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Night had fallen in Iwagakure; the darkness nestled around the village like a mother hen warming her eggs. The sharp cliff edges and rocky mountains could still be seen silhouetted by the full moon. The air was humid and it felt like it was sticking to everything. It was mid summer. Iwa was known for it's extreme weather. In summer it remained stifling hot and humid. Even in the dead of the night. When winter came the air was frigid and storms ripped through Iwa.

Mountains surrounded Iwagakure, all the mountains were desolate and little life lived around the area. Water was kept in a hidden reservoir in one of the mountains. When winter came they stored as much water as possible because once summer hit not a drop of water would be seen. Earth Country didn't have four seasons like most countries. It only had two. Wet season and dry season.

Most people tried to sleep through the humid nights. The richer higher-class people had fans to keep them cool but most people in Iwa couldn't afford such luxuries. Having to rely on open windows in the chance a cool breeze would sneak into their windows and cool the air. The silence of the night would be hard to get used to if you didn't originate from the village. No night birds or small insects made their presence known. Everything was silent.

This bothered one individual greatly. The male hovered over his village on a giant clay bird. Blonde hair whipped over his face as he began to race around the village, enjoying the feeling of the air whistling past his ears. The blonde haired male eyed his village with distaste. He despised the village for their narrow minds and hateful eyes. The blonde hated everything about his village though as he looked over his village once more there was one thing he realized that he did appreciate his village for.

The blonde headed towards the mountain on the North side of the village. His giant clay bird came to rest upon the mountain and he sat quietly gazing over towards the South side of his village.

Deidara realized that perhaps if the guards that usually stood watch over the mountains were still alive, they'd be very curious and suspicious as to why the blonde haired menace was sitting calmly on the mountain. The guards were long gone though. Much to Deidara's disapproval they didn't become art. His art attracted way too much attention. The blonde only got the satisfaction of slitting the throats of the guards; red hot blood sprayed the rocky ground in different patterns. Deidara supposed it was similar to painting, only instead of paint and a canvas he was using blood and the earth. He killed ten guards that night. There were two guards on the West, North, South and East Side of Iwa. They had been easy prey. The guards didn't watch over the village, making it easy for Deidara to sneak up on them. Their only job was to watch the land surrounding the mountains and their Hidden Village. The village didn't have enough shinobi to have a safe amount of guards. There were so many blind spots for enemies to sneak into their village. The blonde sighed. It didn't matter now, tonight was the last night he'd lay eyes on his village.

"You should have appreciated my art un." The blonde called out to his village quietly before adding in a louder more insane tone "Art is a blast un!"

Deidara jumped up and made hand signs before shouting out the one single word that the village had come to fear.


The one thing Deidara appreciated his village for was it's ability to become art. The mountains made the perfect enclosure to make his art louder and better. Instead of escaping into open air the mountains would make sure that Deidara's art had it's full effect.

An almost blinding light exploded from the South side of the village. Creating a rumbling noise. It could almost relate to the sound of a thousand rocks pouring off the mountainside or an earthquake splitting the earth and sucking in countless trees and lives. It was more than that though, it was louder than that, and those too close in range would be deafened. The light got brighter and screams began to radiate from the source.

Deidara grinned mechanically and hopped onto his bird. The blonde didn't take off into the skies yet though.

The light and the rumbling noise ceased for a split second, sucking back into itself before exploding. The darkness erupted into colors of red and orange. The soundwave of the explosion slammed into all the walls of the mountains and echoed around the village over and over. The villagers that didn't die from the explosion would suffer from hearing problems for the rest of their lives. The blonde that was watching all of this with pure respect and excitement wouldn't be affect. He knew how his explosions worked. He was at a safe range that the bang would make his ears ring for awhile but not cause any hearing problems. The soundwave never escaped up to him; the mountains had kept it contained in the village.

