"So, I'm gonna do a hair and makeup course. You watch, when you're a big Hollywood star, it's gonna be me making you look fab on that big screen."

"That is such a good idea," Jez replied, smiling widely.

"So, I'm gonna ask for my job back, and go to night school. I love this business, Jez. And I'm gonna make my mark as queen of the back room." Ronnie bit her lip, momentarily considering her next action.

Suddenly, Ronnie lunged at him, pressing her lips roughly to his and slamming him against his recently closed locker.

"Ronnie!" he said, pulling away out of shock.


"I'm gay?" he replied as if questioning whether she knew that particular fact.

"Oh, so?" she replied, completely unbothered by his recitation of a statement she already knew to be true. Without even another thought, she promptly returned to kissing his decidedly soft lips.

However, something was different this time. They could both feel it. This time, Jez didn't push her away, nor did he desire to.

Thoughts spun through his head a mile a minute. He'd always thought very fondly of Ronnie, and he'd felt like the worst friend in the world when he'd managed to hurt her feelings about her singing - even though he'd tried to do the right thing. He'd never run all the way to the train station for a guy before. Was it possible he had feelings of a romantic sort for her? To live for so many years now believing he was only interested in men, it wasn't an idea he was exactly prepared to wrap his brain around, but breathing in deeply, he lifted his hands up and cupped her face in his hands.

She twitched just slightly, caught off-guard by his sudden action. She pulled away and looked into his gorgeous blue eyes.

"Ronnie," he began. She blinked a few times, not sure what words to expect out of his mouth next. "Ronnie, I'm just a little confused here."

"About what," she asked, cocking her head to the side.

"About that," he waved his arm about in the air, attempting to signify their kisses. He scrunched up his face. "Ronnie, I felt something. I certainly didn't expect to."

"Like, you wanted to kiss me?"

"Exactly. I pulled away the first time because you took me by surprise, but when you came back again, the instinct to pull away was gone. I just kept thinking about how sad I was to have hurt you and how I thought I'd lost you after I missed your train. I ran all the way to the station."

"You did?" she asked, suddenly beaming and filled with a little more warmth than seconds earlier.

"I did," he replied.

"But, you're gay," she replied, a little confused now herself. "Right?"

"Well, theoretically. Believe me; I've thought so right up until this very moment."

"Jez, you know I've always fancied you."

"I kinda figured that out when you kissed me," he replied. They were silent a second, then Jez let out a little chuckle.

"I wasn't expecting anything from the kiss. It's just that you're friendship has meant loads to me these past few months, and I guess my feelings all sorta ran together there. I didn't mean to cause trouble," she replied, hanging her head a bit.

"You didn't cause any trouble, hon. I've been confused before," he replied, lifting her chin up with his index finger.

"Well," she replied awkwardly. "I should go find Anna, ask for my job back." Her eyes met his again and he smiled widely.

"Would it be okay if I --- if we, tried this again?" he asked politely, fumbling for her hands which hung down by her sides.

"You sure?" she asked, blushing. He nodded and flashed the widest smile she'd seen yet.

She closed her eyes. Ever so slowly, he leaned in and momentarily touched his lips to hers. It was so chaste, she hardly felt it, but that kiss was followed by several more which grew in depth and intensity.

"I'm glad you stayed," he whispered, finally, and reluctantly breaking their connection. "I wouldn't want to have to go to Grimsby to see you all the time," he added with a smile.


"Of course," he replied, letting go of her left hand and tugging her a bit down the hall with her right. "Now, come on. Let's go get you your job back!"


A/N: I know most people aren't into the whole Jez/Ronnie pairing, but I think they are fabulous and it's fiction, so if you can tell a fictional story in a believable way -- that's the whole goal. I love these two, so they will continue to live on in my heart. Thoughts? Would people like to read more? This was purposely short in case there was a desire for more. Let me know! Thanks. - Jo