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One-Shot: Hobbies

It was just an ordinary day...yes, just another ordinary day in Seta Souji's bedroom.


"What?" Doujima just so happened to be near his nephew's bedroom door, which very coincidentally was also shut tightly at that time. Sounds still escaped, however.

Souji stared deeply into Naoto's innocent blue eyes, which seemed to glow under curiosity.

"Amazing...in such a short interval of time...it-it became so big, no monstrous..." The detective girl's cheeks blushed as she was struck with awe. She was in love.

"What is going on here?" Doujima pressed his ear harder against his nephew's door.

Blue pools wandered over to silver ones.

"M-may I touch it?" Her lips parted in hesitation.

"...They better not be doing anything....weird." Doujima clenched his fists.

Souji was caught off guard by her sudden child-like manner.

"No, Naoto-kun, that's...I mean it's..." It was hard to refuse her.

Souji sighed. "Of course you can but be careful, okay?"


Naoto nodded in delight. She lifted her lithe fingers and was about to touch the said object----

"WAIT JUST ONE SECOND!" The door busted open, almost falling off its hinges.

Startled, both of them turned to source of the booming voice.

"Doujima-san?" Both of them said in unison.

"What do you think you two are doing inside my house?!" Doujima yelled at no one in particular. He glared furiously at his young nephew, wanting to burn holes through him.

Regaining her composure and clearing her throat, Naoto spoke. "Frankly, I have no idea of whatever it is you are speaking of, Doujima-san."

Eyes still fixed on his young nephew, smoke seemed to rise off of Doujima's head. "You two may be high schoolers, but both of you are still too young to be doing that!"

Seta Souji, ringleader of all this madness, finally understood what his uncle meant.

"Uncle...I," words were unable to form under the senior detective's intensive gaze. However, it was a man's duty to clear up this situation.

"Uncle! I was just teaching Naoto---"

"Teaching her WHAT?!"





Questions filled Doujima's head.


This time the detective girl spoke up.

"Yes, Souji invited me over to build his new Gundam Exia 1/60 with him." She took the opportunity to pick Exia off the table and fiddle with it.

"I-I see..." The older man ripped his gaze from his younger nephew and stared at the huge plastic model, still confused.

"Was it wrong of us to do so?" Naoto had turned the tables around. She looked silently at her senior after she had expertly maneuvered the model into a signature pose from the anime. Souji stared in awe at the pose for a moment.

Doujima blushed. A short silence fell between the three.

"Is that all, uncle?"

He coughed. "Y-yes..." Eyes still bugged out at the built Gundam.

A young girl's voice could be heard from the stairs.

"Are you two fighting again?"

It was Nanako.

And it was just another ordinary day.

Taking note of Naoto's hobbies and how the MC can build robotic models, this story came to life. Just a side note but 1/60 Gundams are pretty big...and yeah.

Now I wonder how many dirty minds were out there...

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