E/O challenge: thermometer

Word count: a hundred and somethin'

A/N: I am soooo sorry for this. I couldn't stop myself. I just-I need help...lots of it! Earlier tonight Karma visited Dean in "Your Fault I'm Sick!", Karma really likes Sam and Dean...

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Marshmallows and a Hint of Ipod

By: Jasper03

Dean was tired of watching his sick, sleeping brother. The last time he checked the thermometer, it read 102.5. Sighing, Dean stood from his spot on the bed next to his brother and began to rifle through Sam's duffle bag to entertain himself.

Where the Hell did he get all this cash? "Hey Sammy?"


"Who did you hustle for all this cash?"

"Can we play tomorrow De?"

Aren't we a little old for that? Dean looked questioningly at his brother, but the look was lost to the feverish sibling. Then Dean had an idea. "Hey Sammy? Can I borrow three hundred bucks from your bag?"

"Okay Dean." Sam rolled over in the bed.

Dean had another idea. "Hey Sammy, can I salt and burn your Ipod?"

"Okay Dean." Sick Sammy is awesome!


"Dean? Have you seen my Ipod?"

Dean recalled two nights ago when he roasted marshmallows over a burning electronic device. "Nope, not for a couple of days. Hand me that bag of marshmallows behind my seat."