NOTE: This kinda contains spoilers for those who have not yet finished Order 66. If you're a hard core Republic Commando nut like moi, you've probably already looked it up on wookiepedia and know what happens! But enjoy anyway…. I tried to write! XD

Boss walked out of the 'freshers studying the 'new' barracks, it was more a prison than a comfortable R&R for soldiers, it was too restrictive and no where near as much freedom as he was used to. They had clones guarding the barracks, the mess; heck he wouldn't be surprised if the next time he walked in they'd be guarding the shabla 'freshers.

He started making his way to the Mess Hall to find fixer and Scorch. And Sev, if I'd been decent enough to go back, he thought. He shook the thought of his 'lost' brother out of his mind, Sev wasn't dead Boss knew it.

As he continued walking, his thoughts wandered to Vau, Skirata and the Nulls, no doubt they got away… he hoped for their sake. Boss decided to turn left towards the holoboards, apparently the New Empire had a list up of bounties and death warrants against Jedi that had escaped Order 66 as well as Clone Deserters, he was curious.

Another clone reading the list caught his attention; head resting on the back of his arm against the wall, Boss could see his lips moving slightly as if he was whispering to himself. It took a moment for Boss to realise that it was… Darman? He was sure Omega would have been in on Skirata's endex plan, maybe the others got away. He saw Darman straighten up and turn to start leaving, quickening his pace, Boss called out to him.

"Dar! Darman!"

The Commando stopped, turning to face Boss, the faintest sign of relief to see another known brother showed on his face, and he gave a small, sympathetic nod.

"Sorry about Sev, ner vod."

Boss was staring into a face scared with pain, he had so many questions to ask him; Order 66, Etain.

"What happened with the General?" He lowered his voice, "D-Did she make it?" He was waiting to hear the worst, he was sure Darman would never have killed Etain, he'd have gotten her out. Darman turned his back to Boss, his head hung down.

"Dar?" He asked.

Darman remained with his back to Boss and turned his head only slightly to the side, just enough for him to see the corner of his eye.

"I couldn't leave Niner behind." His voice was a trembling whisper; Boss swore he saw a single tear slowly run down his cheek.

Darman put his helmet on and Boss watched as he walked off toward the Med Centre. Boss felt guilty, Omega would never have left a man behind, it was entirely his fault Sev wasn't with them right now. Vode An-Brothers All- that's how it is and how it should be right now. He'd find Sev… He swore it.

Boss returned to reality from his silent pledge, still staring at the door Darman retreated from. It made sense now, he knew exactly what Darman had whispered to himself…

Ni Su'cuyi, gar kyr'adyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum.

I'm still alive, you're dead, I'll remember you, so you're eternal… Etain.

She was gone.

Boss sighed, that was the problem with war, it took away good people and it was good for absolutely shabla nothing. Now, the war was over as far as Boss was concerned, but for Darman… it never would.