Author Notes: My ridiculously loose interpretation of this week's theme over at LJ's naruto_contest community. Second Naruto fic evar! :D I really need to write more mature stuff, though. I'm almost extremely embarrassed at how I've only pumped out G rated fics. T_T Besides, this pairing could always use more smut, lol.

Pairings or Characters: Kakashi/Sakura
Warnings: none
Word Count: 204
Summary: He warns her, but again forgets how little she actually listens.

First Time

"Don't do anything stupid now," said Kakashi, his voice low and shakier than he had hoped as he edged backwards slowly.

Sakura was stepping towards him at an equal pace, keeping the distance between them the same despite her ex-sensei's efforts. She wore a small smile as she stalked her prey, and once he hit the wall behind him, it grew into a large, victorious grin. She took another step forward, now literally toe to toe with him.

"Like what? Tell you I love you and mean it?" asked Sakura in a quiet voice, her tone filled with sincerity and amusement.

"Yeah," answered Kakashi with a gulp, his voice now a mere whisper, "Something stupid like that."

He didn't try and run when she gently took his vest in her fingers and tugged him down as she rose up on the tips of her toes. He didn't protest when she bit the edge of his mask above his nose and pulled it down around his neck with her teeth.

"You know, I'm not normally known for stupid things," whispered Sakura meaningfully against his open lips, eager in anticipation.

"There's always a first time," muttered Kakashi darkly before she pressed her mouth against his.