CRASH!!!!! Imagine, your life is great, no, let's say just perfect for you. Your parents are cool and let you do about anything you want (with the boundaries of drugs and sex). Also your best friend lives right next door and you live within a walking distance of a mall and anything else you could picture.

Now let's say that it was all taken away from you. Your house was burned down (and so was your friend's). Your parents are missing (kidnapped by giant mutant deformed bird-things in my case) and now you're on the run from an evil organization that's out to kill/experiment on you or a combination of the two. You'd be pretty bummed right? Well let's just go out on a limb and say it gets worse. Yeah, worse.

You're probably thinking "How the h-e-double hockey sticks could it get worse?" Well, trust me it does. Especially when you don't even think it could happen. You're just walking along on the run with your best friend since birth and your parent's friend's kids too cause their story exactly the same when you get hit by a giant blue-winged bird.

You heard me right, GIANT BLUE-WINGED BIRD. There I was minding my own business when "WHAM, CRASH, OW" Now picture that the bird is actually a girl with wings attached, and that she's dumb enough to wear a blindfold while flying. Yes folks a blindfold. Well that is exactly how I met your mother…nah I'm just kidding it's actually how I met probably the most two insane people I'll ever meet.

"OW!" the bird girl stood up clutching her head; I was on the ground winded still. Ziggy leaned over me to see if I was alive. The girl kinda stumbled around trying to get some balance. I sat up trying to breathe normally. I turned around to get a good look at the idiot who ran into me when another girl comes crashing down (thankfully not into me). She lands (or crashes) into the bushes next to the other one. The first one hears this.

"Malley? You there?" she calls, still holding her head. She blindly reaches out as if trying to grab her companion. The second one pops up.

"Yeppers!" she squeaks out, a big smile consuming half her ace (the other half still covered by the blindfold).

"Good. GAH! My head hurts, I think I hit a tree," says the first. The flock holds back a laugh as I glared at the idiot girl.

"Really? Aw, poor tree," her friend replied.

"If I could see you I'd smack you," the girl retorted. She stretched out her wings, getting rid off the kinks just like I do when I land (oh did I forget to mention, I'm a bird kid too? Well more on that later.) The second girl took off her blindfold and rubbed her eyes.

"You know you're not very…" she uncovered her eyes and noticed us. She looked confused at first and tilted her head looking like one of those puppies you see in the windows at pet stores. From puppy though she became deer in headlights.

"Eep! (did she really just say eep?) Sky! People!" she yelled. She ducked behind a tree and peered at us from behind it. The other girl tensed like she was listening for us.

"I don't hear or see anything," she answered. The tree-girl rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Well you need to take off your blindfold, silly goose."

"Macaw, Malley, how many times must I say it ma…" she took off her blindfold and saw us. She just stood there blinking at us, then she squinted, and then looked in every possible direction except at us, then back at us. We just stared back. She opened her mouth like she was gonna say something but just closed it. Now her friend was staring at her. She furrowed her brow then opened her mouth again. She just stood there for about a good two minutes not doing anything before she actually spoke.

"I have honestly no idea what to do," she said exasperated. Her friend came out from the trees and gave her a 'are you serious?' look. She found a sudden interest in her shoes. Her head snapped up and she grinned like a madman.

"Psyche!" she shouted and threw a small ball on the ground. We all tense but nothing happened. We all stared at it.

"Huh, funny, it was supposed to send smoke out…" she said, looking at it confused.

"You probably forgot to push the button," Ziggy said, he's good with bombs.

"Pssh, like I would forget to do that…" she stopped and looked at the bright orange button that obviously was neglected. She frowned and I think she threw the ball away.

I say I think because it was there one second and then it was gone. I blinked and looked around for it. I saw the rest of the gang doing the same thing, except for Kitten. She instead decided to be brave and walk up to the crazy girls. They tensed once again until Kitten smiled brightly at them.

"Hi!" she said ever so sweetly. The girls stared at her.

"You are so," the first girl started, "SO CUTE!!" She picked up Kitten and hugged her tightly. We all sighed, they may have been crazy but at least they weren't evil.

"I just wanna give you sweets and buy you cute clothes and give you mountains of toys! You're just so cute!" the girl cooed. Kitten just giggled. I rolled my eyes, Kitten already had all that stuff, or at least had. The girl put her down.

"My name is Kitten, and this is my family," she said gesturing to us. The girls looked at us, confused.

"You guys don't look like each other," the second one said.

