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? – Scene/Time Change

Happily Forever

Naruto grimaced again as he watched the blood tablets dissolve in the glass of expensive alcohol. Sasuke couldn't help the amused smirk that crossed his lips as he watched the blond vampire continue to make faces at the now dark burgundy substance as he compared Naruto to a small child who refused to drink their medicine because it tasted like vomit with a cherry aftertaste. The raven secretary watched patiently as Naruto continued to merely stare at the glass in disgust and uneasiness. After a few more minutes passed, Naruto picked the glass of carefully and silently counted to three before holding his breath and drinking the entire glass in one, single gulp.

"You really don't like the pseudo-blood." Sasuke observed as Naruto gagged and pushed the glass away.

"Yea, but it can't be helped. I can't just feed from you for all my 'meals'. You'll end up dying that way." Naruto answered, lighting a cigarette.

Sasuke nodded in agreement, because he didn't know about Naruto's other partners, but he rather enjoyed living thank you very much. "Well, at least your body is finally used to the pseudo-blood even if your taste buds aren't yet. It would be problematic if you fainted again."

"I didn't faint. I collapsed." Naruto corrected. "Women faint. Men collapse. I am a man, so a collapsed." (*)

"Whatever you say 'Mrs. Man'." Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"I think liked it better when you were polite to me no matter what I did." Naruto grumbled as he finished his cigarette.

"Hn." Sasuke answered absently as he replaced the empty glass and alcohol with a ridiculously large stack of documents. "You need to finish these by tomorrow morning, and then you have a lunch with the CEO of Rising Sun Enterprises at one o'clock tomorrow."

"Hey, you know that two hours of free time you scheduled for tomorrow at three? Yea, can we move it to right now?" Naruto asked while staring at the daunting stack of paperwork warily.

Sasuke pulled out his pocket agenda and glanced at the lined squares in confusion. "Yes sir." The raven sighed as flipped to tomorrow's date to rearrange the day, but then froze as a sudden thought occurred to him. "I didn't schedule a two hour free period for tomorrow Director… I've never scheduled any kind of free period." Sasuke looked up from the agenda and glance around the room in confusion. "Director?" he called to an empty room.

The blasted idiot had escaped.

"Well, well. You're not very good at keeping tabs on your boss are you Uchiha-san?"

Sasuke cringed at the voice and nearly hurled himself out the ten story window.

"It seems Naruto is no longer in the room." Gaara explained with a sly smirk.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious." Sasuke deadpanned.

"You're welcome Lieutenant Sarcasm." (*) The red head vampire sneered. "So, do you at least know where Naruto has run off to?"

"Yes." Sasuke responded briskly. "In the apartment taking a nap."

"Ah…" Gaara hummed.

"So you can leave." The raven stated after a moment of tense silence.

"Hn." Gaara shrugged. "I don't think I will."

"Then are you at least here for a reason?" Sasuke questioned, because he wasn't against kicking the prissy vampire out himself if he had to. Just because he promised Naruto he wouldn't kill Gaara, it didn't mean he had to tolerate him.

"Does my existence really bother you that much?" the red head asked with a raise eyebrow.

"Yes." Sasuke's eye started to twitch.

Naruto was already asleep. He wouldn't know if Gaara "accidently and tragically" fell out a ten story window. It would be an unfortunate freak accident that Sasuke could not control. All he'd have to do is trick Gaara over to the window and just gently nudge the red head out the—

"Hey Gaara. You're early."

— Damn it.

"I thought you were coming an hour later." Naruto said, finally coming out of his hiding place.

"I was, but decided it would be best if I came early." Gaara answered then smirked before continuing. "Just in case you fainted again."

Naruto's bright azure eyes narrowed dangerously at the smirking vampire. "Why does everyone keep say that? I. did. NOT FAINT!" the blond yelled in desperation. "I collapsed." He nodded at his own explanation in approval.

