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Harry James Potter was standing in an airplane terminal in London waiting for his and his companion's plane to board. Harry was an interesting creature. Standing at only 5'6 with a small slight build he was almost pixie like in appearance. His skin was tan from working many summers outside and his body lightly muscled from all of his time working like a dog for his lovely Aunt and Uncle. His wild raven locks were cut in to thin messy spikes. He had a single white stripe through his bangs that covered the lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

Sighing softly Harry wiggled slightly on his perch in the window seal. Looking over to his right where a small black satchel set with all of his worldly belongings in it. The black leather bag had the ability to hold just about anything you put in it. It was basically a black hole. You put everything you need in there and then when you need something out of the bag you simply stick your hand in there and think of what you need and poof there it is in your hand. The satchel was an early birthday present from a rather shocking source. The leather bag was a gift from his traveling companion, Draco Malfoy.

Thinking of the blond Harry sighed once again. Looking over at the gorgeous, flaxen haired young man with his tall, strong body had Harry blushing slightly. The young Malfoy heir had changed so much since they were eleven. The once whiny, obnoxious blond had become one of Harry's closet confidants. Then again his, once best friends, had become some of his worst detractors. Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger. His once best friends had decided that being friends with him was just too dangerous. They had turned on the brunet; telling the Wizarding World that he was insane and dangerous.

In truth Harry Potter was very very dangerous. During the fifth year of his schooling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry had been taken out of his regular schooling and placed in 'special classes' with some of the strongest and most powerful Witches and Wizards of the time. Defensive Spells, Offensive Spells, Muggle Defense, Occumlecy and Legilimens, and how to become an animagus. His animal had turned out a be a beautiful black panther. He had become so adept, in magic, that he hardly had to use a wand anymore. He only needed his Holly and Phoenix feather wand for the more complex magic.

What had really driven Hermione and Ron away was the fact that Draco Malfoy, of all people, was in all of Harry's 'special classes.' The blond had decided that he was "no ones bitch." Worshiping a monster was not high on the blond's list of things to do. He may be ambitious but he was not stupid. He knew that Voldemort was mostly a maniac who could not even handle killing a child. So he left his family and joined Potter's side. See he was not specifically on the 'light side' he was simply on Potter's side. So the Old Kook decided that he and Harry should train together, hoping that the two would challenge each other to do better.

The problem was Dumbledore could not even begin to imagine that his puppet would break loose of his strings as soon as Voldemort was dead. The minute that the final battle was over Draco ran to the very magically depleted Harry and apparated them as far away from the battle scene as possible. In London, they went to a muggle hospital were they stayed for a week while Harry was unconscious. Almost as soon as the brunet had woken up, Draco had him out of the hospital in the middle of the night.

This is how they had ended up at London International at 4o'clock in the morning waiting on their plane to board. They were headed to America, Forks Washington to be exact, both hoping that this would be far enough away that no one would find them. Everything was already set up for then there. Before the final battle had taken place Draco and Harry had gotten together in secret and set up everything they would need. They had both put money in to buy a house together in the small town. The pair was very eager to get away from the Wizarding World. The closet magical sector to Forks was in Seattle, this was far enough away for them to stay hidden, but close enough if they needed anything.

They had purchased the house online and both were hoping that is was as nice in person, as it was on the internet. Harry had also purchased a black 2009 Mustang Shelby that should be at the airport when they arrived. He had spent quite a bit of money getting the vehicle delivered to the airport, but he knew his roommate would appreciate the beautiful car even if he couldn't drive it. The thought of Draco behind the wheel was almost as scary to the Potter heir as Ginny in a bathing suit.

The boy shivered when he thought of the girl that had practically thrown herself at him at every chance she had had. Duh! He was gay! The stupid bint just couldn't accept that fact and kept telling everyone that he was just saying that to keep Ron off his back, about his love for her.

Finally the brunet was snapped out of his past memories when Draco smacked him on the arm, and told him that the plane was boarding and to hurry his scrawny arse up before they got stuck in this hell hole any longer. After sliding into his seat against the window and tucking his satchel underneath his feet, Harry, sighed leaning back against his head rest and tried to get some sleep He did this to keep from being bored to death during the nine hour trip to the east coast. There they would fuel up and continue on their way to Seattle.

Soon he was being poked in the arm…repeatedly. Opening viridian eyes Harry yawned lightly before grabbing the offending appendage and twisting it. "Ouch, you arse, stop twisting my finger!," snapped the poker. "Well don't stick it in my bloody face and I won't twist it." Harry stated calmly. "Harry, I'm booored!" whined Draco. Looking down at his watch Harry realized that they had been in the air for around six hours. "We only have around three hours left. You will survive I promise." was the only reply the blonde got before those green eyes closed again. "So says the great and wonderful Harry Potter!" the blonde mumbled before closing his own silver eyes and drifting off to sleep.

Harry walked into the terminal looking for a sign with his name on it. The car dealership was suppose to have sent someone to drop the keys and a map off with him. Soon he spotted a short, thick-set man with salt and pepper hair holding up a sign that said 'H. Potter'. Grabbing Draco's arm and walking quickly towards the man Harry waved at him. As they stopped in front of him the man had a surprised look on his face at the sight of the two teenage boys. "Mr. Potter?" he said cautiously. "That would be me," Harry replied softly moving his hand slowly over the man's face. Harry replied "Please hand the keys and map over and you may leave and forget you every saw us." After dazedly handing the keys over, he took off toward the exit trying to figure out why he was in the airport.

"Jinx! What the hell was that?" said the confused boy to Harry's right. Just smiling at Draco, Harry moved towards the exit. "It's a surprise!" was his answer. Walking into the dreary weather outside Harry looked around for the Mustang. Spotting it he drug the blond towards it. "SURPRISE!" he said smiling widely showing off perfect white teeth. The blond just stood staring at the sexy car with a dumbfounded look upon his perfect face. "And, no, you don't get to drive." said the amused Potter heir. Draco just walked around the car basically in a trance. "This car. Is. Sexy. As. Hell." The blond said appreciatively.

Sliding into the driver's seat Harry smiled as Draco stared in awe at all of the pretty buttons on the inside of the car. Harry typed in the address to the house in the GPS and backed slowly into the traffic. Flying down the road Draco pushed random buttons and gasped at what they did. The dark haired teenager just laughed at the blond's childish delight. It was good to see the usually stoic boy so happy and carefree.

'Turn right ahead' the GPS said after driving for almost 3 and a half hours on the highway. Harry soon seen a sign that said 'Welcome to Forks! Population 3500'.

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