Short semi-songfic. I was struck at 11:00 while studying for AP World.

Inspired and based on Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson.


Rain dripped desolately down the sheet glass window. It was 5:30 in the morning, dark and dreary. Syaoran Li stood surveying the city sprawled beneath him, practically smelling the cold, wet air through the window. He chased raindrops with his eyes as they crept downwards, pushed along by the slight wind. Standing in pyjamas, he was bleary-eyed and reluctant to leave the comforting warmth of his tiny apartment.

The light ivory carpet hushed his bare feet as he slid back onto his bed, which made no sound as he moved over to encircle the other figure lying on its right side. His eyes flickered up to the alarm just as it started going off. Syaoran slapped the off button and breathed into the light brown hair of his companion, Sakura Kinomoto. Her eyelids slid open like a leaf uncurling in spring, revealing a beautiful light green shade still sheathed in sleep.

She made a small noise and pressed back into Syaoran's chest. He placed his arms securely around her waist and closed his eyes again.

"What's that noise?" she murmured, still half-lost in sleep.

"Just a little rain," he answered. He just held her, wearily unplugging the alarm with a tired smile.

"I'd better go," Sakura said, stirring in his arms. "I have to get to work."

Syaoran put his finger to her lips and didn't let her move. "Nope," he said. "You don't have work today."

"Yes," she laughed, "I do. It's Wednesday."

He shook his head slowly. "Wrong."

Sakura sighed, smiling unintentionally. "Are you serious?"


The sky started to lighten slowly. Syaoran rolled out of bed and drew the curtains, letting the warm yellow light from the floor lamp take over. Sakura slipped out of bed, her light grey t-shirt and plaid pj pants looking more beautiful on her than anything in the world, and draped her arms around Syaoran's shoulders, standing on tiptoes to reach that high on his tall body. He turned around and placed his hands on her hips. They merely looked at each other, hearts pumping quietly and calmly, full of serene morning love.

She toppled back into their bed, and they navigated beneath the sheets. Syaoran flicked off the light, pressed his lips to hers in the silent darkness, and they fell back to sleep.

Three hours later, the phone rang with a terrific clamoring. Sakura reached for it, but Syaoran pinned her small hand to her side and chuckled in a low voice. "Leave it," he whispered. He kissed her small nose, distracting her as the telephone fell silent reluctantly. "Leave everything."

They rose, made the bed, and moved to the dark blue curtains. Sakura drew the heavy fabric slightly open, and they merely watched peacefully as traffic raced angrily beneath their rising apartment building. Rain spat determinedly at the sheet of glass, at the two silent figures holding each other behind the barrier, like statues, like watching gods.

She didn't need to say it, but she did anyway.

"I love you."