Sasuke and Gaara exchanged a blank look with each other and then turned their eyes back onto the blond, who was clearly still in denial about the whole event, and both say in a monotone voice: "You fainted."

At least that was one thing the two agreed on.

"Argggh!" Naruto shouted in pure frustration.


Two months had past since Naruto had started to take the pseudo-blood he'd gotten from Gaara. The red head have been dead set against giving it to Naruto but the blond was persistent and the red head had always been weak against Naruto's requests, no matter how ridiculous. But the longer Naruto continued to take the fake drug the weaker and more tired he seemed. Sasuke knew that Naruto was taking the pseudo-blood so that he wouldn't have to seek out other partners and Sauske truly would be the one and only, but the raven feared for the blond's declining health.

Gaara had also come to visit that day, and he was in a particular nasty mood. After a few moments of a hushed conversation with Naruto, the two vampires announced they were leaving and headed for the elevator. Sasuke nodded as usual and held the elevator open, but then, seemingly, without any warning, Naruto collapsed.

"President!" Sasuke called as he caught the president before the blond hit the ground.

"Naruto!" Gaara rushed the other vampire's side. "Naruto! What's wrong?"

"The President looked very tired even after taking the pseudo-blood," Sasuke answered.

"That's because his body isn't use to it yet! His body can't absorb the fake blood because he's never used anything like it before." Gaara explained.

"Then it's exactly the same as if he wasn't getting enough blood?" Sasuke asked frantically.

"Exactly." Gaara nodded, almost as frantic.

"President. Hurry, take my blood."

"No." Naruto refused. "I already took your blood two weeks ago. I… Have to wait… At least… Another week."

"But President!"

"No!" Naruto refused again.

"Then call one of his other partners." Gaara ordered.

"I can't. After he started to take the pseudo-blood, the President cut all personal ties with his other partners." Sasuke explained.

"You two are idiots," Gaara accused in anger. "Fine. Then let's just get him upstairs."

Sasuke nodded as he and Gaara wrestled Naruto up a flight of stairs and into the blond and Sauske's private apartment. After feeding Naruto some more pseudo-blood and and helping the blond into bed, Gaara sat tiredly on the edge of the bed while Sauske opted to standing nearby.

"He has to stay in bed for the rest of the day." Gaara explained. "And find some way to get him to drink your blood."

Sauske nodded in silent understanding.

"I said 'no'." Naruto repeated, obviously refusing to fall asleep.

"Naruto," Gaara called quietly. "What you're doing… Isn't it the same as treating humans as our equals? If you get too attached to one human then you stop having sex with anyone else, so of course you'll also stop drinking anyone else's blood. You'll try to drink blood without having sex, and then the human will pay attention to what you do and discover what you truly are. A vampire. One human cannot provide for all of a vampire's 'meals'. You know that. It means death, to either you or your human partner. That's why vampires have so many 'meal' partners. That's the purpose of the wall between vampire and humans." Gaara explained in a very business-like manner. "In a way, it's to protect humans from us."

"It's a taboo right?" Naruto asked rhetorically. "Well, the fate of every taboo is to be broken. Taboos that connect to social standing, gender, race, and everything else, they don't exist anymore. Maybe it's the taboos that cause so many problems in the world."

"Have you lost your—"

"It's obvious that breaking a taboo means changing the world." Naruto interrupted. "Like the invention of the fake blood. Everything will be fine. My body's just not use to it yet, but I know exactly what I'm doing, so stop worrying. I've got everything under control."

"Naruto!" Gaara protested again.

"I'm tired Gaara. Can you let me rest now?" Naruto asked in a tired voice.

Gaara reluctantly left the room as he heard Sasuke's voice quietly convince Naruto to take at least a small portion of his blood. Naruto surrendered and gently bit into the soft flesh of the secretary's offered neck.


Gaara glared at Sasuke as he finally resurfaced from the apartment above.

"Do you intend to make Naruto destroy himself?" the red head hissed angrily. "I won't let you do that. I'll stay beside Naruto and bring him back to his senses. Just watch."

