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Things haven't been going so well for Johnny C these days. For one, he certainly hasn't gotten any saner, if anything his mind has began to deteriorate far worse than ever before, half due to the fact that society is now in much worse condition than anyone could ever imagine it would get in a million years, and half because Devi, the love of his life, still detests his very being, and is terrified to death of him.

His life is pretty much the same as it has been since his little experimental 'vacation' ended. You know, the one he took to rid himself of any emotion whatsoever.

Needless to say, it did not go well.

To Nny's utter joy, and disappointment, he was forced, well not really since he probably could have ignored the bastards and walked away, to end the lives of several moronic shitheads who irritated the hell out of him.

It made him smile just to think about it.

Which, in turn, made him scowl and curse a blue streak.

"Fuck! Why can't I free myself of these dreaded feelings? I should be able to eliminate my thoughts as easily as I kill off my victims! This isn't fair! My main goal in life is becoming more and more impossible to obtain!!!"

"Well, maybe that just means that you are not supposed to get rid of them. You're emotions are as much a part of you as I am, so stop trying to defy nature and simply except who you are."

Freezing in the midst of clutching his head tightly in frustration, the angry maniac turned slowly towards the voice he knew so very well.

"Shut the hell up, Meat. I don't need you to preach to me right now."

"I'm just pointing out the obvious, Nny. Sooner or later, you're going to realize that, whether you like it or not, you are a normal person. A human being, who needs food, rest, and people, though you're selfishly depriving yourself of all three things. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can live you're life to the fullest, instead of withering away in this hell hole until, if you ever do, you finally die."

"I swear, Meat, if you keep this shit up, sooner or later I will fucking destroy you."

"You know good and well that you can't hurt me Nny. Why you continue to utter those useless threats, I'll never understand. You might have more luck yelling at an inanimate doll than at me."

"You should be inanimate. It's not natural for a figurine to suddenly come to life and start talking. As a matter of fact, it's rather creepy. And I know creepy."

The statue didn't seem upset by the statement whatsoever, and simply emitted a slight chuckle.

"I could also say that a depressed anorexic, who mindlessly murders people if they irritate him, even slightly, and hears voices in his head, is creepy as well. But then again, you already know that, don't you?"

"Very funny Meat. At least I'm not a figment stemmed from someone else's imagination."

"Oooh, that hurt Johnny. That hurt a lot. Almost as much, I'm sure, as it hurt you when Devi left. But, then again, you drove her out of here yourself, am I correct?"

At the mention of his former close friend, and the person who was almost his girlfriend, Johnny completely lost it.

Grabbing the smirking figurine from the shelf it rested upon, the infuriated man pointed a shaking finger at it, and began spewing an angry tirade of words at him.

"You leave her out of this, you shitty piece of porcelain! This conversation doesn't concern her in the least!!! If you insist upon bringing irrelevant subjects into this talk, then I should just break you into a million pieces right now!"

Having said that, the enraged maniac threw the poor Reverend into a wall, and the force of the throw resulted in it shattering into a thousand pieces.

Panting heavily, Nny shut his eyes tightly, and exhaled deeply, desperately trying to calm down.

"Jeeze, you really need to control that temper of yours. Might I suggest seeing a therapist or attending an anger management class?"

"That's it! I've had about as much of you as I can stand. I'm leaving!"

"And where do you think you're going, exactly?"

"Somewhere far away from you, that's for damn sure."

Johnny stomped over to the door, but as he put his hand on the handle, he heard Meat's voice once again.

"Poor, misguided Nny. Don't you know that you'll never be able to get away from me, no matter how hard you try?"

At those words, his grip on the doorknob tightened, turning his knuckles completely white.

Mentally detaching himself from the terrifying thoughts running through his mind, he turned the handle, and stepped outside, turning back only once, to say his final words to the Reverend.

"Maybe I can't separate myself from you mentally, but I can damn well separate myself from you physically, at the very least."

And with that, he left his house for the first time in months, nervous, and uncertain, but too stubborn to turn back.