E/O Challenge: Light and Fade ~~~ Happy Belated B-day Indigo Night!

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Dean set his bags down in front of the room door as he dug the key out of his pocket. He unlocked the door and deposited the key back into his pocket before he twisted the knob and lazily scooted his bags inside the door with his foot. The bags remained where he had pushed them and he stepped over them, leaving them in his brother's path. Dean ignored the light switch and directed himself to the bathroom.

Sam felt bad for how things went down in the car and was about to say something when the bathroom door slammed shut. Ok. He probably deserved that. Still he wanted to make things right with his brother. Nearly tripping over his brother's bags in the dark, Sam made his way to the bathroom door.

"Dean? Hey man, can we talk about this?" Sam pressed his ear to the door and could swear he heard sniffling, but then, Dean did have a cold.

"Hey, can you open the door? We have to clear some of this up man. Dean?" Sam heard shower water turn on and he shrunk away from the door miserably. Maybe Dean just needed some time to himself. Sam wondered where the Impala's keys were so he could go out for a drive, then it occurred to him that the keys were in his brother's pocket and his brother was barricaded in the bathroom.

He slunk over to to bed furthest from the door and fell into it on his stomach. Sam propped his head on his folded arms and closed his eyes. The sounds of the shower was fading as he began to think about Dean. At least Dean was dealing with his fever. It must have been bad if the first thing he did when they got in was head for the shower. Sleep tried to consume Sam and he was ready to be taken by it until he heard a large bang come from the bathroom.

"Dean?" Sam yelled across the room. Upon hearing no response, Sam shot out of bed and darted across the room to the bathroom door. His hand jiggled the doorknob. It was locked.

"Hey man? You okay?"

"Fine!" Came an anger filled answer through the door. Sam sighed, relieved his brother was okay and decided to buy some peanut M&M's for his brother as a peace offering. The vending machine was only right down the way.

He grabbed a few dollars from his pocket and left. Dean would be out of the shower by the time he got back and would let him in. Maybe. As he walked, he thought how the afternoon had played out. Had things really changed that much between them?

The vending machine came into view and his pace quickened hoping this machine actually had Peanut M&M's. He knew Dean would eat most anything, but the M&M's had lead him to Dean when the Wendigo took him and for that both boys were grateful for their existence. Arriving in front of the machine he noticed there was one package left in the whole damn machine. Peanut M&M's. Perfect. Like it was meant to be.

He inserted the money and watched as his selection drop to the opening of the machine. He gathered it up and started back to the motel room. Now all he had to do was apologize to his-

Brother! Sam saw water leaking from under the door. He buried the M&M's in his back pocket and hurried to the door. The young hunter knew the door was locked and his brother had the key to the door.

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