"We aren't blood-related except for me and my sister and Kitten, my cousin, but we're still a family at heart," Chip replied using the same line my mom gave us. The girls looked as though they were going to burst into tears.

"That is so sweet," the first one said. The other girl nodded and wiped her eyes with her sleeve, drama queens, just what I ordered.

"So what are your names?" Kitten asked smiling again.

"My name is…" the second one started. You ever seen those scenes in cartoons were the crowd's heads go back and forth following an argument? That's how the next few minutes play by.

"Shhh, we're not supposed to give out secret information Malley!" the first one said.

"But your just said my name Sky!"

"I did not, Malley!"

"Yes, you did and you just said it again Sky!"

"Don't say my name!"

"But you said mine!"

"I did not Malley, oh crap I did!"


"Well that throws that secret out the window, at least they don't know we have wings…crap," Sky said (in case you didn't follow, that would be the one who crashed into me).

"We kind of already knew that," said Mint. I especially already knew that, I think I had a bruise.

"Well, I guess we're just gonna have to kill you," Malley said.

"Really?" Sky and Kitten spoke at the same time. Malley gave Sky a look that said 'shut-up'.

"I doubt you could do anything," I said. Sky turned to look at me, I glared back.

"What makes you say that? Bird people are extremely strong," she replied confidently.

"I know," I unfurled my black, 14 foot wingspan wings, "cause I am one." This was the okay signal to the others to unfurl theirs as well. The girls just stared at each of us.

"Well that makes the situation better or worse. I'm thinking better," Sky said. I just shook my head in disbelief. These two, were they like us? Were there parents kidnapped? Why'd we never meet them before? My mom said that her flock was the only one. I put my wings back and side glanced at Ziggy but he was just looking at the girls.

"Where did you guys come from?" he asked, at least he was thinking. The girl Sky put her index finger on her forehead and tilted her head foreword, like it was out of habit. After a second she lifted her head.

"Well, like I said we're not supposed to say," replied Sky.

"Its not that we don't like you it's just that we're afraid and would prefer to never go back," explained Malley, she seemed to be serious but the giant smile on her face made me confused. I didn't get it. We're they really like us and being cautious or something else? I didn't like the chances of them putting my flock in danger if it was something else.

"If you're a family where's your parents?" asked Sky. Kitten's wings slouched and she kicked some dirt before answering.

"They're gone, bad people came and took them." The girls stood there, their feathers seemed to bristle almost as if the statement had caused them some pain.

"That's not right!" declared Malley, "families are supposed to stick together never be torn apart!" A fire seemed to start within her eyes when she said that. Sky seemed to pull out a handkerchief out of nowhere and dabbed her eyes. These girls seriously were drama queens.

Sky knelt down and bear hugged Kitten. "It's okay Kitten you'll find them, family always finds each other," she said with great confidence.

"Do you have family?" asked Mint.

"Yes, yes I do…what's your name?" Malley asked. I guess since they 'told' us their names it was only fair to introduce ourselves.

"I'm Mint and this is my twin brother, Chip," she gestured to her brother who tried to do a cool posed but epicly failed.

"Oh, so where's chocolate?" Sky asked.

"What?" Mint looked extremely confused. I didn't get it either.

"You have mint, you have chip, so where's chocolate? You can't be mint 'chocolate' chip without it! Oh no, don't tell my you lost chocolate! Noooo!" screeched Malley. Oh dear Lord (if he exists, I never really was religious), if these two girls are extremely insane in the membrane and we should leave now, please give me a sign. I waited nothing. So he obviously doesn't exist.

"Um, there is no chocolate," Mint said unsure of what else to say.

"Oh, well that's weird. Eh, that's fine, here have some chocolate," said Sky handing Mint a fairly good sized Hershey's that she pulled out of, oh I don't know, let's say it was her magical invisible purse. Was no one else noticing these objects disappearing and appearing out of nowhere?!

Mint gratefully took the candy and ate it. I guess it had been a while since we had anything even close to candy. So I don't like using what little we had for unnecessary sweets that would burn up her calories faster than they needed to, so sue me.

"So who are the two older gentlemen in the back?" Sky asked Mint. Older? Gentleman? Why the heck did she make it sound like I was 40-something!? My eye twitched and I put on my infamous scowl.

"My name is Ziggy and…" my best friend was then interrupted by a girl glomping (is that even really a word?) him.

"OMG! I love you name," cooed Malley. Ziggy's face turned beet red. I doubt he had eve been that close to a girl before. I laughed darkly to myself. They all turned to me.