The explosion had finished as quickly as it started had. It's beauty had only last for a few seconds before it withered away into nothing. It was true art to Deidara. The chaos the explosion left behind however would not end for a long time. It could last for years. The blonde only stayed for five minutes longer listening to the screams and watching the buildings burn into darkened ashes. The only colors that showed from the village was the darkened night that was chased away by the inferno left behind, blacks, red and oranges all demanded attention, any other color was washed out. Deidara commanded his bird to fly into the sky. Instead of flying away from his village he flew over it, wanting to get a closer look of the destruction his art caused.

The blonde reached the south side of the village quickly and grinned once again. There were very few buildings left, those that remained were burning into nothing. The fire was spreading to the closer buildings. Deidara fiddled with his left eye, his mechanic contraption zooming in. There were bodies laying around everywhere. Deidara was sourly disappointed those bodies hadn't become true art. Many had been turned into art though blowing into nothing but a beautiful red mist. Deidara was almost jannoyed that they had been turned into art. They really didn't deserve it after everything they put him through, then again it was a perfect death for them. They feared and hated his art. What a fitting way to die. By the art they despised.

"Bye..un.." Deidara whispered out before taking off towards the south mountain.


It had been two weeks since Deidara left his village and created his first masterpiece. The village sent a few ANBU after him but he dispatched them quickly. Making more artwork out of his ex- villagers. The fact that Iwa didn't send anymore than 3 squads of ANBU after him told him one very pleasing thing. The damage he did to the village severely handicapped them. The south side was were most shinobi lived, it also held the Tsuchikage's building along with the ninja academy. Deidara estimated that he had wiped out a quarter of his village and probably close to half of their ninja. Including their most important figure. The Tsuchikage. Deidara had been half tempted to kill the Tsuchikage first but he re-thought that idea. The Tsuchikage didn't deserve to be treated different to those around him. He should die along with his pawns.

The 15-year-old male walked out of the small river he came upon. He'd been gathering clay as he was running low. It was hard to find places to gather more clay so he took advantage of the few places he found. Water and clay dripped off his clothes and he frowned. It would have been a good idea to remove them first. The blonde threw his two now full bags of clay on the river bank and stripped off his jounin jacket, his grey shirt and mid length grey shorts. He washed them in the river and hung them over a tree branch to dry. Deidara emptied out his two bags of clay onto the ground and slowly began to mould them with his chakra. The clay slowly lost its earthy color and turned white. The blonde wondered with interest if his chakra was blue would the clay turn blue?

Sunset was falling over the land and Deidara stood, washing the clay off himself and watching the setting sun. The sunset wasn't true art but it was beautiful none the less. The colors reminded Deidara of his explosions. The blonde made his way to his clothes and pulled the now dry clothes back on. The blonde knew he'd need to stop at a village somewhere and restock on supplies. He needed new clothes, weapons, and food. This was Deidara's biggest problem now, he had no money. How was he supposed to get money without stealing it? Deidara sighed and made his way to a large tree before laying down and falling into a light sleep. He'd never let himself fully fall asleep in case more ANBU were sent out after him.

The blonde awoke a few hours after sunrise and made his way to the river. Staring at his reflection. Long blonde hair hung down his back, a large chunk sat in front of his left eye, his bang was long and came down past his chin. It hid the mechanic monstrosity well. His blue eyes shimmered against the water. Almost holding an innocent tone in the water. His scrawny body held no threat and anyone who glanced at the blonde would not think he was capable of destruction. Deidara was not overly tall for his age but he wasn't short either. The 15-year-old glared at his reflection with hate before he pulled a kunai out of his ninja pouch and threw it with anger at his reflection. The water rippled and created a distorted image of him. The blonde turned and walked off, his hair flicking out behind him. Deidara headed into the surrounding forest.

Within 20 minutes the blonde found a well-worn path he'd come across when flying the other day. He took his hiate-ate off and slipped it in his pocket before walking along the path. He didn't pass many people; those that he did come across were all civilians and held no threat to the blonde shinobi turned missing nin. Deidara kept himself occupied making small clay sculptures before crushing them and starting over.

