Disclaimer: La Corda D'Oro is not mine (and never mine), it belongs to Kure Yuki and KOEI as far as I know... This fic is not mine either, it's made by a friend of mine, Kurone Shizuhi, who sadly doesn't have a account and I'm just posting this fic here for her.


Dolce Anima

A La Corda D'Oro fanfiction

Made by: Kurone Shizuhi

She placed her scores on the stand and picked up her violin. A slight breeze blew as she bowed the first note of her piece. It screeched and she winced. Telling herself that she could do it, she continued. Finally making through the first page, she continued to the second. However, after flipping the page and seeing so many double stoppings and slurred pizzicato notes, she nearly wanted to cry. Dejected, she sat on a bench and placed her violin down beside her. Then she stared into blank space.

Something brought her back to Earth. It was someone's fingers stroking her hair. Shocked, she turned around and saw - "Yunoki-sempai!"

"Kahoko, why are you sighing? That face does not suit you, it makes you sooo ugly." her sempai said as he gently stroked her face.

"Sempai!" she tried to object.

"Please don't call me that anymore, or I'm going to be so hurt and angry at the same time..." he whispered into her ear.

"But, but..." she stuttered.

"You force yourself onto the violin too much, see how stressed up you are? Why don't you force yourself on me? I'll bet that would be more enjoyable..."

"Oh, please stop joking already!" she exclaimed desperately as her body temperature rose and her face flushed.

"Joking? I'm not joking. I'm serious, why don't you try me for yourself?" he brought her closer to him by force, and kissed her. Her senses reeled. When he wrapped his arms around her body, she felt herself sinking beneath his embrace, they seem to melt together. Pure sensation overwhelmed her, she was kissing him back.

When she finally realized what she was actually doing, she pushed him away. "How could you?!" She confronted him even though her voice was trembling.

"You liked it didn't you? Don't deprive yourself of me..." his voice was as soft as silk.

Confused and frustrated, she opened the door and ran down the stairs, wanting to put as much distance between them as possible.

On the school's roof, he gave a slight smile. "I'll make you realize one day that you can never survive without me..."


chocolateicecream301's Notes:

Okay, another Yunoki x Hino fanfiction added!! I know it's well, really, really short (what do you call a fic this short?), but as I said earlier in the disclaimer, this fanfiction is NOT MINE (mine are much, much longer lolz). I don't know if it's allowed, though, but I hope it is :P

Ah, and I'm just posting it here for Kurone Shizuhi, who made it for the Yunoki Azuma Fan Club in crunchyroll. Also, I posted it here with her permission (note that!) and edited some of the typos... ^___^

Okay, down here is what she said (of course I have to put what she said too!!!):

"Yay! I got my story done! It's rather short. The dialogues would sound so much better in Japanese, because it was in Japanese in my mind, but for the sake of people who do not understand, I've translated it to English. And sorry about all those musical terms and performance directions, I'm too tempted to use them!
The story is more down to reality; it is how the characters are like rather than how you want them to be like."

Well then, people, even though it's short, I hope you enjoyed reading the story just like I did!!! XD

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