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Pairing: SasuNaru

Warnings: Slash: Male homosexual relationships, adult language, and slash sexual intercourse.

Tanzaku City: Chapter One

By: Tanuki-Mara

Beta: Kamerreon

Naruto was sore.

His head was thumping, an obvious sign of a hangover, his hair felt as though it had been attacked by a horde of children intent on grabbing the sunshine locks, and his whole body ached.

However, it was a pleasant ache.

Naruto stretched with a wide grin, ignoring his thumping head and churning stomach in favour of revelling in his aching muscles. His eyes flittered open and he stared up at the dark ceiling feeling completely sated and happy. He looked around and his grin faded slightly.

He had no idea where he was.

Naruto sighed, closing his eyes again. He didn't want to bother figuring it out. He only wanted to snuggle into the warm heat next to him and fall back into a pleasant sleep, Naruto thought for a moment before sighing and giving in. He rolled over, clutching the warm body next to him and sinking back into the deep sleep.


Sasuke groaned as something clutched him, wrapping his arms around the heat in return. His mind was buzzing, an obvious reminder that he should never drink. However, Sasuke's body was feeling otherwise euphoric. His whole body was tingling in a way that screamed after-sex glow. A small smile slipped onto Sasuke's features. Sex had never felt this good after.

He opened fathomless black eyes in order to look down at the one who had caused him so much pleasure. He knew it couldn't be just a common one-night stand.

Sasuke's eyes widened and his breath caught as his eyes fell upon the one who was wrapped possessively around him. Golden hair fell onto whisker-scratched cherub cheeks, a beautiful caramel colour. Bronze eyelashes signalled the eyes were closed, but Sasuke knew that when they opened they would be an incredible blue that shone with unknown emotions that Sasuke couldn't comprehend no matter how much he looked into them.

"Holy fuck!"


"Holy fuck!"

The shout drew Naruto from his pleasant slumber. He leapt into the air, releasing the warm body and sitting straight up.

"What?" he shouted. His eyes flew to the man next to him and widened. "Holy fuck!"

Naruto scrambled out of the bed, falling onto the floor and cursing as the pain in his rear flared up. He glared at the brunet, ignoring his bare hickey-marred chest, spiky hair that reminded him of a duck's ass, and pale handsome features

"Dobe!" Sasuke's voice wasn't a shout but it was louder than usual. "What the – what?"

If it were any other time Naruto would have felt smug that Sasuke was unable to form coherent sentences, however, the fact that he had just gotten drunk and possibly fucked by Uchiha Sasuke put a damper on the situation.

Naruto's eyes drifted down to an uncomfortable tightness on his left hand. His bright eyes widened and a rather undignified scream tore from his throat. Sasuke shot forward from his side of the bed before he could stop himself.

"What – what's wrong?" Sasuke asked. "Are you hurt?"

"Teme!" Naruto screamed as he held up his left hand. Sasuke's breath caught as he saw the golden ring encircling Naruto's ring finger. His eyes fell to his own ring finger and his heart almost stopped as he saw the matching silver band on his own finger.

"Oh fuck…" Naruto groaned as he tugged at the ring. It wouldn't budge. "Oh fuck!"

"It doesn't mean anything," Sasuke whispered as he pulled at his own ring. "It doesn't mean…"

Another scream sounded from Naruto. Sasuke stared at Naruto who was hunched over a folder he had found on the ground. He snatched the envelope from Naruto's hands, ignoring the irate growl, and flipped through the contents. A groan tore from his throat as he saw a marriage certificate, signatures of witnesses, everything that was necessary to complete a Tanzaku Town marriage.

"No," Naruto groaned as he rocked back and forth on the ground. "I-It can't be… no…"

"Shut up, dobe," Sasuke said in a dead voice. "This is Tanzaku Town, the only place where two people can get married instantly."

"Don't call me that, teme!" Naruto shouted as he leapt to his feet. "Fuck! Fix this!"

"N-Naruto!" Sasuke shouted as a blush engulfed his face. "Put some clothes on!"

Naruto realized he was completely naked. With a shriek he grabbed the sheet off the bed, wrapping it around his waist. Sasuke growled, tugging at the other end of the sheet to cover himself. Naruto stumbled forward onto the bed, falling forward ungracefully and collapsing in a heap. The sheet slid down revealing Naruto's firm round ass. Sasuke's eyes devoured the sight before his mind caught up with him.

