhere.

"Kyo!! What has gotten into you?! You've lost your- Ah!" His words were cut short as Kyo's nimble fingers skillfully took Yuki's pink nipple plucking it and rubbing it torturously until it became completely erect. He could feel Yuki's body go limp onto the floor, in complete surrender. Finally. It had taken forever this time to wear down the rat's sensibilities.

Kyo's mouth pressed against his cousin's, roughly, Yuki's mouth opening without hesitance to let in Kyo's tongue. His thumb and forefinger were twisting around his nipple, making Yuki's pale body arch off the floor for more contact. Kyo's mouth left Yuki's making Yuki nearly whimper, but he was quickly silenced as Kyo's lips covered the pink bud, his tongue coming out to nudge it.

"Ngh... Don't tease me." Yuki said firmly, his hands gripping orange hair. The cat ignored him, and once he was satisfied that the left nipple had received enough attention, he switched it with his fingers again, his tongue swirling around the other hardended nipple, making Yuki's voice come out in a whine. His mouth trailed up, nipping at his lover's chest and neck. He suckled on the rat's collarbone, secretly hoping to leave a red mark so if anyone saw his gorgeous nezumi, they would know he was spoken for.

"God, you taste so good." The cursed cat hissed, his breath coming out hot on Yuki's flat stomach. His hands expertly yanked down the pants and boxers, leaving Yuki's lithe body completely bare. Yuki hissed when the cool air hit his already throbbing erection. His fingertips grazed down along the pale belly, then down to tease the skin on the slim hips.

"The door." Yuki whispered, and barely knocked Kyo out of his lust-hazed stupor.

"Wha?" He asked stupidly, and Yuki looked up pointedly at the door.

"Lock the door." He said again, and felt Kyo's body rise up to click the silver deadbolt in place before coming back down, the material of his pants rubbing roughly against Yuki's erection. Yuki's hands tore the shirt up and off of his cousin, tossing it somewhere behind them. His hands gracefully splayed across Kyo's tanned chest, loving the feeling of his muscles quivering under evey touch.

Kyo groaned, and his hands flew down to wrestle with his own button and zipper, ripping them off his legs, so he could press his skin to Yuki's making them both gasp.

Yuki nearly sighed, wishing he could have time to admire Kyo's body, but the thought was quickly washed from his mind as Kyo gripped the silver-haired boy's cock, making the rat cry out, and arch. "K-Kyo!"

Kyo grinned and teasingly moved his hand up and down the shaft, before leaning his head down to lave the head with his tongue. He gave it a long lick, from base to tip, before wrapping his lips around it, tasting the precum leaking from Yuki's slit. He dragged his teeth lightly against the sensitive flesh, suckling lovingly. Yuki let out a long moan, his hands trembling, wishing he could grab onto something.

"Ahh, Kyo that's s-so good!" When Kyo's head began to bob up and down, his hot mouth engulfing Yuki's burning flesh, Yuki cried out, tossing his head from side to side, various pleas escaping his mouth. Kyo's hands held Yuki's quivering hips down to the bed.

When the orange-haired cat glanced up, he saw that Yuki's eyes were wide open, the pretty orbs cloudy and awe-filled, as they always were when Kyo was doing this for him, and his face was flushed pink.

When Kyo pulled his mouth away, releasing the rat's member with a quiet pop, Yuki whined, arching his hips up and giving Kyo a pained expression. Kyo smirked, reaching into his boyfriend's nightstand. pulling out a small bottle. "Shh, I have something better."

He slicked three of his long fingers and put one at Yuki's tight entrance. He slid it in teasingly, loving the way Yuki bit his swollen bottom lip, a groan still coming out. Yuki pushed his hips down on Kyo's long digit, practically begging for another.

"I'm gonna make you scream my name, Yuki." Kyo promised, his mouth close to Yuki's ear, his breath scorching, the perfect, porcelain skin. He added another finger, and scissored them, stretching the rat as much as possible. "Nngh, you're so tight." He managed, adding a third, and crooking them so he scraped against the bundle of nerves inside his boyfriend.

"Ahh!" Yuki cried out, his hips jerking, a gold haze blinding him as he immediately came, his cum shooting out in ribbons, his whole body shaking as the orgasm scorched his skin like lava. When it was over, Kyo could only smirk smugly at him, and Yuki turned red.