The vampire then turned on his heel and stomped out of the office.

"The President hasn't lost his pride. I don't think him opening up to a human was a mistake. But, by being attached to me… Will it really destroy the President?"

Sasuke figured he might as well get some work done while Naruto rested. He walked into the President's dark office and switched on the lights.

"I might as well take care of these documents," Sasuke mused to himself as he shifted through the pile of reports but paused when he noticed an envelope peeking out from one of the folders. He pulled it out and opened it.

"An invitation to Hyuuga-sama's party." Sasuke read the gold inked paper. "I heard that the President was always very business-like with his other partners. So cutting personal ties with all of them wasn't too messy or difficult. So then… It should be just as easy to reconnect those ties." Sasuke nodded to himself confidently.


The next day, Naruto seemed to be in better health.

"How are you feeling today, President?" Sasuke questioned.

"Better than yesterday."

"That's good." Sasuke nodded and then decided he couldn't keep stalling anymore. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves. "President. I have a suggestion."

"Yea?" Naruto asked while snuffing out another cigarette.

"I suggest that you go to the party at the Hyuuga's office today."

Naruto looked over to Sasuke in shock. "But I thought you didn't like these high-class parties."

"I don't." Sasuke confirmed. "That's why you won't be taking me."

"What are—"

"Gaara-san will be attending. How about asking to go with him?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto studied Sasuke carefully before sighing and answered. "Fine."


Sasuke stood gloomily off to side as Gaara and Naruto prepared for the party. They looked stunning together, and it made Sasuke's stomach twist and knot painfully.

"I guess it's safe to say that we love each other, but we never made any promises to each other. If he already has Gaara then it shouldn't be surprising he has someone else too. There's no need for the President to keep drinking the pseudo-blood and continuing to ruin his health."

"Have a good time at the party," Sasuke bowed as the two vampires entered the elevator.

Sasuke felt his body shake as he watched Naruto's back with another. Leaving him again, to the arms of another.

"It's the same as before." The elevator doors began to close. "We're all the way back to square one."


Sasuke looked up in shock as Naruto reopened the elevator doors, stepped out, and placed his hand against the elevator door so that it would close again.

"If you're going to pout about it," Naruto said, referring to Sasuke's near tears expression. "Don't do it." Naruto grinned as he pulled Sasuke into a warm hug.

"I'm sorry." Sasuke apologized as he buried his face into Naruto's broad chest to hide his embarrassment.

"Naruto!" Gaara called impatiently. "He is just a human man. Remember that he's just a 'meal', and remember that you. Are. A. Vampire."

Naruto held Sasuke tighter. "I'm… Me. No matter what I say or do, I am still me. That's what Uchiha told me once. How I feel and what I do… Being a vampire, a man, and being betrayed by my mother… All those things together make me. I am none of things separately. I am Uzumaki Naruto."

"Then he is not just 'a mere human' anymore, right? He's 'Uchiha Sasuke'?" Gaara scoffed.

"It's the same for you too Gaara." Naruto chose to ignore his friend's snide comment. "We aren't just 'vampires', Gaara. Being a vampire is a part of who we are, not who we are. So we can't be bound and chained by it."

"I am not 'bound' or 'chained' by anything," Gaara responded in annoyance.

"If that's the truth, then it'll be okay. As long as you live the way you want to, it'll be alright." The blond answered with a shrug.

"Did you live that way?" Gaara questioned Naruto's former life. "Didn't you live the way you wanted before you met Uchiha?"

"No," Naruto replied with a small smile. "I was chained by the thought that I had to be vampire above and before everything else." The blond vampire explained.

"… I see." Gaara answered, his feelings a complicated mush of things he couldn't understand. "I'm going home." The red head stated after a moment of awkward silence. "Obviously you're not going to party anymore, so you don't need me anymore. I'll see you later." Gaara sighed as he pushed Naruto out of the elevator so that the doors would close.