The teenager came across a small village after walking for about two hours. The blonde wasn't sure what the time was exactly but the sun had moved across the sky a certain amount, been born in Iwa many ninjas were taught to tell the time by the way the sun set across the sky. The mountains would darken the later it was. Though there were no mountains around, Deidara still had a pretty good idea of time by watching the sun.

The village was small and run down. It was a shinobi village at least. Not a main but a lower village. Deidara wasn't exactly sure where he was but he was pretty confident he was in Kusagakure. The landscape was that same of Kusa and he'd headed south-east after he ran from Iwa and the Earth Country. It had taken him a week to leave the Earth because he moved at a slow pace of walking and occasionally running when a team of ANBU caught up. Deidara stuck to walking because it was safer than flying. Most likely Iwa would have told their ninja and their allied ninja to watch the skies for him rather than the land.

Kusagakure was at the bottom of the Earth and was a nice change from the desolate and rocky landscape of Deidara's home country. Kusa was tiny compared compared to his country. The whole country was probably around the size of his home village. He didn't mind though. Kusagakure had little to do with Earth. They had agreed to an alliance many years ago but the small country, like Amegakure was often the battle ground for wars. Causing Kusa to turn their backs on Earth and Fire. They kept to themselves and struggled to keep alive, missing out of most missions to the two larger countries it bordered with. Earth and Fire.

The landscape were mostly grassy plains and small forests. There was a small river that snaked through the country, coming from Ame and leading out to Takigakure then into the ocean. Deidara was enjoying the sights of Kusa as well as the weather. It was warm with a cool breeze. It was much better than the overly hot and humid weather of Earth.

Deidara wandered around the small town of Kusa casually. Many shops were closed and abandoned due to poor funds. He watched the shinobi with interest. Deidara would fit right into this small town. It boasted two clans that had kekkei genkai. The smaller clan had some kind of mutation of black and white skin; different members of the clan seemed to grow different plants out of their bodies. The other larger clan had second heads coming out of them. Deidara looked at his hands with disgust. He was treated badly in Iwa because of his kekkei genkai. Just because he was different he was called a monster and abomination.

The blonde was here because he knew he needed to stock up on supplies. He'd have to wait until night fell and he could break in to a store. Deidara still hadn't solved his money issue. At least Kusa looked easy enough to break into. Many stores had no security at all, not been able to afford it. Deidara doubted that he could find work in this small-starved town. Many ninja and civilians struggled to keep a steady source of income. They wouldn't let an outsider take their precious and very few jobs. Deidara headed back out of town and into a small forest where he planned to stay until night fell upon Kusa.

Night came finally came and Deidara wiped his hands on the grass, ridding himself of residue clay. He'd been working on molding the rest of his clay with chakra. He made his way back into the town and smiled with childish glee. The town was all but empty. Deidara made his way to the supply shop he came across on his earlier wanderings of the town. It held nearly everything he needed. The blonde eyed the shop carefully; there were no guards or security at all. He grinned and stood in front of the shop. Thinking of the best entrance without drawing attention.

"Moguragakure no Jutsu." Deidara had already formed the hand signs and muttered out this quietly. The blonde burrowed into the ground and traveled until he was under the shop. He burst out of the tunnel and stood in the supply store. The floor was made of the same dirt as outside allowing Deidara to use his 'mole hiding jutsu' It could be used to hide underground to escape an attack or to travel unseen in the earth. The tunnel sealed itself as the blonde exited it.