"You're so responsive, Yuki. I won't have to try very hard to get you to scream my name." He said, and the silver-haired uke glared.

"I wouldn't scream your name if you paid me." He said, his pride flaring up to mix with the lust that had immediately rushed back to him at the feeling of Kyo's still moving fingers in him.

"You're already hard again." Kyo said pointedly.

"Fine." Yuki said, pulling his hips away from Kyo's hands. "I'm going to take a shower." He said, and Kyo gaped.


"Yes." He said. "Uhh!" He fell back against the floor as Kyo's muscled body pinned him down.

"You think you can get me all turned on then just go get a shower?" He asked erotically, his tongue coming out to flick at Yuki's mouth. He pulled Yuki's legs up and put them on his shoulders.

"You're not the boss of me." Yuki said, each word broken by pants and gasps from the pleasure shooting up his spine at the feeling of Kyo's blunt cock pushing into him. Kyo groaned, but kept his eyes on Yuki's. Crimson never left purple.

When he was buried to the hilt, his hands cupped Yuki's familiar hips, breathing harshly and feeling close to coming already. He shook off the feeling, knowing he would keep his earlier promise to Yuki. He moved his hips tauntingly, but when Yuki glared, his short, neat nails biting into the cat's shoulders, Kyo laughed, and began a steady rhythm, making Yuki's hips move of their own accord.

"Ohh... K-Kyo. More. Faster." Gasps and cries were flowing constanty from the rat until the tip of Kyo's thick cock brushed against his prostate. Yuki screamed, his back arching, and his hips jerking up, making Kyo grit his teeth. The rat's hot, tight passage was spasming around his dick, making it so hard to concentrate on torturing the pretty boy. Then, before he could convince himself out of it, he stopped moving, making Yuki's thick lashes fly up revealing eyes full of need. "Kyo!" He whined, his voice uncharacteristically high-pitched. "I'm close." He said, and Kyo grasped his hips firmer to keep him from moving.

"Scream my name."

"F-fuck you."

Kyo had known the stubborn uke would be like this, so lifted one hand from a pale hip and moved it onto the boy's dick, which was leaking precum and dripping it onto his own belly. He brushed his calloused thumb over the slit, before making a fist around it. Yuki moaned, his hands gripping and unclenching Kyo's shoulders. He was all but begging.

"I'll let you come if you just scream it."

"I told you n- Ahhhh!" Kyo had jerked his hips forward, ramming that spot inside him again. "Kyo!! Please!" He said loudly, but it wasn't enough for the determined cat.

"I said scream it."

"Do you want Ms. Honda and Shigure to hear!?" He said, angrily, his cock aching. He tried to buck up for some friction, but the cat was strong, and Yuki was weak in his needy state.

"I want the whole world to hear."

"You're- UHH!!" He moved his hips up, as Kyo sadistically pumped his dick, at the same time as thrusting shallowly into the tight channel. "Kyo!" He cried.

"Louder." He said. He could feel his own dick pulsing, and knew if he didn't release soon, he'd explode.

"Kyo!!!" Yuki threw his head back and screamed it.

"Louder." Kyo said, and began to thrust in, hard and quick. He knew they were both going to come in a few seconds, anyway.

"Ohhh! KYO!!" Yuki screamed it so loud, it practically reverberated on the walls, ringing in Kyo's head like a chant. Yuki's toes curled, and he clenched his eyes closed as his second climax that night rocked his body, making him momentarily deaf and blind, except for the velvet shocks convulsing his body.

Kyo groaned, "Yuki! Augh!!", the come being released on his stomach too hot, Yuki's ass too tight, his perfect, creamy skin too soft and too smooth.

The cat rolled his hips through his climax, spilling his seed deep inside Yuki's body, murmuring exclamations of how good Yuki's body felt around him.

When the orgasm ceased, Kyo dropped like a stone onto his cousin, Yuki's long legs falling down off his shoulders, his arms coming around Kyo's neck to hold him. He buried his face in the cat's neck, breathing in the scent of sweat and sex.

"I love you." The words had flown out, with no warning, no hesitance. Kyo didn't stiffen, as Yuki had seen in one quick horrible flash in his mind. He didn't get up and leave. He groaned, pressing their mouths together in a chaste kiss.

I love you, too." He whispered. Yuki's heart soared, a rare smile gracing his face. This had to be the happiest moment of his whole life.


/endchapter one

* * * * * * * * * *
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