Once the metal doors finally slid shut, Sasuke looked towards Naruto, a worried expression on his features.

"What?" Naruto asked in annoyance, fed up with the looks Sasuke kept giving him.

"Nothing," Sasuke answered but then added. "I'm just scared that you might have made the wrong decision."

"Are you doubting my decision-making skills?" Naruto questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"No. It's just—"

"Then just do what you're told," Naruto cut in. "Besides." Naruto smiled and leaned down so that his mouth was just centimeters from Sasuke's. "You're more than enough for me." He whispered against the raven's parted lips.

End of Flashback…

It had taken Sasuke hours to get rid of Gaara. The bastard just wouldn't freaking leave. Evidently, Gaara doesn't understand when his presence isn't wanted, because damnit, Sasuke did everything he could possibly think of to get rid of the stupid red head, short of killing him that is. From "accidently" dropping a whole pot of tea onto the vampire to just outright saying "please leave", Gaara refused leave until Naruto got fed up with the two battling it out and finally told Gaara that he had to go. Sasuke did a mental victory dance as the red head reluctantly left. That is until Gaara tripped the raven as he headed for the elevator to hold it open like the good little secretary he was. Naruto honestly felt like he was babysitting two three year olds whenever Gaara visited. It got so bad sometimes that Naruto almost wished Gaara didn't visit so much.

"Why do you two hate each other so much?" Naruto asked when things had finally settled down.

"He started it," Sasuke stated immaturely.

"What are you? Five?" the blond asked in disbelief.

"By the way, your parents are visiting in an hour," Sasuke ignored Naruto's comment in favor of changing the topic.

"Mhmm, I'll get that done eventu—Wait. What?" Naruto nearly shouted, obviously not paying attention.

"Why do you sound so shocked?" Sasuke asked as he checked today's schedule again. "I thought you had patched things up with your parents."

"Well," Naruto hesitantly answered, looking for the right words. "I don't hate my mother anymore if that's what you mean."

Naruto never really had a problem with his dad. In actuality, his dad and he had a pretty good relationship. It was just his mother that Naruto had parental issues with.

"Sure." Sasuke deadpanned. "Look, stop pouting and get mentally ready, because your parents will be here soon."

Naruto defiantly continued his childish pouting as Sasuke readied the office for the blond's parents' arrival. Whose side was Sasuke on anyways?

Flashback… (Sasuke and Mom)

As soon as word got out that Naruto and Sasuke were officially together, everyone Naruto or Sasuke had ever worked with knew by the end of the week, so obviously Naruto's parents also caught wind of the gossip. Honestly, Naruto should have known that Kiba doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut to save his life, and so that is why Sasuke and Naruto's mother were currently sitting awkwardly in Naruto's office, while the blond president and his dad were talking else where.

"So…" Kushina began with a small smile. "I hear that Naruto and you are lovers now."

Sasuke nodded and then decided he should probably apologize for the last time they had met. "I'd… Like to apologize for the last time we met. I was rude and stuck my nose where it didn't belong."

"No." Kushina waved in dismissal. "I was actually relived when you said those things. I had actually never noticed that I pitied my own son and denied what he really is. You understand my son and support him to the best of your abilities, and for that, I am eternally grateful to you, Uchiha-san. But this is as far as you can go."

"Excuse me?" Sasuke stared at the beautiful vampire before him in confusion and disbelief.

"You are human and my son is a vampire." Kushina answered. "I fled the vampire clan and into my human husband's arms, but there were so many hardships that I almost regretted leaving the clan. Not to mention, you are human unlike me and a secretary with no real influence unlike my husband. You'll be hurt by loving my son, and Naruto will be hurt as well. That's why I can't accept your relationship. Please think very carefully about your relationship with Naruto, because sometimes, love just isn't enough. But in the end, if you two do decide to stay together, then I will not interfere, because I don't want to lose my son again." Kushina smiled sadly as she pushed out of the comfortable chair and headed for the office door.