"My name is Demon." I was impressed with myself with how evil I could sound and not even try that hard. Gotta love those genetics. Malley ducked behind Ziggy like she did with the tree. Sky's wings bristled again like she had just been shocked.

"I think I just died a little inside," she said. She put her hand over her heart as if to check if it was still beating. I smirked to myself, I was just that good.

"So where's your family?" asked Mint, polishing off her chocolate and now licking the excess off her fingers.

"Sky's my family," exclaimed Malley jumping out from behind Ziggy, who still was red in the face. That was gonna be a problem later on, I could already just tell. She ran over to Sky and glomped her.

"What you mean your sister?" Chip said. We all looked from girl to girl, they did look alike, except the height difference, Malley looked to be about 4 inches taller.

"Yep yep! Sky's my big sister, and I'm her little sister," Malley explained. I tried to disguise my snort as a cough. Big sister? Malley was practically towering her. Sky threw a glare at me, obviously noticing my badly disguised laugh.

"I'm sorry I didn't quite catch that, did you have something you want to say?" Sky said maintaining her weak glare. I smirked at her.

"I was just thinking, you're the older sister but you're short, and she's the younger sister but she's tall. That's just really funny," I laughed. The rest of the flock seemed to think so to as they snort/coughed too. Sky's glare became darker towards me.

"I hate you," she said. I maintained my composure; please she was going to have to do better than that to get under my skin.

"As for me, I'm okay with that," Malley exclaimed still hugging her sister. Sky glared at her sister.

"I'm too fond of you right now either Mallet," Sky said. Malley immediately let go of her vertically challenged sister. Sky crossed her arms and did an about face, she put her nose up in the air. She looked like one of those snooty British people you see on the TV.

"B-b-but we're family!" cried Malley, she actually looked like she was going to cry. I kinda felt sorry for her, emphasis on the kinda. "And you never call me by my full name Sky!"

"Well times change, Mallet O'Malley BoSally Fefifofalley oh-by-by-galley…"

"Smith!" Malley exclaimed happily, she went back to being sad when she saw Sky's face. Then she huffed and crossed her arms too. "Fine then, I guess I'll find a new sister, Skylor McPearson Yabadaba Learson Meriwether the 15, and she'll be taller to." Were those seriously their full names? What the hack were their parents on when they named these two? That didn't at all seem to be Sky's problem right now. She turned and faced Malley oh-something or other fiddle-faddle goodbye…Smith. Skylor mc-whatever yahoo lean-son good weather the 15…okay that didn't work out at all. Whatever! Sky is crying now!

"That-that went to far Malley," Sky sniffed. I rolled my eyes I was getting tired of these two. It was like watching of Ziggy's mom's soap operas, painfully boring.

"I'm sowwy Sky," she apparently was a baby now, "but you hurted me too." Malley did a good puppy dog pout, I'll give her that much.

"I'm sorry too, Malley," she held out her arms, "Sisters?" Malley hugged her sister.

"Sisters," she said. I could have sworn I heard a crowd of people AWW-ing, no really, I swear I did. Ziggy looked around trying to find out what it was too. The other three were too wrapped up in the drama to notice.

"This is too weird," I muttered. The two sisters looked over at me.

"What's your problem?" asked Sky. Did she really just ask me that? Oh, yes she really did.

"Well, for starters my parents are gone, then today I was crashed into by an insane bird-girl," Sky's eyes widen, yeah she figured it out, "now I've got two crazy girls practically reenacting a scene from a soap opera. My bad if I think that I have better things to do." Sky gave me a contemptuous look, I gave her one back.

"Who put a bee in your undies?" Malley asked. I rolled my eyes for the nth time that day.

"Dude, don't freak but there is a bee on your arm!" Ziggy said. I looked down at my arm. When did it even get there, I usually know when something lands on me, even a speck of dust. I kept my composure and just flicked it off. I looked up and Malley was giggling and Sky looked upset and confused. There was something strange about those two.

"I usually don't miss by that much," whisper Sky. She looked deep in thought.

"What do you mean?" I asked harshly. Sky jerked her head up and smiled innocently.

"Oh nothing, but look you really have nothing to be upset over," she said trying to be reassuring. Really, in my opinion I did.

"Yeah, at least you have parents!" Malley said smiling, she never ceased to amaze me…wait what?!

"MALLEY!" screeched Sky. These two really didn't have parents? But that would mean…

"Whoopsies," Malley giggled and covered her mouth.

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