Deidara wandered around the store and refilled his kunai pouch with kunai, shuriken and senbon. The blonde grabbed a backpack off one of the shelves and threw a few containers of solider pills into the backpack. Along with the solider pills he grabbed a small sleeping bag and a towel. Shoving these into the backpack he looked around the supply store for anything else he needed. The soldier pills would keep him going and be a handy substitute for when he couldn't find food, even though it was drilled into him not to rely on the small black pills. Deidara was never good with listening. The blonde exited the store the same way he entered it and made his way to the other side of the town for a small clothes store he came across. Performing his jutsu he broke in quickly. The blonde grabbed a black shirt; an undershirt made with fishnet and a pair of three-quarter shorts. He forced them into the backpack and left the store. Making his way out of the town as quietly as he entered.

The blonde was slightly upset he didn't get a chance to make any art but he thought it was wise to stay under the radar for the time been. Even though he acted immature and rash on occasions, the blonde knew when to keep quiet. He made jounin at 14 years of age. He was the youngest jounin in Iwa; his quick learning and intelligence allowed him to quickly achieve one of the highest ninja ranks. Despite his high ranking the blonde rarely got a mission. The Tsuchikage would deny him mission after mission simply because of his art and the abominations on his hands. He was never appreciated in Iwa.


The scrawny blonde boy had made his way out of Kusagakure and into Takigakure. This country was much more prosperous than Kusa. It was out of the way of the main Shinobi villages. Even though it bordered Earth and Fire it was out of the way. Takigakure never became a battle ground for shinobi so it thrived. Deidara knew he was risking getting caught by coming to Taki. They weren't allied with Earth but they did keep the peace. Meaning the leader of Takigakure wouldn't hesitate to hand Deidara back over to Earth. The blonde boy made his way to a forested area and changed clothes. It would be best if he didn't look like a shinobi anymore. Deidara made his way into the village. The guards didn't bother to stop him; they only questioned ninja entering their village. Deidara couldn't help but think how stupid that was. Shinobi can easily change clothes and hide their chakra. Taki was lucky they went on anyone's war list.

Deidara had come to Taki for one reason. On his last missions as a jounin he had come to Taki. He used his art much to the disgrace of his other two teammates. However someone else had been watching the art take place and came to Deidara when his team mates left him behind to perform the rest of the mission. Deidara was offered a job as a bomber for hire by a middle-aged man named Kibaku. Deidara had turned the man down saying his duties as a shinobi came first. That went out the window and now Deidara couldn't think of anything better to do. The man had given Deidara his address in case the blonde changed his mind.

The blonde made his way to the more shady part of the village. Finally coming across the correct address he knocked on the door loudly. Setting his face to show no emotions he waited until he heard a shuffling and then the door was opened. Revealing the middle aged man. His face showed confusion then broke into a grin.

"Ah I knew ya'd be back. Come in." He moved out of the way of the door and Deidara entered. Kibaku closed the door behind the teenager and he lead Deidara into what looked like a small sitting room. It was messy and the furniture was old and full of holes.

The middle-aged man sat down on of the chairs and Deidara dropped unceremoniously onto another one. A small cloud of dust rose from the chair and Deidara crinkled his noise slightly.

"I apologize, don't get too many visitors and I don't like to clean much. I'm dust friendly I am." Kibaku apologized with a slight shrug.

"I see that un."

"Right right..'Course you do.. Young shinobi like you, full of brains. I see though that path has gone awry?"

"My village doesn't appreciate been turned into art un."

The man chuckled heavily before continuing. "So you've come back, still after that job I offered you then? Lots'a people are interested in hiring a terrorist and bomber. It's cheaper than those damn ninja and much more affective when ya want a house or even a village blown to bits."

"Un.. I'm still interested. As long as the pay is decent enough un." Deidara replied. As much as he'd like the job, if the pay wasn't good enough he'd find something else.

"Of course. Just cause it'd be cheaper than a ninja doesn't mean ya won't be getting paid a lot. You'll get more than when you were a ninja actually. Cause most of the pay from a ninja mission goes to the 'Kage. Then what's left is split between the ninja on the squad. This job however will only be split between two people. You and me. I'll get say thirty percent and you'll get the rest? Does that sound alright boy?"

