A New Start

A young boy with black hair, which had the front covering the right side of his face, sat on top of a roof. He was wearing a red long sleeved shirt, black trousers and a long black sleeveless jacket. He was watching the people carrying their bags into the building. He decided to leave five minutes later. Meanwhile a young girl with long blond hair and brown eyes walked into the building. Bloody hell this place is huge compared to Duel Academy she thought. She grabbed her bag and went over to a board which had a map of the school. Once she found out where reception was she started to make her way.

She eventually found reception and walked up.

"Excuse me, can you help me please?" she asked.

"I'll try my best, what is it your after?" replied the receptionist.

"My name is Alexis Rhodes and I was wondering if you could tell me where my room is?" explained the girl.

"Ah yes, I'll just find out for you…..Ah room seventeen on the third floor, east wing," replied the receptionist.

"Thank you," Alexis said and headed off to find her room. After ten minutes Alexis still hadn't found her room. As she walked round a corner she walked into someone.

"I'm sorry I didn't see you," Alexis apologized.

"Sorry," muttered a male voice. Alexis looked up and saw a young boy with black hair, which had the front covering the right side of his face, and blue eyes, wearing a red long sleeved shirt, black trousers and a long black sleeveless jacket. He then side-stepped her and started to walk off.

"Excuse me, do you know where room seventeen is on the east wing, third floor," she asked quickly.

"Yes," was all he said and took two steps and then turned around, "Why do you want to know?"

"Well I've been told that's where my room is, I'm new here," Alexis explained.

The boy nodded and then motioned for Alexis to follow him. They eventually arrived at the room Alexis was supposedly staying at. The boy opened the door and walked in, followed by Alexis.

"Thank you for helping me, my names Alexis Rhodes," she said and she held out her hand.

The boy just looked at her hand and just shook his head., turned around and started to leave.

"Well can I at least know your name then?" Alexis asked not liking the boys attitude.

"Drakien," was all the boy said and he then walked off. Alexis shook her head and started to look around the room. She found that there was two bedrooms, both capable of bunking two people. I thought I was on my own she thought when she found this out. When she found the second room she saw that it was already occupied by one person, so she decided to wait for that person to arrive. So she went back to her room and started to unpack her stuff.

A couple of hours later Alexis was sitting on the sofa in the main part of the room almost asleep. She was just about to drop off to sleep when she heard the door handle turning. Sitting up she waited to see who she was haring this dorm room with. The opened and Drakien was standing there.

"Oh its you," she said a bit let down. "Do you know who else is sharing this room with me?"

"Yeah," Drakien said

"Who?" she asked

"Me," replied Drakien

"Really?" Alexis said a bit confused. Drakien just nodded and headed towards the room that was supposedly his. Alexis didn't quite believe him so she sat down and decided to see if anyone else would turn up.

Alexis woke up next morning to a door closing. She sat up and realised she was still on the sofa. Suddenly Drakien walked by dressed in the same clothes as yesterday except this time he had his duel disk on. He must be sharing the dorm with me then she thought with bit of disappointment. Drakien came back out of his room and walked by and noticed Alexis wasn't getting up.

"Aren't you going to lessons?" he asked with an eyebrow raised.

"What? Its time already?" she asked quickly grabbing her bag.

"Yeah and you may want your duel disk. it's a practical lesson first." he replied.

The two of them made their way down to the duel arena. When Alexis walked in she saw that the whole room was full of students.

"You need to sit over there," Drakien said pointing over to the group of new students. Alexis made her way and sat with the new students that where already there. Five minutes passed by with nothing happening. Suddenly a man with black hair and a beard stood up.

"Welcome all, new and old. To new students welcome, and just so you know I am the Chancellor here and I hope you enjoy your time at North Duel Academy and that you prove that you can make a challenge. To the old students welcome back, I hope you've been studying and practicing. Now down to the point. When you enter North Duel Academy you do written exams first. If you're here then you've passed and have made it into North Duel Academy. You will now be sorted into either Oblisk Blue, Ra Yellow or Slifer Red. These will be your rank. Blue being the highest and Red being the lowest, do not be discouraged if you are in Red some of these students here used to be in Red and some have made me proud. To determine what rank you will be in You will duel a selected person and then rated on your performance. Let the duelling commence!". Names where called out and they walked up to the duelling stage where they faced their opponent. Someone called George was called up. When his opponent walked up Alexis immediately recognised him as Drakien.

