"Kyo... Are you okay?"

"No. No, I'm not fucking okay." He snarled at the girl, his head still in his hands.

"I'm so sorry, Kyo." She whispered. "I really am."

"He told you first... Didn't he?" Kyo asked softer, raising his head and looking at her. She nodded timidly.

"He just... Needed to talk about it, I think." She explained, sitting beside the neko. "He was scared and upset."

"He's gonna be scared and upset again when he wakes up... If he wakes up." Kyo finished, barely keeping his voice from breaking.

"He will." Hatori said lowly from across the room, where he leaned against the wall, brooding. "He'll wake up. He's just sort of resting right now."

"Yeah." Kyo remarked, resting his head on his knees again. "I'm so tired."

"You should rest." Ayame said firmly, and Kyo shook his head.

"I can't." He said simply, staring off into space again. He glanced over at his family, and sighed wearily.

"I'm gonna go sit in there with him. If he, uh... Wakes up, I'll come and get you guys." He sighed, closing the door to the bedroom behind him.

When the door closed, the brown-haired girl let out a quiet sob, turning and pressing her face in Shigure's chest. He raised his hand to reassuringly pet her head.

Kyo sat in a cushy armchair, leaning his head back, staring up at the ceiling. "Goddamn it, Yuki." He muttered, rubbing his temples as if he could literally push the horrible headache away.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Yuki moaned softly as he opened his eyes, stirring. His eyes fluttered a few times as his vision blurred and then perfected itself so he could see what was going on around him.

"This snow is... Warm?" He asked, looking around. The swirling white ice was all around him, but he felt as comfortable as he had ever felt in his life. He couldn't see anyone anywhere, although he could only see so far in the swirling blizzard. He carefully stood up, barely keeping his balance. "Hello?" He called out, cupping his hands to his mouth. He frowned, beginning to walk.

As far as he could see, there was nothing for miles and miles, except for one tall tree. It was a little ways from him, but even in the distance, he could see how bright green it was. A tree for the Springtime... Not anything that could live in the winter, he decided, shaking his head. He must be seeing things. His steps sped up, until he was practically jogging to the large tree.

When he finally reached it, he was out of breath. He leaned over, resting his hands on his knees, panting heavily. He eyed the trunk cautiously, it was bigger than any tree he had ever seen before. The rat laid his palm on the tree, pressing gently.

The small giggle made him nearly jump out of his skin. He rushed to the backside of the tree, which he hadn't been able to see before, and gasped.

A tiny, extremely pretty girl sat at the base of it, legs crossed. She looked up at Yuki, a beautiful grin plastered on her face. Her skin was alabastor, nearly as light as the snow around her.


"Where are your parents?" He asked, eyes wide. "You shouldn't be out here by yourself. It's snowing." He added softly.

"I'm alright." She grinned. "You look tired." She remarked, standing. She was wearing a tiny white dress that grazed her knobby knees and no shoes.

"I'm alright." He responded, not meaning to repeat her. Her pumpkin-colored hair was pulled into a stubby ponytail with a yellow ribbon. "You aren't cold?" He asked, his brow furrowing.

"Do you see that?" She asked, pointing forward, tugging at his hand.

He squinted, barely making out a tiny figure in the distance. "Not really." He answered honestly. "What is it?"

"I don't know." She whispered. "Will you take me?"

Yuki nodded, clutching her tiny hand tightly. "I will, but... Where is everyone?"

"Who is everyone?" She asked as they began to walk toward the unknown object.

"Where is anyone?" He rephrased the question.

"They aren't here." She pointed out. "Nobody's here."

"That can't be right. There has to be someone here besides me and you."

"There isn't." She assured him. "I would know."

"That doesn't make any sense." Yuki said, panic clawing up his body and into his throat. "There has to be someone else. How did you get here? How did I get here?" He cried, snatching his hand away from her, and backing away a few steps. "You're going to tell me everything." He said loudly. Her large crimson eyes lowered to the ground, and she shuffled her feet.

"I brought you here. I just... I wanted to make you feel better."

"Make me feel better? I don't even know you!" He cried. "And what exactly are you making me feel better about?"

"I just wanted to tell you everything's going to be okay, Yuki. It will, I promise. You'll be very happy." She reached into a tiny pocket on the side of her dress that Yuki hadn't noticed before, pulling out a... ring? She held it out to him, pushing it into his hand. Yuki held it up to his face, examining it closely. It was silver, with a beautifully cut diamond in the center in the shape of a heart. There were two miniscule diamonds on each side, set symmetrically into a simple yet elegant swirling pattern.

"It's beautiful, but... What does it have to do with you, or this... Place?" He asked. His panic was beginning to go away, he felt calm again.

"I thought showing it to you would make you feel better. About the future." She could see he still didn't understand. "He told me he had to explain it to you." She giggled, putting the ring back into her pocket.

"He, who?" He asked, frowning. "I thought you said we were the only ones here."

