Chapter 1 This is my life a living hell

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There is a legend that thousands of years ago when the world was still taking shape and the birth of man hasn't taken place yet, there existed nine powerful demons that roam around the world causing peril and destruction just for the pleasure of it. Each of them were powerful by the number of its tails from one to nine, however each of them took orders from one demon legend says that he was the most powerful being that existed in the world its sheer strength was beyond comprehension. He was consider the king of the Bijuus he rule over the nine and they follow his command, until one day the nine tails defy the power of the mighty king he wanted to overthrown him and take his rightful place as king of the Bijuus not caring if the king would destroy for his betrayal.

But the king had other plans he wasn't upset for the Kyubi's act of treason he made a challenge and the rest of the Bijuus, the challenge was to fight for control of the land whoever controls the entire land will be the strongest and will earn the chance to become king of course they have to defeat the mighty one to ensure victory. And so for thousands of years the Bijus fought each other for control of the land to gain the chance to fight the king and become the most powerful being in the world, but it was easier said than done because they couldn't die they were immortal beings and no matter how hard they fought and try to killed each other they would never die so there was never a winner making the challenge pointless. Suddenly the mighty one vanished from the faces of the world and even it was pointless to fight the Bijuus continued to fight to gain control of the land.

And so thousands of years passed and the Bijuus continued their pointless fighting knowing very well they will never die, it was the simple fact that they were demons fighting and killing was their nature it was the only thing that gave them a reason to exist it was what make them feel alive. Then man was born and the beginning of the first ninja clans were born and thus the beginning of what will become the birth of the ninja villages, of course like the Bijuus the humans wanted total control and power over the entire world so war was brought upon lives were taken blood was spilled in the name of their village and land. The Bijuus didn't care if they were having a war of their own even after thousands of years fighting with each other they still continued to fight, only this time the lives of the ninjas were taken and they could care less for them they thought they were all inferior weakling beings that deserve to die.

The ninjas of the villages saw how powerful the tailed demons were and thus they needed their power for their own so they could win the war and conquer the land with the purpose of expand their territory, and so the villages from the five elemental countries fire, wind, water, lighting and earth started looking for ways to capture the mighty demons and sadly and eventually they found a way. They manage to perform powerful jutsus to seal the spirits of the Bijuus inside the bodies of humans, using them as living cages to hold the beasts and at the same time hardness their power to use against their enemies.

The humans who became containers for the Bijuus got the name of jinchuuriki they were the living weapons of their villages, however the jinchuuriki got a horrible treatment by the other humans fearing and eventually hating them for holding a demon most of them only saw them as the Bijuu itself instead of a human jailer. The jinchuurikis became victims of the humans own selfish ambitions for control of the land and even if they were ninjas from their own respected villages they didn't give them respect nor pity only hatred fear and loneliness was their reward for fighting for their village, all of the Bijuus were sealed into humans except for one the nine tails fox. Without the rest of the Bijuus to fight them and win his challenge to fight the mighty one he became mad and enrage destroying everything in its path, killing people and destroying villages just for the sheer fun of it.

But his rage of terror ended when he attack the village hidden in the leaves of Konoha in the fire country he thought that it was just another village to destroy, he kill a lot of Konoha ninjas but he underestimated the will of fire as one man step forward to face the demon fox a man who showed no fear only determination and courage hoping to defeat him and save the leaf village. The brave soul who face him was the Yondaime Hokage who was consider a true hero in the village and love dearly by its people he was a living legend among the ninja nations, even as brave and strong he was there was no way he could defeat the nine tail demon fox so the only way to defeat him for the safety of the village he loves very much Konoha he perform a forbidden jutsu sacrificing his soul to capture the soul of the Kyubi and sealing inside the body of a newborn baby. Before he died he gave to the village his last dying words to see the baby boy as a hero for keeping the demon fox inside for carrying the burden, with those words said he died while Konoha mourn and grieve over the loss of the greatest ninja that ever lived.

The Sandaime Hokage who was retire didn't have a choice but assume his position once again since there was no one suitable for the job back then, his first order as returning Hokage was to created a law that no one was allowed to tell the truth about the attack of the Kyubi in order for the new born baby to have a normal childhood along with the new generation of ninjas but even with that the life of Uzumaki Naruto wasn't going to be a pleasant one.