"George, your opponent is called Drakien, Good luck and let the duel commence," said the Chancellor

The two boys activated their duel disks and drew their first five cards. They both started with 4000 life points. George started the duel.

"I set one monster face down and end my turn," he set as he set a monster after he drew his first card.

Drakien drew his next card and looked at his hand. He had three monsters, two spells and one trap. His monsters were Red-Eyes B. Dragon, Mirage Dragon and Armed Dragon Lv3. His spell cards were Stamping destruction and Mountain, his only trap card was Dragon's Rage.

"First off all I'll activate my field card Mountain, I then summon my Armed Dragon Lv3 and set two cards. That'll end my turn," Drakien said. George smiled as he looked at the monster Drakien had summoned. My monster has 1300 attack and that monster has 1200 what's he playing at, ah well his loss, He thought.

"I flip my Giant Soldier of Stone, Now Giant Soldier of Stone attack his wimpy dragon." George commanded. His Giant Soldier drew its swords made of stone and launched itself at Drakien's Armed Dragon Lv3. However Drakien's dragon launched a punch at it and destroyed George's Giant Soldier of Stone.

"What the .. How did that happen?" George said confused.

"You forgot about my field card Mountain, it gives my dragons an extra 200 attack points so with 1400 attack points my dragon is stronger than you little statue and you now loose 100 life points." Drakien explained. Some of the examiners shook their head in disappointment. George set a monster face down and ended his turn. Drakien drew his next card, the Element Dragon.

"Now with my Armed Dragon Lv3 effect, during my standby phase I can offer it to special summon the Armed Dragon Lv5 from my hand or deck." he said searching his deck for the card. "I'll then summon Element Dragon in attack mode. I'll then enter my battle phase and have my Element Dragon attack your face down.". With a roar Drakien's Element Dragon charged George's face down card which turned out to be Silver Fang which had 800 defence points and with 1700 attack points, Element Dragon wasted Silver Fang.

"Now with Element Dragon's effect if there is a wind type monster on the field I can attack again if it destroys a monster. So now Element Dragon attack him directly," Drakien explained.

"Hold on there isn't a wind type monster on the field." George said. Drakien shook his head.

"My Armed Dragon is a wind type monster," Drakien said. Element Dragon launched its attack at George and inflicted 1700 direct damage, which brought George down to 2200.

"Now Armed Dragon Lv5 attack him and finish him off," Drakien said not even looking at George.

The dragon lifted its huge claw up and brought it down on George and took out the rest of his life points and 500 extra. The holograms faded and Drakien just walked off the stage leaving George with his mouth open. The examiners were shocked as well. They knew how good Drakien was and had asked him go easy on the new student he would verse, but Drakien hadn't taken any heed to the requests. When it came to Alexis she had to verse one of the examiners and she won but only just by 500 points. Alexis was walking out of the arena when she spotted Drakien. She ran up to him.

"Why'd you overkill on him?" she asked.

"I duel only to win," Drakien replied, "I find winning the only satisfaction,"

Alexis followed Drakien the rest of the way back to their dorm. When they arrived their she remembered that Drakien had mentioned lessons.

"Don't we have any lessons today?" she asked

"No," Drakien replied going over to the sofa, sitting down on it.

"Then why did you tell me we had lessons?" she asked

"Felt like it," replied Drakien.

Alexis woke up the next morning to knocking at the main door to their dorm. She got up and went over to it. She opened the door and found a young boy about fifteen years old standing their. He had black hair and had blue eyes.

"Wow your nice, is my brother in?" asked the boy.

"Kazuki come in," said Drakien from behind Alexis. The young boy supposedly called Kazuki squeezed pass Alexis and went up to Drakien.

"Hey bro, you got one nice chick sharing your dorm with you," Kazuki said.

This can't be his brother, Drakien's too much of a jerk, but then again that kid is a bit rude Alexis thought.

"Her names Alexis," he said to Kazuki, he then turned to Alexis, "You may wanna change into your uniform."

Alexis started to blush and ran into her room to change.