Sorry readers that I have just gotten back to you. Frankly, real life ( school, life, work, etc.) was more important. However, this story has been adopted by Guardian of the Phoenix . I was last in touch with them last week. The next chapter is in the process of being written. She/he will be continuing my story from the last chapter I wrote.

The story has also been adopted by Xihua. She/he will be using my plot and plenty of my ideas but it won't be the same chapters. The story is called Deliverance and this is the link: s/11344254/1/Deliverance

One day I will continue the story myself with the following changes: no longer slash ( I'm even tinkering with the idea of Harry having been born a girl).

However, regardless I hope you guys like the new author. When the update is complete I will put up a link to the next chapter.