Part Five (Season Ten established Sam/Jack)

Sam slipped into the D.C. apartment just past midnight on Jack's birthday. She'd caught the first flight she could out of Colorado as soon as she'd cleared the medical from SG1's last mission. They had been late back, two days late back, thanks to stalled negotiations. At least Jack wouldn't have been worried; she was simply stuck off world in boring diplomacy talks rather than out of contact and being shot at as was the usual custom for SG1's late returns. Although knowing Jack, he probably considered diplomacy worse than having to face combat, especially given his job was dealing with diplomats on a daily basis.

Sam kicked her shoes off quietly and dumped her bag onto the couch. Jack's apartment complex was swish but he had brought most of his familiar, comfortable furniture with him from Colorado, so the inside of the apartment looked, and smelt, like the man she loved. She pulled her toiletry bag out, grabbed a tank top and panties, and went into the spare bathroom to freshen up.

She took a quick shower, finally feeling human after the flight and cab ride to his apartment, and went down the hallway to Jack's bedroom. Feeling her pulse quicken, she pushed open the door and for the first time in three and a half weeks, laid her eyes on Jack. He was sprawled on his stomach, dressed only in boxer shorts, deeply asleep, his head buried in the soft pillow and his hair scuffed up in soft looking tuffs. She felt the tension leak out from her body; she'd missed him so much. The snatched time they got to spend together was never enough, but for now, it was all they had.

In her eagerness to wake him up and see his eyes and kiss his lips, Sam forgot about the caution she would usually take in disturbing his sleep. A man like Jack, an SGC combat veteran, previous war prisoner and black ops man with more demons than the average person, required more care than was usual when he was woken. Sam forgot this and leaned down, brushing her lips across his temple and stroking her warm hand through his messy hair.

Jack moved quickly as he woke, pushing her forcefully to the floor, they rolled off the bed and Sam felt the air pushed out from her lungs as her back hit the carpeted ground. Jack used his heavy body to trap her legs while his hands gripped her wrists and pinned her down. Sam saw that his eyes were blank as he held her down, not recognizing that the body underneath his was that of his lover, and not his enemy.

"Jack!" Sam shouted at him desperately, taking a gasping breath beneath his grip and trying to bring him back to the present.

It only took her voice and she saw recognition fill his eyes and he let her up immediately, pulling her into his arms, "Sam? Shit, I'm so sorry."

Sam pressed her face into the warm skin of his chest and shook her head, "My fault, forgot who I was surprising."

"I could have hurt you," Jack's eyes were worried and his body was taut. Sam smoothed her hands down his back and breathed in his familiar smell.

"You didn't… I could have taken you anyway, Jack O'Neill." Sam smiled up at him, trying to take away the tension. She didn't want her surprise visit to be ruined by her stupid actions. She's known Jack ten years, eight of those spent camping off-world with him, she knew his sleeping and waking habits better than her own. She should have known not to surprise him in his sleep.

"Probably, I have been sitting behind a desk for the last few years," Jack said slightly bitterly as he pulled them up off the floor and they got into his rumpled bed together, "I'm getting soft."

Sam smiled as they both lay down and she pressed her body to the full length of his, "Mmmm, you feel pretty fine to me."

Jack chuckled; propping his head in his hand, he leaned over her and grasped her cheek softly, "Hey Carter?"


"What are you doing in my bed? Shouldn't you be in Colorado?" His eyes were warm and Sam felt herself lose her train of thought for a moment as she looked into his dark eyes. Her eyes drifted down to his lips. They hadn't even kissed properly yet but her mouth was dry and she felt the tingle of anticipation in her belly.

"Birthday surprise."

"Oh?" Jack gave her a cheeky grin, "Did you get me a present?"

"Sure did," Sam got sick of waiting for the taste of his kiss, "Me." She leaned up and pressed her lips to his. He groaned into her mouth and she used her hands to pull his body on top of hers. The kiss was soft and slow for a long time as they reacquainted themselves with each other, but before long, she deepened the kiss, pulling Jack down closer to her as she pressed her lips to his and teased the roof of his mouth with her tongue.

Jack pulled back, gasping, but a smile was on his face, "Best birthday wake up call… ever."

Then he slid his hands under her top and not much else was said… for a long time.


The End