(Time skip five years after the Kyubi's attack)

Uzumaki Naruto was having one of those days again as he was kicked out of the orphanage for the third time this week, the owner of the orphanage hated him and he wasn't the only one but the entire village also felt the same way. Why would they hate a five year old boy with spiky blond hair and sapphire blue eyes, he was like any other child innocent and good well that's not what the village thought of him. The reason why everyone hated him is because he is the container of the nine tails demon fox Kyubi, he was the newborn baby that the Yondaime Hokage used to seal the demon fox within him. Of course poor little Naruto didn't know a thing about him being the container of the fox, he was unaware why the villagers hated him so much he didn't know why they called him names like demon or monster.

"Please Mr. don't leave me on the streets again I need a place to stay" Naruto said with tears in his eyes.

The owner glare at him" forget it I don't care what Hokage-sama says I am not going to be taking care of a monster like you so scram and DON'T COME BACK" he shouted the last part before slamming the door in front of him.

Naruto dried his tears even if he has gotten used to it by now this is how he has been living his life ever since he started walking, if the villagers didn't glare at him or said things behind his back it turn worst when they form a mob and they start chasing him. He was always caught and he usually ends being beaten up by them, life wasn't just fair for the poor blond luckily for him the Sandaime Hokage send his ANBU to watch over him if things turn pretty bad for him. He sighed there was no point in staying here the owner would just threw him out again, even if the Hokage insist that he should be at the orphanage. He finally left the place while slowly walking the streets of the village, unaware that he was being watch by two figures hiding in the shadows.

As he took another turn he gasp as he saw a large mob of people, a lot of them were holding kitchen knives while others had pinch forks he was scare tears were forming at the corner of his eyes he knew very well that this means. He needed to leave before they see him, but it was too late one of the villagers spotted him.



Naruto ran as fast as he could while being chase by the angry mob, he took another corner but he accidentally trip, he growl why did he have to trip before he even try to get up he was surrounded by the mob they were ready to beat him up and this time they wanted to finish him off for good.

"Please stop I beg of you don't kill me I haven't done anything to you" Naruto pleaded his face full of tears.

"Oh you have done enough to us you monster you're nothing but a murder you shouldn't be allowed to live" a man said.

"The time has come to finish what the Yondaime started" an older woman said while everybody cheer in agreement.

"Please don't I ugh….." Naruto was punched in the stomach by one of the villagers.

"Time to die monster"

Just before the mob was about to attack him two men wearing ANBU uniforms appeared before them, one of them was wearing a dog mask while the other had a raven mask.

"That's enough leave him alone and return to your homes this is an order from the Hokage" the one with the dog mask said.

"If you don't obey then we will have no choice but to use force" said the one with the raven mask while touching his katana ready to strike giving them the warning to back off.

The mob growl they really wanted to kill Naruto but nevertheless they obey, slowly they left the street until Naruto was alone with the two ANBU he got up while dusting his pants" thank you for helping me I know the old man send you two to watch over me"

"Are you all right Naruto-kun" the one with raven mask said.

"Yeah I am now I don't know what to do now I've been kick out of the orphanage again looks like I will have to sleep in the streets"

"Staying in the streets will only increase the chances of being attacked again" the one with the dog mask said.

"I agree take him to Hokage-sama he must know of this situation" the one with the raven mask said.

He nodded while walking next to Naruto" let's go Naruto" he took his hand and vanished in a cloud of smoke.

The one with raven mask on shook his head in disappointment (so this is how they treat the son of the hero of the village Yondaime-sama wanted Naruto-kun to be treated as a hero and they are doing the opposite, if he was here he would be so ashamed that the same people he died to protect are treating his son worst than trash)

At the Hokage's office

Sarutobi Hiruzen was having another day as Hokage of the hidden leaf village, it was your average day of paperwork and in secret he hated it he has been doing this for years now and each time he have to do it he hated it even more. He was so happy when he's successor the Yondaime became Hokage, he was truly enjoying the life of retirement just laying back and doing nothing at all that was the life. But now that the Yondaime was gone he had to take the position again as Hokage, and that meant he had to return to the hell of paperwork as much as he hated filling paperwork he loves Konoha very much and his love for the village was bigger than his hate for paperwork so he's glad that he's doing this again.

Suddenly in a cloud of smoke appear the ANBU with the dog mask with Naruto, Sarutobi saw the blond and sighed having a good idea what was going on" what is it?"

