A/N: READ ME! Ok so I know that Jacob doesn't actually transform until the New Moon book, but this is my story and I do what I want! I've already screwed with the Harry Potter timeline so I figure I can now screw with the Twilight timeline as well. I also know that some people have questioned the fact that Edward did not react to Harry's scars. Never fear my dear readers, your questions will be answered within the next few chapters or so. Read and Enjoy. =)

PREVIOUSLY: Harry glanced over to Draco in the passenger seat and smiled a tense smile before saying in a soft strained voice, "Well are you ready to go and be social with the locals?" The blonde snorted before replying, "Harry. Have you ever known me to be social with muggles? The only reason that I even came here was for the free food." Harry shook his head and let out a soft laugh before getting out of the car and heading for the house. When Harry knocked on the Swan's front door he never expected the six-foot-five Native American who answered it.

Harry could feel his jaw drop as he looked up, up, and up some more to the massive…teenager? He blinked rapidly and finally managed to spit out in greeting to the teen, "Um…hi? I'm Harry Potter and this is Draco Malfoy. We were invited by Chief Swan?" Harry didn't mean to turn the statement into a question but he was still flummoxed by the sheer size of the boy in front of him and the strange magical aura the boy was giving off. The boy (if he can even be called that) towered over Harry's much smaller frame. He had short spiky black hair, and smooth caramel colored skin that stretched tightly over some serious muscle.

The tall boy held up a bag of Cheetos and waved them around while he answered, "Hiya Harry and Draco, I'm Jacob Black. Charlie and my dad, Billy Black are best friends. Everyone is out back. I just came inside to get some more chips. Please follow me."

When Harry passed Jacob the Indian got an awful look on his face, like he had smelled something truly terrible. Harry never noticed but Draco did and he shot a dangerous look at the other boy. Jacob flinched lightly from the withering glare the blond shot at him, but quickly got his bearings back and returned the glare to Draco. On their way through the house Draco decided to go ahead and get everything out in the open, taking a deep breath he asked, "So Jacob, how does it feel to turn into a giant wolf?"

Jacob's eyes widened as he looked at the smirking blond and taking a deep breath he sputtered, "What are you talking about? Are you on drugs?" Draco frowned at the shape shifter before responding, "I am most certainly not on drugs you peasant! Don't play dumb with me either; we both know that you are not normal. Do you want to know how we know that? Because we are not normal either that's how."

Jacob's eyes narrowed as he turned around and stopped the two wizards from walking out the sliding glass back door, "What do you mean you aren't normal? What are you? How did you now that I'm a shifter? Are you dangerous?" Harry snorted before responding to the shaking shifter, "We are wizards, highly trained and extremely dangerous wizards but we are just trying to live our lives. We don't want any trouble from your people or anyone else. We can tell that you are different from normal people because your aura is giving out some faint magical pulses. Not enough to be a real magical creature but enough that we are able to tell that you are different. We pretty much put two and two together and thankfully came up with four. " Harry shot a glare at Draco before continuing, "Though this subject could have been brought up with a little more…tact." Draco shot a fake surprised look to the brunet, "Are you saying I'm tactless?" Harry smirked before responding to Draco, "Yup."

Draco shot Harry an affronted look before looking back to the perturbed shape shifter and raising one platinum eyebrow. He knew that he and Harry could be a little disturbing when they get off on one of their tangents and he was curious about Jacob's response to their banter. Draco was surprised that when Jacob's face had lost the slightly disturbed look it had gained a slightly star-struck look. The blond snorted when he realized that Jacob was another person that had been trapped by Harry's pretty face. Draco was one of the few people who could resist that pretty green-eyed gaze and that's just because he and Harry saw each other as brothers and not lovers. He could admit that Harry was by far one of the best looking people he had ever met, but he also knew that there was too much bad blood between them to ever be anything more than friends and brothers and that Draco was pretty sure he was straight-ish.

Jacob finally snapped out of his daze with a shake of his head and responded to the dark-haired boy in a slightly surprised tone, "It is fine. Mostly the question just startled me because we are supposed to be a secret. The fact that you and your friend figured out what I was within 10 seconds of meeting me threw me off. I'm sorry if my questioning offended you. I do have one question though." Harry looked the werewolf in the eye and nodded to let him know it was ok to ask. Jacob's eyes narrowed as he asked the other two teens in a serious voice, "Why is it that you smell like a leech?"

Harry looked taken back for a moment before he realized what the Indian boy was talking about. He frowned softly and narrowed his emerald eyes before replying to the other, "Leech? I'm assuming that you are talking about my boyfriend and mate, Edward Cullen. If you are indeed talking about him I ask you very nicely not to refer to him that way in my presence again. I do not handle prejudice very well and I refuse to get into whatever turf war the both of your families have."

Jacob's eyes widened again when Harry said that his mate was one of the Cullen vampires and a slightly crestfallen looked crossed over his handsome features. He went to respond to Harry when the sliding glass door behind them slid open and Charlie walked into the house in his red cooking apron. Charlie grinned when he noticed the two English teenagers and said in an excited voice, "Harry! Draco! Good to see the both of you again. I see that you have been introduced to Jacob."