Naruto glared up at Sasuke before shuffling so he was lying back on the bed. Sasuke resisted the urge to stretch out next to Naruto, drawing him back into his arms.

"Fuck…" Naruto whispered. "Okay, okay… we need to think about this."

Sasuke sighed in relief. Naruto was thinking smart. Sasuke knew Naruto wasn't as dumb as he originally came across. After all, he was VP of Namikaze Inc., just like Sasuke was VP of the Uchiha Corporation. Yes, Naruto's father being the founder and owner of the company helped Naruto get the position, but Minato wouldn't have hired him unless he was smart. The same went for Sasuke's father Fugaku.

"We'll get a divorce," Naruto provided with a shrug. "Simple."


Naruto glared up at Sasuke. Sasuke bit back a smile at the dishevelled state Naruto was in, the glare making him more adorable.

"Why not?" Naruto growled. Sasuke ran a hand through his hair with a sigh.

"Look, Uchihas don't get divorces," he mumbled. "We just don't. Especially not twenty-four-hour-Tanzaku-Town ones."

"Why the fuck not?" Naruto growled. Sasuke glared down at him.

"The Uchiha name is old and proud," he explained. "It goes way back, back to when marriage was sacred and divorce was unheard of. The heads of the family have continued the tradition. No divorce."

"Ahh! What's wrong with you people?" Naruto growled as he thumped a fist on the bed. "What about an annulment?"

Sasuke thought it over for a moment before nodding slowly. "That could work," he said. "They can't honestly expect this marriage to be valid. We were drunk. And… it's us."

Naruto nodded. Sasuke and Naruto never got along. Never.

"It's settled then!" Naruto said with a grin. "An annulment!"

"Right… when we get back to Konoha I'll have it arranged," Sasuke muttered. "I know someone…"

Naruto nodded before stretching in the large bed. Sasuke looked around at the lavish room and almost groaned as he realized it was the honeymoon suite. Naruto ignored him and simply continued to stare up at the ceiling.

"Good thing we closed the deal yesterday," he murmured as he thought about the deal their fathers had sent them on, on behalf of the joint companies. Naruto's eyes drifted over to the folder containing the evil documents and he frowned. "Hey teme, why am I an Uchiha now and you're not an Uzumaki?"

Sasuke snorted, a sadistic smirk twisted his face. "Same reason why your ass is sore this morning," he said with a shrug. Naruto's face flushed at the blatant reminder of the possibility that they could have had sex last night. Naruto sat up, eyes serious.

"Teme, did we actually, did we – you know?" he asked, his face still holding its heavy blush. Sasuke rolled his eyes, his own blush coming forth.

"I doubt it, but you tell me, dobe," he muttered. "Go shower."


Ten minutes later Sasuke groaned at the scream sounding from the shower. "You fucking bastard! Don't you know what a condom is!? Ahh! It's all caked on my ass and legs!"

"Crap," Sasuke muttered, "guess that answerers that question."

"Ahh! I had sex with Uchiha Sasuke!"


"What do you mean, 'no,' Kakashi?" Sasuke deadpanned. "I don't like that word."

"Well, Sasuke, no generally means that it isn't possible," the silver-haired man replied in a cheerful voice. "And this annulment isn't possible."

"Wait – why not?" Naruto shouted as he leapt to his feet. "Why the fuck not?"

"Sit down," Sasuke growled as he reached out to grab Naruto's hand, tugging him back into his seat. Naruto pouted before slumping completely in the seat. Sasuke turned his black gaze upon Kakashi. "Why the fuck not?"

Kakashi rose with a sigh. He let his gaze rove over the degrees on the walls, the bookshelves and finally the two fuming men. Sasuke was glaring at him with his black Uchiha-gaze, posture straight as he sat on the edge of his seat. Naruto on the other hand, was staring around the room with a woe-is-me expression in his bright blue eyes, slumped out in the chair with his long legs stretched before him, completely at home.

"Well, boys," Kakashi began, "you have to spend three weeks living together as a married couple first, so we can assess if the marriage is a complete failure or not."

"What a load of shit!" Naruto shouted as he pointed an accusing finger at Kakashi. "We all know it's not gonna work! Come on, Kakashi! You know as well as I do that no one can live with Uchihas!"

Sasuke stiffened before turning to glare at his husband. Naruto ignored the look and kept his gaze locked on Kakashi. Kakashi smiled at him from behind his high turtleneck.

