Title: Five times Sam woke Jack up

Author: petite_stars

Rating: PG

Summary: Five times Sam woke Jack up…

Pairing: Sam/Jack friendship to UST to Established S/J (different in each part)

Season: 1 through 10

Author's notes: BIG thanks go to wanderingsmith who made this readable to more than just myself. Any mistakes are my own. Feedback, good or bad, is very much appreciated. This is complete, each part can stand alone, I'll be posting one part per day or so… enjoy!


One (Missing scene: Emancipation)

Sam tried to sleep on the cold, hard ground, but her back was aching and if she didn't get up and at least take something for the pain, she wasn't going to get any sleep at all. Cursing Turghan loudly in her mind, she got up and stepped over Daniel to get to her pack, where her med kit was kept. Teal'c, standing watch, raised an eyebrow at her but Sam gave him the signal for the facilities and he nodded. She walked just clear of the camp, careful not to go too far as she felt Teal'c's eyes burn into her back even as she disappeared into the privacy of the trees.

She opened the med kit and took out the Tylenol, swallowing two while also pulling out the antibiotic ointment that doubled as a surface anaesthetic. She'd managed to smear some onto her back earlier when she changed out of the awful sack she'd been wearing and back into her uniform, but it had worn off. She slipped her t-shirt off slowly, but just as she got it off, she heard a light footstep on the ground behind her. Flinching, she picked up her weapon and pointed it at the approaching figure shadowed in darkness, not caring that she was wearing only her pants, boots and black sports bra. Her heart pounded and her breathing quickened concerned that she was about to have another run in with a chauvinistic local.

"Woah, Carter," Colonel O'Neill's voice echoed over to her softly from where he stood frozen, as the muzzle of her gun pointed at his heart, "Just me, stand down."

Breathing heavily Sam lowered her weapon, "Sir, I'm sorry, I thought you were one of Turghan's people."

"S'okay, Carter, I woke up when you left the camp," the colonel, noticing her state of undress, averted his eyes to the leaves above her head as she turned her back to him and scrambled to pull her shirt on, "Came to see what was keeping you, shouldn't have startled you."

The shirt tangled when she got it over her head, brushing harshly against the damaged skin of her back, and she gasped involuntarily as the pain sharpened.

"Dammit," She tried to muffle the word but it still sounded loud in the quiet forest.

Jack's reflexes took over and he broke his gaze on the leaves at the sound of her curse, he swore himself when he saw the bruised and broken skin of her back, "Jesus Carter, what happened?" He came forward, close enough to touch but stopping short, his hand hovering above her skin, waiting for permission.

"Uh, I got beaten," Sam managed to slip her shirt over her head to cover her front but left it up, exposing her back to the colonel despite how much she wanted to push it down, "I tried to escape and got caught." Sam left the explanation at that; he didn't need to know that it was because she didn't want the other women to be beaten. It was bad enough that she failed to escape, she was hoping to hide the injury from the colonel at least until they were back on base.

"Do you want some of that ointment on it?" Jack asked softly, he reached down and picked up the tube she had dropped to the ground when he had startled her.

"It's okay, sir, it can wait until we get back the SGC," Sam turned around to face the colonel and tried to slide her shirt back down. She'd had enough of exposing herself to her C.O. tonight, but O'Neill instead opened the tube and motioned her to turn back around.

"Let me do this, Carter," His voice was still soft, but commanding. He waited for her to turn and then she heard him rinsing his hands with water from the canteen tied to his waist, "Might sting a bit."

Soft fingers pressed the cold cream into her back and it did sting as her broken skin reacted to the antiseptic. She breathed deeply and let the colonel apply the medicine, trying not to think about the gentle touch of his fingers, or how nice it was to be close to a friend after spending the last day among enemies.

"How did you get these Captain?" the colonel's voice sounds cautious, as if he knows he isn't going to like her answer.

"A leather whip, sir." Sam closed her eyes, remembering the sharp smack of the leather as it hit her skin.

"Bastard," the colonel muttered under his breath and Sam felt a little better when she heard him, "Sorry Carter, should never have let the team be split up."

"Not your fault, sir," Sam felt him finish applying the cream and pull her shirt back down over her back gently, "I wasn't expecting to be kidnapped by the Chief's son. I thought they were friendlies too."

"Yeah, well, I think we are going to have to be a lot more vigilant in the future," Jack said and Sam turned to face him, fully decent now, "Rule number two; no splitting up the team on overnight visits."

Sam was relieved to hear him speak of the future, she'd been concerned he'd see her as a liability, and perhaps no longer want to risk having a woman on the team, "What's rule number one, sir?"

"Never leave a man, or a woman, behind," the colonel said quietly. He held her gaze seriously and Sam saw a shadow pass through his dark eyes, "Why'd you try to escape? You must have know we were coming for you."

She shrugged, "I took the chance when I had it, I didn't want to need rescuing, sir."

Jack smiledwarmly at her, "I think you'll get to rescue the rest of us one day."

Sam laughed, "Maybe next time we can go to an Amazon women planet, huh?"

Jack nodded, his expression pensive,"I can see the upsides to a planet like that."

"Think maybe we should head back, sir." Sam rolled her eyes discretely, turning and bending down carefully to pick up the med kit.

Colonel O'Neill watched her as she retrieved the bag, but before she could take a step back towards the camp, he placed a gentle hand on her arm to stop her.

"Before we go back, Carter, we need to clear something up," the colonel's voice was serious.

"Yes sir?"

"Any more injuries you haven't mentioned?" the colonel's eyes were watching her closely and Sam shook her head.

"No sir."

"Turghan… he didn't get the chance to…," Jack ran a hand over his face, clearly uncomfortable, "Did he abuse you sexually?"

"No sir." Sam's voice was emphatic. The forced kiss didn't count, she buried that memory deep into the back of her brain, determined to forget it.

The colonel looked at her for a long time, seeming to assess whether she was telling the truth. Eventually he nodded, "All right."

"I'm telling the truth, sir," Sam said, trying to get the point through that the beating was it.

"Okay, but in the future, if you're injured, don't hide it. This isn't a competition for who can be the toughest. We're in the field; as your C.O. I need to know if you're hurt," Jack said, not unkindly but in a firm voice.

Sam felt like a raw cadet, "I should have informed you, sir, I'm sorry."

Jack looked uncomfortable, "I should have made it a little clearer that I don't expect… that I'm not a… ah hell, Carter, do you know what I mean?"

Sam smiled, she understood that he was trying to tell her he wasn't the hardass he portrayed, "Yes sir."

"Knew you were the smart one."