Epilogue - Three Years Later

Drakien was standing on a lift ready to go up to the main arena and face his opponent. He saw Alexis came into the room smiling at him. He checked the timer which told him how much time he had until the lift would start rising. He jumped off and ran over to his Fiancé.

"Good luck," She said before kissing him.

"Cheers," He said kissing her again. "Make sure you two watch me," He said smiling as he rubbed her stomach. Alexis had recently found out she was pregnant with their first child.

"We will, but you may want to get on the lift so we can see you in action." She said pointing at the raising lift which was meant to be taking him to the arena. He ran over to the lift after giving her a quick kiss and jumped onto the lift.

"And put your hands together for Drakien Seckuro!" A voice shouted through a speaker. The crowd cheered loudly. Drakien looked over at his opponent. His opponent had brown hair and was dressed messily. None of the crowd apart form Alexis saw what happened next. Three duel spirits appeared behind Drakien: Red-Eyes Black Dragon on his right, Blue-Eyes White Dragon on his left and Light and Darkness directly behind him. However another spirit appeared but this time by Drakiens opponent. A Winged Kuriboh.

"Well lets find out which one of us is the better Drakien," The boy said with an eager smile. Drakien knew his opponent could see his spirits if he had one of his own but he was obviously un fazed by their presence.

"Yes lets find out Jaden," Drakien said with a slightly evil smile.

"GET YOUR GAME ON,", "LETS DUEL," The two shouted as they activated their duel disks.