"My name's Deidara un. That's fine. I'll take the job un." Deidara knew when completing a mission as a ninja he'd never get full cut of the pay. The Tsuchikage probably cheated him out of nearly all his pay too. Deidara had very little money to live on due to lack of missions and pay.

"Excellent. You can stay here if ya want. I'm assuming you have no where else to stay. There's a spare room out the back. I just ask that you clean up after yourself."

"Thanks. I will un."

"Well I'm going to head out and see if anyone is interested in hiring a bomber. I had a few people askin' not too long ago but I had to turn them down..Hopefully they'll still be interested. Feel free to explore the house Deidara." Kibaku waved then left the house.

Deidara wandered around the small dusty house; there was the sitting room, the kitchen that connected from the sitting room. A hallway that lead to a bathroom and two bedrooms. Deidara ignored the first bedroom and headed towards the last door. The bedroom was small and covered in dust. The blonde opened the window after much effort. It creaked and groaned in protest. There was a single bed in the middle of the room and one set of drawers. The blonde shrugged off his backpack and threw it onto his bed, sending a small mushroom cloud of dust into the air. The blonde sighed and came to the conclusion if he was going to stay here then it would need to be dust free. Deidara shook out all the sheets on the bed, holding them out the window. The wind blew the dust into small spirals.

The teenager threw himself down onto the dust free bed. He'd do the rest later. Maybe.

Deidara was fairly happy with this outcome. He'd found a job and even a place to stay. He wasn't sure how long he'd work for Kibaku. Probably only until he had a decent amount of money saved up and he could leave. It was dangerous to stay in one place for too long been a missing nin but hopefully Iwa shinobi wouldn't think to look at a village that bordered their own country. Deidara closed his eyes lazily and feel into a light sleep.

Deidara awoke as night was setting in. The blonde teenager yawned and hopped off the bed. Stretching slightly then heading into the hallway. Deidara could hear noise coming from the kitchen so he made his way there. Kibaku was cooking dinner and smiled warmly as Deidara entered the kitchen.

"Nice to see ya up and about Deidara. I found a job for you too. You can rest up tonight and start it tomorrow." Kibaku smiled again.

"Where is it and what do I have to do un?" Deidara asked in a bored tone. Showing no interest. He was secretly excited though as the thought of using his art.

"Straight to the point eh? It's in a small town in the Fire Country. The town isn't too far from the border. It'll be about a two weeks walk. You're a young thriving shinobi though so I'm sure you'll be there in no time. A client of mine has some competition for certain goods. He wants that competition eliminated and the goods destroyed."


"He grows medicinal herbs that can be used to increase strength. It's in pretty high demand at the moment, though it's been banned in many countries."

"I'll need directions un."

"Course you will. I've got them written down for ya. Now would ya like any dinner Deidara?" Kibaku asked politely with a smile.

Deidara nodded to show his agreement. The mission..could it even be called a mission now that he wasn't working as a ninja? He figured it could still be called a mission. It would be simple enough. Kill the man and blow up the field that held the herbs.

Kibaku placed a bowel of ramen in front of the thinking teenager. "Sorry I don't have much else to offer. I'm a bit broke at the moment."

"I pretty much lived on ramen in Iwa un." Deidara broke apart the chopsticks and slowly ate the ramen. The blonde yawned and stood up. "I'm going to rest up. I'll leave first thing in the morning un. Good night Kibaku." Deidara gave a wave and retreated back to his bedroom.

Kibaku offered a good night as Deidara left. Cleaning up the bowls. Deidara's bowl was still over half full he realized with a small frown.

The teenager stretched out on the bed and closed his eyes falling into a light sleep.


Deidara grunted with frustration. It had been a week since he left Taki for his first mission as a bomber and terrorist for hire and he was lost. He was pretty sure he'd made into the Fire Country but he couldn't find the goddamn village. How hard could it be to find one village? The blonde sighed and stuck his hand into his clay pouch. Pulling out a decent amount he started to make a bird.