"We are." She nodded. "But soon we'll have to leave." She remembered thoughtfully. She looked up, gasping out. "Look, we're so close now."

Yuki looked up and realized in surprise how far they had walked. He took a deep breath and began moving torwards it again, the girl practically having to jog to keep up with his determind steps.

"I haven't even asked your name." Yuki realized, not stopping.

"My name is Kikuri." She replied instantly, beginning to run.

When they finally reached it a minute or so later, Yuki stopped, falling on his knees in front of it. He picked it up slowly and carefully in his cupped hands.

It was a miniature statue of some sort. It seemed to be made of pewter or something like that, and featured some kind of baby doll. The pretty doll was made to look like a pretty young girl with a frilly and elaborate dress, pristine white stockings, and patent leather mary janes. In the doll's lap was a tiny gray mouse, and beside her was an orange cat sitting up, his tail flicked up in the air, touching her arm. This should have been covered by the snow. Yuki thought, brows furrowing together. The white flakes didn't even seem to be sticking to it, let alone covering it.

"What is it?" He asked Kikuri, gazing up at her. Her cheeks were tinged pink from the running, and she was panting heavily. The nezumi hadn't noticed her hard breathing before.

"Are you alright?" He asked, setting down the thing and laying his hands on her slender shoulders.

"Yes, of course." She assured him, coughing a bit. "I just... Have trouble breathing sometimes when I exert myself." Yuki nodded wearily, helping her sit.

"I have that problem too." He sighed. "Just rest a bit, you should be fine in a minute." He picked the figurine back up, examining it closely, taking in all the subtle details. It was beautifully made. "Do you know what it is?" He finally asked, when her breaths became more steady.

"Yes." She said softly. "I know what it is."

"Well... What is it?"

"We have to go now." She whispered. Yuki gasped as Kikuri practically fell into his lap, wrapping him in a hug. He felt her breath against his neck as she squeezed him tightly. He raised his arms, but realized he couldn't touch her anymore. His hands slid through her as if she were made of fog.

"What is going on!?" He screamed, kicking away from her and falling back into the snow.

"Everything's okay." Her breathy voice promised. He moaned, his head sinking into the white. His eyes slid closed.

Everything around him dissolved and sank like sand in an hourglass until he was completely sheathed in darkness.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

His ivory eyelids flew back to violet eyes. He sprang up from his bed, sitting up, his hand raising to his chest as if he could control his rapid heartbeat. He had had a dream, a strange dream, but... He couldn't remember any of it.

"Yuki?" Kyo cried out, jumping across the room to the bed. "Are you okay?" He nearly yelled, grabbing his lover by the shoulders.

"I think so." He breathed as Kyo's arms wrapped around him, holding him snugly.

"Oh shit, Yuki, I was so worried about you." He murmured against the rat's neck.

"What happened?" He asked, and Kyo sighed, stiffening. He didn't answer the boy, making Yuki's stomach sink like lead. "Tell me." He ordered, pushing Kyo away, glaring into his eyes until he saw tears. He had never seen Kyo cry, never.

"I'm sorry, Yuki." He whispered. "It's just hard for me to tell you."

Yuki glanced down at himself. The cover he had been laying under had pooled to his waist when he sat up, and he was wearing a large white t-shirt. His shaking hand trailed down to the hem of the shirt, lifting it to reveal his stomach.

It was flat and smooth like before, his waist slim and fit and leading perfectly into his hips. He stared intensely at it, like if he looked at it long enough, the bright red scar would go away.

It was long and precise, obviously made by a doctor's trained hands. It was horizontal, a few inches below his bellybutton.

His breath came out shakily. "Kyo? Is that...?" He couldn't finish. He was sure he already knew the answer. But that couldnt be... He was less than 6 months along. There was no way he could have done that...

"Yeah." Kyo answered. "Yuki, baby, I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say." He heard Yuki's breath shudder out. He pressed his mouth to the spot below Yuki's ear gently. "Do you want to be alone? I can go..."

"No." He felt Yuki's arms wrap around him firmly, squeezing him desperately. "Please don't make me be alone right now, Kyo."

"I can stay. It's okay." He assured him, lifting the rat's body and moving it over so he could sit on the bed with him. "I know you're really upset right now, Yuki, but... I think we can get through this."

"How did this happen?" Yuki asked, eyes closed to dissuade the burning sensation in them. Tears leaked down his cheek and dripped down onto the cat's shoulder.

"When Akito attacked you."

"Akito." Yuki gasped, nearly bolting up and out of the bed. Kyo held him down roughly, snarling.

"Yuki!" He snapped. "Don't do that! You'll hurt yourself. Hatori said to lay down and rest."

"But where is he?" Yuki managed, gasping and breathing shakily.

"Ayame shot him." Kyo said quickly. He felt Yuki wriggle in his grip, trying to get up, and huffed angrily. "Stop it! You're not allowed out of this bed."