"I can't really say I'm all that surprised." Sasuke mused silently as Kushina called Naruto and her husband back into the room. "I guess deep down, I knew that the President's mother wouldn't accept our relationship so easily, because she does love her son, she can't accept someone that will make her son unhappy."

"Uchiha!" Naruto called and forced Sasuke to raise his chin and look the blond in the eye. "Do you regret our relationship?" Naruto asked in an uncharacteristically unconfident voice.

Sasuke remained silent as the two continued to stare at each other because they both understood the shared worry they both held. "Am I strong enough?"

"I regret," Sasuke answered after studying Naruto closely for several quiet minutes. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I understand that we'll face extreme hardships and difficulties, but we can't give up without even trying. Getting hurt and feeling unhappy are normal in every relationship and we'll overcome them." A small smile tugged at Sasuke's lips. "But I appreciate the warning."

"And that's what this whole talk was about." Naruto replied with a smirk. "Like I'd really let you leave me."

"Yes sir," Sasuke couldn't help the chuckle that slipped past his lips as Naruto pulled him up from the chair and into his arms.

Flashback… (Naruto and Dad)

"Your mom is just giving Uchiha-san a friendly warning." Minato explained to his worried son.

"Why? I don't see how it's any of her business." Naruto said, crossing his arms against his chest.

"She's just doing this because she loves you. She understands that you two will face problem after problem because of your relationship. Maybe even bigger problems than even we faced. So if you do end up breaking under all the pressure, well, that's that. But Uchiha-san is very special. Take good care of him, son. That's all I have to tell you as your father."

Naruto smiled fondly and nodded. "Of course Dad." The blond answered as he walked back towards his office. "But just to let you know, Uchiha-san and I are a lot stronger than you think."

End of Flashback…

Well, that wasn't a complete disaster.

"That was a complete disaster." Naruto huffed as he lit a cigarette.

"I'm just happy you and your mom didn't get into an argument like usual." Sasuke comment proudly. His little Naruto was growing up so fast. "So I don't count it as a complete disaster. You two are really starting to understand and respect each other."

"Oh really?" Naruto asked, spinning around in his swivel chair. "Then what do you count as a complete disaster?"

"Your meeting with my brother." Sasuke answered without even really thinking about it. "Was completely disastrous."

"I count my meeting with your brother a complete success." Naruto corrected.

"How was it a success?"

"Because it taught your brother to never take on the master." Naruto beamed proudly.

"The master of drinking games?"

"Exactly." Naruto grinned.

"There is something seriously wrong with you."

"You're just jealous of my amazing drinking skills!" Naruto defended childishly.

And suddenly Sasuke couldn't remember why he was together with Naruto. Hey, didn't Kyuubi say he was free this weekend?

Flashback… (*)

"Can you two stop now?" Sasuke asked in desperation.

"Starting to feel a little sick?" Naruto asked, completely ignoring Sasuke, as he took another shot of… Something. Itachi and Naruto had already gone through so many bottles of every kind of alcohol known to man that it was a little questionable as to what the two were currently drinking. After the third hour, all the labels and tastes just start to blur together.

"You wiiiisssssh blondieee," Itachi's words had started to slur thirty minutes ago, but that still didn't stop the older Uchiha from taking another shot.

Naruto's alcohol tolerance was truly something to be envied… Or feared. Sasuke was still trying to decide which.

"Come on President!" Sasuke pleaded. "Please stop before you both get alcohol poisoning."

"You're pretty good for a human," Naruto nodded his approval, ignoring Sasuke once again.

"You thiiink I'mmmm gonnnnnna leet a vampirrrrre beat meee?" Itachi slurred again.

About two hours into the drinking contest, Naruto started to get tipsy and accidently let it slip that he was a vampire, and Sasuke was actually very surprised when Itachi took the news fairly well, because Sasuke knew for certain that his older brother wasn't drunk yet, so he'd definitely remember that Naruto wasn't human in the morning, but maybe two hours of drinking did soften the blow a little.