"Hokage-sama it's Naruto he has been kicked out of the orphanage again"

"I see, it seems no matter what I say to the people of the orphanage I can't change their minds in taking care of him very well I have no choice Naruto from now on you're going to be living in a apartment I have already order the ANBU to take your luggage there here are the keys" he handed the keys to his new apartment.

Naruto smile while taking the keys" thanks old man I really appreciate it"

Sarutobi smile while looking at the ANBU" take him to his new place"

"Yes Hokage-sama"

"Oh and Naruto here" he handed him a small envelope" this is your daily allowance make good use of it"

Naruto took the envelope while some tears fell from his eyes" thanks old man I wish everyone would be as kindhearted as you"

Sarutobi sighed while taking off his smoking pipe" Naruto perhaps someday they will begin to respect you I know they will"

Naruto gave him his fox grin" I know that's why I'm going to become Hokage someday just you watch if I become Hokage everyone will see how great I am and they will stop disrespecting me"

The third smiled seeing him filled with so much determination and confidence, he suddenly got a a feeling of déjà vu (he is very determine just like Minato) "very well Naruto I know you can do it you can take him to his new apartment"

The ANBU with the dog mask nodded while taking Naruto's hand and vanished from the office, Sarutobi got seated on his desk as he resume the hell of filling paperwork (Naruto I'm sorry this is all I can do for you I just wish the village would respect the Yondaime's dying wish)

At Naruto's new apartment

The ANBU wearing the dog mask open the door with the keys that the Sarutobi gave Naruto he was holding a suitcase with Naruto's clothes, he opened the door and Naruto saw the place and it look like comfortable like he could get use to live here. He followed the ANBU to the kitchen and it was all right, just a regular kitchen nothing fancy and all.

"Naruto I suggest that you buy some groceries tomorrow"

"Yeah I have enough money to buy food at least I will buy a lot of ramen in a cup" he gave his fox grin.

"Well it's getting dark you should get some rest I'll see you later then"

"Thanks again for helping me I know you're doing this because the old man order you but still I'm very thankful that you're helping me you're one of the few people who doesn't hate me"

"There's no reason at all why I should hate you I just see a small child who's very lonely and is trying hard to make a living in this village, and also I made a promise to a friend that I will look after you that is all"

Naruto smiled feeling happy" thanks so who was your friend?"

"Get some rest Naruto farewell" he vanished completely ignoring his question.

The small blond just shrug his shoulders before going to the bathroom and have a bath before going to bed at least he was going to sleep in a bed instead the cold hard floor of the streets, outside of his apartment from the window of Naruto's bedroom the two ANBU were standing on a tree doing their duty of watching over him.

"I really feel sorry for him" the ANBU wearing the dog mask said" no parents no friends and hated by the entire village he's experiencing a painful and hard life"

"What's worse is that no one is respecting the dying wish of the Yondaime to treat him as a hero and no one cares how he feels" the one wearing the raven mask said.

"I wish there was something I could do I really wish I could adopt him"

"Kakashi-kun you know very well that we from ANBU aren't allowed to adopt children by law"

"I know Itachi but I hate the fact that there's nothing I can't do to help him I mean captain"

Itachi chuckle" no need to be so formal Kakashi-kun, but anyway we are helping him by protecting him from the villagers

"But still I promised sensei I was going to be there for him I don't want to keep failing in protecting my friends" Kakashi said.

"This is all we can do for him I'm sure that's how Hokage-sama feels even if he deserves more, because of the great burden that he carries inside of him"

"To tell you the truth I already see Naruto as a hero not just for what he carries but for who he really is"

Itachi nodded in agreement they continued to watch over the apartment.

Naruto has finished his bath and he has change into his pajamas he was ready to go to bed, he was happy things weren't so bad he now has an apartment so there was no need to be in the orphanage anymore. With the money that Sarutobi gave him he will be able to buy some food, he knew it was never easy to buy groceries because every time he went to a store they always overcharge him it crossed his mind that it was the reason that they hate him to overcharge him.

(I wonder why they hate me so much what I ever did to them to hate me so much)

He finally went to his bed and lie down, he slowly closed his eyes waiting to drift to sleep knowing that tomorrow was going to be another day in the village another day of being glare being called names and worst of all being beaten by angry mobs.

(My name is Uzumaki Naruto and my life is a living hell)

To be continued

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