His hand mouths spat out his creation. A small owl sat in the palm of his hand. Deidara threw it into the air and made a hand sign. The bird disappeared into a puff of smoke then grew in size. Deidara jumped onto the back of this owl and commanded into the sky. Within 10 minutes of flying Deidara could see a village in the distance. Landing the bird and melting it down he headed towards the village, hoping to god that it was the right one.

In the middle of the village a large tree grew out of the earth. Deidara smiled with triumph. He'd found the village. Now all was left was to find the competition also know as Matsuda and eliminate him and his herbs. Deidara headed into the first store he found, a small supply store for ninja. The blonde walked up the old man at the counter and put on his best smile.

"Excuse me sir un. Do you know where I can find Matsuda un?" The teenager asked in an all too polite voice.

"You found him son. What would you like?" Matsuda asked him with interest.

Deidara supposed he shouldn't be too shocked with his luck. It was a small village and it made sense that someone who grew herbs for ninja to increase strength would work in a supply store. The blonde wasn't really sure what he was going to do now though. He couldn't just kill him; he still needed to find where he grew his herbs. The blonde tried to think of an answer that wouldn't raise suspicion.

"I'm from Iwa. I was sent here on a mission to get some of your herbs you grow un. It's too hard to grow herbs in Iwa un." Deidara smoothly lied.

"Ah I see. If you're from Iwa where's your hiate-ate then?" Matsuda cleverly asked. He wasn't going to be tricked by a ninja.

Deidara reached into his kunai pouch and pulled out his hiate-ate and showed the suspicious old man. "My mission is top secret. The Tsuchikage doesn't want any other ninja finding about this so I keep my home village in disguise un."

"Very well then. Meet me back here in an hour Iwa nin." Matsuda smiled kindly, hoping now at the chance of a customer who would make him rich.

Deidara nodded and exited the store. The blonde looked around the village a while. It was small, only five stores and around twenty houses but they were well kept. The large tree was respected. The first Hokage planted the tree there and gave the towns people the job to look after the tree, Deidara learnt this as he gazed at the tree and an old woman who was clearing weeds around it told the tale to a bored looking Deidara. The blonde really tried to remain interested but listening to tales never amused the boy. The village was named Ki-sato. Tree village.

The blonde teenager made his way back to the store as the hour was up. Matsuda waited outside the now closed store.

"Come with me son." Matsuda then turned and began walking out of the town. Deidara followed the old man. Matsuda would be an easy kill. He was at least in his sixties as he had greying hair and his skin was wrinkled. Deidara followed obediently. Both males walked in silence. The birds and soft breeze rustling the leaves made plenty of noise. Matsuda lead Deidara to a small cottage on the outskirts of the Ki-Sato. A small wooden fence surrounded it. The older man opened the gate and let took Deidara around to the back of the cottage. A large garden filled with one type of herb was situated at the back of the cottage. Matsuda smiled proudly. "How much would your Tsuchikage like son?"

"Actually I've changed my mind un. I want to see how well this all turns into art work un." Deidara lost the innocent turned, his voice turned into a cold deadly tone.

The blonde held a kunai at the throat of Matsuda and sneered. "You're not worth becoming my art un."

The blonde slashed the throat of the 'competition' and watched as the blood sprayed the ground. Deidara let Matsuda drop to the ground gasping for breath and clutching his bleeding and torn throat. The blonde ignored his pathetic pleas for help and shoved his hand into his clay pouch. His mouth hands quickly spitting out tiny ants. Deidara sat the ants onto the ground and they spilled over each other, scurrying over to the garden of herbs. With a quick hand single and his command of "katsu." The ants exploded and the whole garden went up in flames. The herbs that weren't destroyed by the explosions were burnt to a crisp. The herbs fell apart into ash. A strong breeze blew the ashes into the sky. Deidara gave a nod and left. Heading back to his current home in Takigakure.