Harry gave the Police Chief a warm smile before he responded, "Hey Chief Swan! Please to see you again and thank you for inviting us. It feels good to get out of the house for a few hours. We haven't really had a chance to meet many of the people from Forks, well except the students at the school of course." Harry had noticed that while he was talking to Charlie, Jacob had slipped out the door and was speaking quietly to several other large Native American teenagers. He watched the reactions on the other's faces and knew instantly that Jacob was telling them about Draco and himself. He frowned wondering if they could trust the Indians to keep silent on what they were before he realized that he and Draco had something on the wolves that they wouldn't want to get out either.

Charlie soon led Draco and Harry out of the house and introduced them to the rest of the people who had crowed into the Swan's backyard. Harry gave Bella a tight smile when he noticed her and then his eyes narrowed when he noticed that Bella was looking over his shoulder as if she expected someone to be behind him. Harry sighed when he realized that she was looking for his boyfriend and he couldn't help but snicker mentally when he saw Bella's face fall when she realized that Harry and Draco were there alone.

Harry spent the next hour dodging whispered questions from Jacob and nosy questions from the other townsfolk. He knew that they were two 16 year-old emancipated British teenagers that they would cause gossip but he didn't realize that even the adults of the town would be just as nosy as the teenagers they went to school with. Harry was also proud of himself that he only checked his phone twice for missed calls, voicemails, or text messages. Every time that he checked his phone and didn't see any of the three he sighed and then he would roll his eyes at himself because he was acting like a pre-pubescent teenage girl with a crush.

Finally he stepped away from the group of people he was listening to talk and called the Cullen household. When Jasper answered the phone with a terse, "Cullen residence", Harry let out a little sigh before responding to the Civil War vampire, "Hey Jas. I was just seeing if Edward was home. I called his cell earlier and left a voicemail but since he hadn't called me back yet I was starting to get worried."

He heard Jasper let out a sigh himself before responding, "Edward and Emmett went for a weekend hunt. They will be back by Sunday night. It was kind of last-minute decision on Edward's part. They left early this morning."

Harry nodded even though he knew that the blond vampire couldn't see it through the phone before replying, "Oh. Well ok. I wonder why he didn't tell me he was leaving. I knew it was strange when I woke up this morning and he was gone, but I didn't know he was going to skip town without a word." Jasper and Harry exchanged a few more words before they hung up and Harry rejoined the others who had just sat down to enjoy the food that Charlie had cooked.

Draco and Harry spent another hour at the Swan residence before they made their excuses and finally headed home. On the drive back to the house, Draco finally got tired of seeing Harry sulk and finally asked what was bothering him. He was startled when Harry said that Edward had left for a camping trip with Emmett without telling him he was leaving. Draco eyed his friend with an incredulous look on his face before saying, "Since when were you Edward's keeper? Pretty sure that the hundred year old vampire you are dating doesn't need your permission to do anything."

Harry's hands tightened on the steering wheel before he responded to the blond's comment, "I'm not his keeper, but I'm his bleeding mate. I would like to think that he would tell me before he skipped town." Draco shook his head and muttered something about "Possessive idiots" underneath his breath. As soon as they got home Harry slammed his door before bolting to his room to change, grab his IPod and hit the gym.

When Harry entered the gym he headed straight to the treadmill in the corner. The brunet slid the ear buds into his ear and allowed the hard rock to scream out before he started the machine at a light jog. Harry knew that he was being unreasonable, but he couldn't help himself. He had finally found someone who was he could call his own and he knew that he was acting like a possessive idiot. He knew that Edward was his own person and he knew that the vampire did not have to have his every move approved by Harry. He also knew that while he was pretty sure he was in love with the vampire, he also didn't know the vampire all that well. Yeah they had talked about their past and about random things, but they had never sat down and had a real conversation about their relationship and what the future held for their relationship. Harry realized that they were moving too fast in their physical relationship, but he refused to slow it down. Let's face it, he was young and they were both incredibly hot. He understood that while they still had a lot to learn about each other, they both had accepted that the other was who they were meant for.

Harry finally turned the speed dial up to a punishing rhythm and got lost in the smack of his feet on the treadmill and the screams of ACDC in his ear. Harry spent another thirty minutes on the treadmill before he moved on to some light yoga to loosen not only his muscles, but his mind as well. After a brief cool down, Harry grabbed one of the many towels that they kept on the bench in the room. He quickly downed a bottle of ice-cold water from the mini fridge in the corner before he headed to his room to wash the work out off of his skin.

After a quick shower Harry donned his night-clothes and finished his nighttime routine. He slid underneath the cool sheets of his bed and sighed as his tired body finally relaxed. Harry decided then and there that as soon as Edward quit being a dick and returned home that he and his mate were going sit down and have a serious conversation. Of course this was one conversation that the young wizard was most definitely not looking forward too.