Marian, kind and brave

Tears in my eyes

A life full of lies

A love that is forever lost

She left me behind

By the old town square

Which is called the life

Love in the air

You know I care

About the people I meet in the city

About the butcher

About the man

Who lost his only love

I have one thing

It is a ring

I gave it to her that night

I smiled

And she smiled back to me

My one and only love

I look at the mere

She's no longer here

But everything looks like they did

That horrible day

She left me behind

In the life's great blue sea

I can't think clear

But if you were here

I would feel safer than now

I would not be crying

In the lonely nights

If you were here with me

I remember the sun

And also the run

When I ran towards you there

I saw the sword

I saw the wound

And then I decided to try

The forest' line

The smell of the pine

That's how I remember you

You were so brave

And also kind

I won't forget about you

I can't let them go

I'll take my bow

And hunt them like a deer

I'm sorry, I am

But I want revenge

For the time that was taken from us

I know you hate

But wouldn't give them that fate

But I won't change my mind

I want their blood

On my sword

Before I can rest in peace

Though I am alive

And you're not

I'm writing this poem for you

Oh, Marian

Please return to me

Without I'll never be whole

The end