"Kyo! I need to talk to Aya and Ha'ri." Yuki begged, pulling at his cousin's hands. "Let me go."

"I'll go get them, but you're not leaving. I'm not budging on this, Yuki." He paused, his voice softening. "I almost lost you. I don't know what I would have done if you'd died..." Yuki sighed, falling back onto the bed, recognizing defeat.

"Fine." He said, turning his head away. "Go get them for me." Kyo stroked a hand down his nezumi's silky hair before opening the bedroom door. He poked his head out.

Tohru stood immediately, hands covering her mouth. "Is he awake?" She gasped.

"He's awake, but he only wants to see Ayame and Hatori right now." He explained, and Tohru nodded, biting her lower lip.

Both men walked into the room solemnly, shutting the door behind him. Yuki stared at both of them with slightly haunted eyes. "How do you feel?" Ayame began, then shook his head. "Never mind. That's a stupid question."

Yuki silently agreed. "I just need to ask you what happened with Akito." He preferred not to beat around the bush. The usually gorgeous boy looked frail and sickly laying in the bed. His hair was unkempt and raggled, and like his face, was matted with dirt and dried blood.

"Nothing happened." The white-haired man sat in the armchair Kyo had been in earlier. "I saw him attacking the two of you, and shot him. He died almost instantly."

"But... Why were you there?"
"Shigure called me." Hatori piped up from the doorway. He had barely walked in. "He came home from work and saw the house in shambles. He figured out what happened and called Ayame and I. He went out to look for you before we got there, but... He must have taken a different trail or something."

"I didn't mean to, but when I saw him on you, Yuki, I just... Had to." Ayame explained softly.

"Why are you explaining yourself to me?" Yuki said coldly. "I hate Akito. He raped me all my life, tortured Kyo because of me, and killed my baby." He suddenly had a weird feeling in his chest. Akito was dead. He would never have to feel that cold dread when the doorbell rang, never have to endure the sadistic man's rough sex or his cruel words. He would never have to hide anything ever again for fear of being beaten nearly to death. "I'm so grateful to you, Aya." He whimpered, pulling his knees up to his chest and burying his face in them. "I only wish I could have seen him die." He bawled, bursting into tears.

Hatori cleared his throat. "We should let Kyo and Yuki be alone right now, dear." He said pointedly. As he was walking out, he turned back to Yuki and spoke. "Later, if you have any questions about the... Operation, I'd be happy to answer them... I'm sorry, Yuki."

The second the door had closed, Kyo was back on the bed, holding the now shaking boy to him. Yuki nuzzled his face into the strong shoulder of his boyfriend.

"I'm sorry, Kyo. I don't mean to cry." He sobbed helplessly.

"Cry as much as you need to, baby. I understand." He held his boyfriend against him, pressing his mouth to the crown of his soft hair. "I hate to see you like this. I wish there was something I could do." He murmured.

"Not unless you can turn back time." Yuki cried hoarsely. "I'd kill Akito before he ever found out about the baby. Before he ever found out about us at all."

"I can't do that. But... Yuki." He layed back onto the soft matress, pulling the rat with him, staying in the same position. "Akito's gone. Nothing can hurt you anymore. We can try again." He whispered, and felt Yuki shake his head insistently.

"I can't, Kyo. It hurts too much. It hurts so much."

"I know, I know. It hurts right now. It hurts me too, Yuki. I... I wanted a baby with you. You know I did." He kissed the boy's porcelain cheek, tasting the salty tears. "But later... When it doesn't hurt as much... We can try again."

"Yeah." Yuki whimpered, not at all feeling consoled by the thought. "We don't have to worry anymore." He said, snuggling his body against Kyo's. The warmth, and the feeling of Kyo's heartbeat against him was much more comforting than anything else that could have been done or said. "Akito can't hurt us, or break us up."

"He could have never done that." Kyo growled. "The only way he could have done that is by killing me. I'd never leave you, Yuki." He swore. "I love you more than anything in the world."

"I love you too." He swiped his hand across his eyes in a halfhearted attempt to dry his tears. "Kyo, I'm so tired. I want to sleep so badly."

"Go to sleep."

"If I do... Promise you won't leave. I don't want to be by myself."

"I won't leave, Yuki. I'm going to sleep, too." He muttered.

"Goodnight, Kyo. I love you."

"I love you too, Yuki."

The two boys fell asleep almost instantly in each other's arms, confident that no matter how horrifying their pasts had been, they would always have each other in their future. They would move forward no matter how hard it seemed, using each other for support and comfort, and always be there for one another. The cat and the rat could now live and love in perfect harmony.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So... There you go, that's the end.

Well... Not completely. I'll be writing a sequel fic to this, and plenty of oneshots (side stories) of the two of them. There are still a lot of elements I want to explore in this story, and lots of mysteries that are unsolved at this point.

I thoroughly hope you enjoyed reading this fic as much as I enjoyed writing it. Be sure to keep an eye out for my future 'Yours and Mine' fics.