"It's on human!" Naruto cheered as the two took another shot.

"Will you two stop?" Sasuke asked again angrily. "This is getting ridiculous!" He shouted but was again ignored by the two other males as they drank several more shots of the unidentifiable alcohol.

By hour four, Sasuke was livid and started to break random objects around the house just so that Itachi would stop the ridiculous drinking game and scold him for causing property damage to their property. But the crashes and smashing noises fell onto deaf ears as Naruto and Itachi continued to ignore the younger Uchiha in favor of the drinking games.

Sasuke really underestimated the power of the male pride.

When hour five finally rolled around, Sasuke was getting desperate. So desperate in fact, he actually called Gaara in hopes that the red head would bring Naruto to his sense and stop the stupid game, but Sasuke should have known better than to ask for Gaara's help. The only "help" the raven received was Gaara laughing hysterically over the phone and asking if he could join.

Sasuke made a mental not to never ask Gaara for help ever again.

Hour six arrived and found Sasuke getting frantic. He even tried calling Naruto's mother in hopes that Naruto would be so angry that Sasuke had phoned Kushina he would stop the drinking game and leave in a fury of curses and violence. But when Sasuke finally got a hold of the older vampire, Naruto was already so far gone he didn't care that Sasuke had called Kushina and even bonded with his mother and resolved some unfinished issues that evidently just needed alcohol to loosen Naruto up so that he and his mother could truly talk about the real issues between them. It would have been a very touching scene if Naruto hadn't be drunk off his rocker and was stumbling over his words like a five year old. And so the drinking game continued. When Sasuke did finally get the phone back from a babbling Naruto, Kushina was happily listing off alcohol recommendations to her obviously extremely drunk son.

Sasuke came to the conclusion that there was something seriously wrong with these people.

Finally by hour seven, Itachi had to be rushed to the hospital and get his stomach pumped because he had gotten alcohol poisoning from drinking for seven hours straight. While Naruto merely slept it off and was perfectly fine in the morning. No hang over. No puking. Not even any sensitivity to strong light or loud sounds. Itachi and Sasuke felt it was a vampire trait, and so Itachi reluctantly declared Naruto the winner and consented to the two's relationship.

Sasuke sighed and prayed for his dear brother and Naruto's quickly disappearing mental capacities.

End of Flashback…

Sasuke shook his head and sighed. It was about time they got back to work. "President, I've finished the reports, so all you have to do is go over them and sign off."

Naruto stared at Sasuke blankly as the raven placed the reports onto the blond's desk.

"Is something wrong?" Sasuke asked when Naruto continued to stare at him silently.

"Didn't I tell you to stop calling me 'president'?" the blond questioned. "My name's Naruto."

"We're working right now, and I'm your secretary. Of course I'm going to call you 'president', President." Sasuke explained as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"It doesn't matter. You act the same in bed too!" Naruto retorted. "And you've worked at so many different companies that almost everyone around you is some kind of president! So stop calling me the same thing in bed the same way you call my dad and that damn president of Kyuubi Inc. Not to mention my dad has the same last name as me!"

"I'm sorry!" Sasuke apologized frantically. "It's just a little hard to be careful in those situations. When I get nervous 'president' is just easier to say because it's something I'm familiar with."

"Oh really?" Naruto asked slyly.

"Yes." Sasuke nodded in agreement.

"Then how about we try and make you scream until you don't know what you're screaming anymore." Naruto smirked as he pulled Sasuke flush against his body. "In bed."

Sasuke's eyes widened in shock as Naruto forced the stunned raven up the stairs in a whirlwind of kisses and hands.

Maybe Sasuke should rethink this relationship…

"I love you Sasuke," Naruto said cheekily.

"… I love you too?" Sasuke answered hesitantly as the bedroom door was closed behind them.

The End.

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