"Well, you'll just have to try," Kakashi said in a cheerful voice. "I'll send Iruka, you both know Iruka, right? Yes, I'll send Iruka to check up on you regularly at random intervals."

"Ahh!" Naruto groaned as he clutched his head. "I have to spend three weeks married to this ass! Kakashi! Come on!"

Kakashi chuckled lightly as he returned to his seat behind his desk. "Don't forget, Naruto," he said in his overly happy voice. "You're an Uchiha now, so all your employees will be calling you Uchiha-san."

"AHH!" Naruto screamed as he glared at Sasuke. "You bastard!"

"Shut up, dobe," Sasuke snarled. "Do I look like I want to be married to you?"

"You should be honoured!" Naruto shouted. "Who would want to be married to an Uchiha?"

"You should be honoured!" Sasuke snapped in reply. "You're an Uchiha now! A fucking Uchiha! Hundreds want to be in your position! You've gone from a nothing-Uzumaki to a fucking Uchiha!"

Naruto fell silent, sitting quietly in the chair. He looked up at Kakashi who was watching him with solemn eyes before he turned his gaze on Sasuke next to him. Sasuke bit his lip, realizing he might have gone too far.

"You know, teme, you're right," Naruto said in a quiet voice. "I went from a nothing-Uzumaki, changing my name from Namikaze to be one, so that when I made my way to where I am now, it wasn't because people were giving me privileges along the way."

Sasuke bristled at the hint that the only reason he made it to where he was now was because of his family name, but Sasuke remained silent. Naruto stood, looking Kakashi straight in the eye.

"Well, if that's all," he said, his voice still low, "I'm going home."

Naruto turned to leave but Kakashi cleared his throat as Naruto reached the door.

"Actually, Naruto," he said in a voice that sounded apologetic, "you can't go home – well you can, but then…"

"Then what?" Naruto's voice was cold. Kakashi sighed.

"Then you and Sasuke have to decide where you'll be living – together."






A dark-haired boy looked up at the woman with long red hair, trying to see what she was carrying. He hurried forward, tugging at the bundle.

"Sasuke!" Mikoto reprimanded as she rose from her seat beside the large windows looking out on the casual business gathering. "Stop that!"

Kushina laughed loudly before setting the bundle on the ground. She unwrapped a couple of layers to reveal a young child, barely three years old.

"It's alright, Mikoto," she said in her musical tones. "Minato was just paranoid about Naruto getting a cold. You know how he is."

As their mothers talked, Sasuke stared at the child before him. The child was more than likely a year younger than him with bright blue eyes swirling with emotions, blond hair cascading in spikes the colour of the sun and three whisker scratches on each cheek. He was gazing up at Sasuke with wide eyes, obviously frightened. Suddenly, a bright grin stretched onto his face, lighting his eyes up.

"I'm Na'uto!" he announced in a chirping voice. "Who're you?"

"Uchiha Sasuke," Sasuke said in a soft voice, as he looked the bright blond over. "Why can't you talk properly?"

Naruto frowned and hugged his mother's leg. Kushina patted Naruto's head softly while Mikoto frowned down at Sasuke.

"I can…" Naruto said with a frown. "I jus' said I'm Na'uto."

Sasuke frowned back at Naruto, taking a step forward. "No you can't," he said in a firm voice. "You're missing things."

"I'm not!" Naruto shouted. "Mama! Tell 'im I'm not!"

With a soft 'Aww' Kushina scooped her child up. Naruto buried his face in the woman's neck and Sasuke's frown deepened.

"Well, we have to go make the rounds," she said with a sigh. "I'll be back soon."

Mikoto waved her out with a smile. Sasuke watched as Naruto left, his frown deepening.

"Mummy," he whispered as he tugged at his mother's pants, "why did he go?"

"Because you were being rude, Sasuke," Mikoto scolded, however her heart wasn't in it. "You shouldn't make fun of him. His daddy works with yours."

"I don't care," Sasuke's tone was stubborn as he turned his back on the door the other child left through. "He was stupid."

"Sasuke!" Mikoto's voice was filled with shock. "Don't say such things! I raised you better than that! What's gotten into you?"

"Nothing," Sasuke mumbled as he picked up his teddy bear, hugging it tightly. "I just don't like him. He's too bright. And happy."

"Well, you'll have to deal with it," Mikoto's voice was firm as she settled back into her chair. "You'll be getting to know him a lot better soon. Now, go play with Itachi."

As Sasuke plodded over to where his elder brother was reading he glared down the wall before him.

Stupid blond.