AN: I've been having a blast writing Edward's POV in a different story and that one, although fun to write, doesn't have much of a story line. So I find myself here, another story to start. These updates will probably be 2000-3000 words not including this chapter. Story based on 'Twilight,' 'Definitely, Maybe,' and in a very small way 'The Princess Bride.'

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Figure It out Yourself


"Ness, come on get up, you have school," I yelled into my daughter's closed door. I rolled my eyes as I went about lugging my laundry to the small closet that housed the washer and drier. It wasn't an ideal set up but it suited my family. I had the day off and I intended to use my time to finish, or at least start, all the built up housework.

When I didn't see Renesemee pass by I scowled and left the mess of dirty clothes and towels. It was one of life's greatest mysteries how such a small family could go through so many towels.

I knocked on Ness's door before doing the fatherly thing and barging in. "Ness," I warned. She stirred, her bronze hair falling around her, the curls looked clumped together, like she'd tossed and turned all night.

I bent next to her and gently shook her. Her eyes pried open and she coughed. "Sorry dad," she mumbled. She went about rolling out of bed but I held my hand firm on her arm.

"Are you feeling okay?" and like any parent would I felt her forehead. She felt warm but I wasn't one to know if she was too hot.

She frowned, "Dad," she whined and it made me smile, "I have a presentation on the rainforest today."

"Hold on," I rationalized while I disappeared from her room to find the thermometer. By the time I had located it deep in one of the high cupboards in the kitchen and returned to my daughter's room she was scampering around trying to locate a shirt or book or one of the many things she had likely tossed aside.

Ness was like her mother in that respect. "Sit," I instructed firmly. She pouted, just like her mom in that respect too. She sat and I held out the thermometer. She took it from me, all the while, inflicting her big brown puppy dog eyes at me.

Just before she put the stick under her tongue she was hit with a cough fit. I raised an eyebrow and she worriedly placed the offending thermometer in her mouth.

"Now wait," I stated knowing that that was never her strong suit.

It beeped when enough time had passed and I pulled it out carefully. I took one glance and said, "Back to bed, you should rest."

"But dad-"

"Wouldn't you rather spend one day in bed then three? Don't wear yourself out."

"But my presentation-"

I sighed, "Ness, I'm sure your teacher will accept it one day late; it is cold season, I bet you aren't even the only one out for the day."

She coughed once more before diving into the blankets, "You owe me," she growled.

"For what exactly?" I asked amusement obvious in my voice.

"I could have made this so much," She paused to cough again, "Harder."

I imaged she could but I didn't say so. "Do you want some breakfast or just some more rest?"

"Sleep, I guess," she answered halfheartedly, "And you better not call mom."

I laughed. Her mother was out of town and wouldn't be home till tomorrow afternoon but I was sure, as was Renesemee, that her mother would be on the next flight out if she heard Ness was ill.

"I won't," I promised.

I patted her shoulder before closing her curtains and returning to the laundry.


At twelve in the afternoon, with a bowl of chicken soup in hand I re-entered my daughter's room. "Ness," I whispered, not wanting to wake her but knowing she should eat something. I turned on her side lamp and repeated her name a little louder.

Her eyes sprang open and she already looked much better. I presented the soup and she half grinned as she pulled herself up. Leaning against her headboard she accepted the bowl and the spoon I'd brought her.


"No problem, sweetie," I returned, making my way out the door.

"Wait, dad." I turned and noticed she looked sheepish, "Will you keep me company, I don't want to get out of bed but well, I'm not tired anymore."

"Sure." Of course her wish was my command.

She took a slurp of soup before her eyes piqued and I could just hear the cranks working, "You know I've always wondered…" she trailed off.

I waited on heated toes, "You wondered," I repeated hoping to hurry her words. This was again something she had picked up from her mother.

"Well I've always wondered how you met mom."

"Oh." I filled the silence. I hadn't expected that.


"Oh, um, you want me to tell you?"

She rolled her eyes, "No I want you to tell me how the constitution formed," she sighed and then exclaimed, "Yes, I want you to tell me the story of how you met mom."

I held off wondering how to go about it. Really our story wasn't too interesting; not when you cut the fat anyway. Then a light bulb shone above my head as the perfect idea presented itself. "I'm not going to make it easy."


"I'll tell you the story but I'm starting from the very beginning."


"And I'm changing all the names."

"Sounds interesting," She responded already getting involved in my idea, she was my daughter after all.

"Even mom's."

"But then it's-" She stopped looked at the clock then continued, "Fine."

"Fine?" both she and her mother were much too curious for a simple fine.

"Yes fine. It's more interesting this way."

"I'm going to make it hard," I told her smirking.

"I wouldn't expect anything else from you."

I laughed out loud. "I'll confuse you," I warned.

"Dad I'm old enough to understand life. What, are you worried to talk about other relationships you had?"

In all truth I was and the full story had lots of girls, or maybe lots wasn't the right word, more like too many. "A little," I conceded.

"I like a good mystery. Anyway you won't fool me," her confidence was staggering and in an un-fatherly way I wanted to prove her wrong. My life had been complicated before her. "I'll know mom."

And just like that I decided to go for it.