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Tony had looked forward to this day since he got back from his unwanted position as an agent afloat. The inter-agency softball tournament had been rescheduled due to rain the week before and Tony couldn't wait to be out on that field. The only thing was he was stuck in the office finishing up some paperwork for Gibbs on this fine Saturday, and Tony hated working on Saturdays. He was flying through case reports at a frantic pace while his cell was pressed into his ear with his shoulder. "Yeah, yeah…No I am coming. How long until we take the field" he asked.

Ziva was watching Tony with a puzzled smirk on her face. Honestly she had never seen him work so fast at anything since she had known him. She got up and walked over and sat on McGee's desk. He was typing on his computer, trying to download a new database program he had been working on. "McGee, do you know why he is working so fast? He normally is rooster pecking his keyboard, bored to death but look at him."

McGee looked up at Ziva with an amused look on his face. "It's actually chicken pecking, Ziva." McGee stood up and put his hands in his pockets nodding over at Tony. "Inter-agency softball tournament is today. And Tony is running late."

Tony took his phone from his ear in one hand flipping it closed while raising the other in triumph, "Done".

"Oh ho, DiNozzo you've done it again. Finishing in the nick of time to run and save the day." He stood from his desk and walked into the middle of the bullpen, arms raised above his head in triumph.

Ziva sighed and slipped off of McGee's desk and walked to hers sitting into her chair watching her partner with a smile that was half amusement and half wonder. "Do you always act this immature when you get a chance to play sports?" she asked Tony as he took his victory lap around the bullpen.

"Softball is not a sport, Zee-Vah" He said in all seriousness as he stopped in front of her desk looking down at her. "And the only reason that I am even playing this year is that I might get the chance to hit a line drive at agent Sacks from the FBI." Tony remembered he had to be at the field in twenty minutes and ran to his desk to grab his bag. He turned to leave heading for the elevator when he turned and said "McGee, tell boss that the files are done and are on my desk and….". He trailed off as Gibbs came up behind him and slapped the back of his head. Tony reached up and rubbed the spot asking "What was that for boss?"

"Being late for the game." Gibbs settled into his desk and pushed a few buttons on his computer while Tony was still rubbing his head. He looked up at his agent. "What are you still doing here DiNozzo?"

"Right boss." Tony turned and ran to the elevator and slid in just as the doors were closing.

"Give 'em hell DiNozzo" Gibbs said under his breath with a wry grin.

After a few minutes McGee turned to Gibbs. "You going to the game boss?" Gibbs glanced up at McGee and in a flat tone replied "I got better things to do with my Saturday afternoon than watch DiNozzo strike out."

Ziva looked confused and asked "Is Tony trying to pick up a woman? I thought was going to play a game?"

A small smile touched Gibbs's lips when she said that and McGee chuckled. Realizing that she was not going to get a response she returned to the stack of papers on her desk.

Fifteen minutes later gibb's phone started to ring. Tim and Ziva looked up excitedly as Gibbs answered, even though it was a Saturday they would be happy to get a case that would drag them away from the dull paperwork in front of them.

Gibbs stood up and slammed the phone down and yelled, "McGee, channel 6!" as he pointed at the large plasma that was next to his desk. Tim fumbled with the clicker on his desk but managed to get the plasma on the desired channel.

The plasma screamed to life as a camera shot from a helicopter was hovering over a small field; smoke rising from the grass that was still on fire. "As you can see our traffic cam just seconds ago has captured what appears to be an explosion coming from the downtown area. We are not sure as to what is going on right now but we will keep with this story as long as we can" the reporter who usually does the traffic report said. Ziva, McGee, and Gibbs stared at the scene in front of them. McGee squinted his eyes at the large television. "Oh, my god boss. That's Warner Field! That's where the softball tournament is!"

Ziva stared at the plasma in shock, then noticing Gibbs grabbing his gun and badge from his desk, she ran to hers and grabbed her gun and backpack and they ran to the elevator with McGee right behind her. Gibbs slammed on the elevator buttons waiting impatiently for them to reach their destination. They ran to the charger and Gibbs took off before McGee had even managed to close his door. Ziva had been worried about Tony before but never like this. Her mind drifted to her past and saw people run in horror from smoking buildings and ravaged bodies. "He is going to be fine" she said in her head. "He will be fine, he will be fine, he will be fine." Tony could'nt die, not in that horrific manner at any rate. He had survived the plague, he had survived being trapped in a metal shipping crate with Ziva while he annoyed her to no end, he had survived his car exploding just a few carlengths behind him, and he had survived Gibbs. "He can't die", she told herself. She felt a hand on her shoulder squeezing lightly. It was then that she realized that she had said the last part out loud. Gibbs drove like a man possessed. When they arrived on the scene only two police cars and one ambulance had arrived. The three jumped out of the car and headed towards what was left of the field. A policeman came up and told them to stay back until Gibbs brushed him aside and continued walking. McGee was showing him his badge and telling him they had agents here today.

Fire engines had arrived and were doing their best to quell the flames. More ambulances arrived and the EMT's were helping as many people they could. Gibbs and the team searched and searched but could not find Tony. Ziva was the one who finally saw him. Tony was administering CPR to a young girl in the parking lot. Two other small children were lying next to them. Tony's shirt was no longer a shirt. It had pieces torn off of it from everywhere and Ziva noticed that all of the children were now wearing his shirt as bandages for wounds. She yelled for Gibbs and McGee and ran to where Tony was kneeling next to the girl.

Her mind raced at the sight. She pictured herself giving her sister Tali CPR before she died in her arms. Ziva looked down at the poor girl and knew she was gone. She kneeled and checked her pulse. It was not there. She looked up at Tony who was now staring at her. With a tear in her eye she told him "Tony…Tony she is gone." Tony did not stop. Ziva placed her hand over his on top of the girls' chest. In a soft voice she said again "Tony. She is gone." Tony just shook his head at her. "She's not gone. I am not giving up on her." Ziva went to put her hand on his shoulder when the child took a small breath. Tony stopped long enough to make sure he had not imagined it. He put his fingers to her neck to check her pulse. It was shallow but it was there, just barely. He picked the girl up and put her into McGee's arms as he and Gibbs came running up to them. "McGee, get her to an ambulance." McGee just looked shocked to see a bloody and battered Tony hand him a small child. "Now!" Tony yelled. Tim turned and ran as fast as he dared to the closest ambulance. Tony sat down on the ground and put his head in his hands. Ziva sat beside him rubbing his back and Gibbs just stood before him and rubbed the top of the younger agents head and whispered, "Good job, DiNozzo."