It was winter, I'd graduated and I had a job in the library, as the "Assistant Librarian". It was an okay pay and I was saving up most of the money, for no reason. College would be nice, but I didn't think I needed it. I could probably become the Librarian after Mrs. Rikers dies; she was probably in her 80's. Not that I want her to die, I'm completely content with my safe job and fair pay. Since Edward left, there was none pressure on college, Charlie and Renee seemed okay about it at as well. I wasn't much of a bright bulb in school either.

Edward. He'd left me again, but this time, instead of feeling sorrow, it was all just anger. It was him who got the cold feet of eternity, no matter how many times he said he loved me. Apparently, he couldn't take my soul after all. Not that it mattered to me, I am completely sick and done with Edward. And this time, I'm not lying to myself, either.

Just as Edward had done when he first left me, he took everything with him as well. The Cullens had moved out, of course, the doctor's promotion in Alaska or something. My life had developed a daily routine with nothing to interrupting my organized life. What was marriage for eternity after all? We'd obviously get bored of each other in 100 years – isn't that why God designed people to die? Fine, maybe not. Edward isn't running through my head, either. I'm really thankful to the fact that I'm not obsessed with him anymore, like I was once when he first left me. It's all good.

I've also recently discovered my new love for cooking (though Charlie didn't like it. He knew I'd either burn myself or put the house on fire, or, put the house on fire and burn myself). Renee has been supportive of my hobby and has send dozens of books. Fish, Italian, The Asian Cuisine and even a few baking books (though I think that is level two, I'm still level one.) Tonight I was going to make Country Captain Chicken, a recipe on page 26 of Southern Kitchens by Dr. Fitzgerald. Well, the picture on the page looked quite tasty.

Jacob came back when he found out about Edward. He was there for me when I needed to scream and yell, but that was also almost two months ago. Once, over dinner, Billy let it slip out that Jacob had a girlfriend of a sort, Caitlin. Though I felt a sting of jealousy every time they mentioned her name, at least this much is what I deserve after hurting Jake so much. Our relationship had gone back down to mutual friends, the few kisses that we shared were long forgotten. That was fine with me.

My love life had returned back to single, just the way it was when I came fresh from Phoenix. Still I didn't want to leave Forks. It was my home now, no matter the bad weather. My friends and I had outings as well, the few daily mothers that came to the Library with their children. It was odd to be friends with older people who had accomplished much more in life than me, but they're a book of interesting life stories that I can always connect to in some way or the other. My closest friend, Ms. Farrington, a single mother with two children and an ex-husband who left her for another woman. I occasionally babysitted her two children for extra money as well, but again, I had no idea what I was doing with the money I was saving up. The older girl was Charlene, second grade now and an amazing artist. Younger boy, Jackson, just three years old, but there was no one he couldn't make laugh.

Thus, with my new friends, Charlie hadn't worried about my life much either. It was balanced, from meals to social life. He was happy, I was happy, and the greatest part is that there was no lie to that.

"Charlie?" I called out as I returned my keys to my bag. He had a slight fever and at his age, you wouldn't want to force him to do much work. Wisely, he suggested that he should skip a day of work for the first time since I arrived in Forks.

I got a groan as an answer, which was good. He was still alive. 
"I'll start cooking now, so that dinner will be ready at 6:30, okay?" I asked, knowing the answer.

Not much later, as I got busy cooking, Charlie walked in. He looked completely fine now. He pulled up a chair by the table and sat down.

"What's up? Beer?" I asked.

"No, no. My temperature's fine, by the way. Went back down to 36. No worries."

"Oh, alright… Billy and Jacob aren't coming over tonight, right? 'Cause I haven't made enough to feed Jake."

"No, they're not. But on the topic of Billy and Jacob… Bella, I have to go away for work."

I turned around to face him, for the first time while cooking.

"Why? Where? How long?" I asked curiously. Normally, a chief wouldn't have to go away for work, that's never happened so far.

"Well, remember that animal attack that killed my friend a few years ago? The same kind of attack happened in Caldwell, you know, Idaho. It'll only take a week tops, apparently." He said, sad to leave me.

"Okay, I'll be able to take care of myself for a week, don't worry." I said, getting back to chopping the carrots.

"Bella, please don't get mad at me for being overprotective or anything, but you know, these things have happened before here… so… I was wondering if you could stay at Jake's place for the week. I'll give you extra allowance for needs and stuff, I'm getting a bonus for doing this as well."

"Are you serious? You think I'm gonna get attacked here as well?" I asked, disappointment in my voice.

"Isabella, please? What if something else happens, for example, you set the kitchen on fire? Or a burglar? Besides, Jake hasn't come over in a while now, you guys can catch up."

In the end, I knew I'd end up in front of Jake's doorstep anyways, so I quit arguing. And Charlie was right. Jake and I haven't talked much over the last few weeks. The next thing I knew, I was in front of their doorstep.