*Flashback 2005*

Paul clung onto Izzy as the plane crashed into the water, little realising that he would survive..........

David's body was found and Serena and Lilijana's weren't what was the mystery behind this?.

In 2007 Paul Robinson lost his memory because of a brain tumour, before that he had several affairs and caused problems for the whole of Ramsay Street in 2005 and 2006, even problems with his marriage to Lyn Scully. Since the brain tumour Paul has been a changed man in some way but in others still the same, breaking Rebecca's heart.

What if he got his memory back in 2009 and memories from 2005 became reality when two presumed dead members returned…

The year is 2009 and Paul's memory returned remembering everything from late 2004 to 2007 and everybody in the street has been informed by the old returnees about what has happened in the past and why they are so loved in the Street.

Sky and Dylan have returned with Kerry and their new baby boy Scott. Izzy has returned with baby Holly and is living with the Kennedy's much to Susan's despair. Janae and Bree are returning later due to commitments up at Port Douglas. Lyn returned and has settled in fine to the street seeing as Paul apologised for breaking their marriage. Stu, Connor and Ned have returned and the Parker brothers are with Steve and his family.

Rebecca started opening Charlies when Sky and Dylan walked in. "Oh hello Sky, how's little Scott doing? she asked staring at little Scott with the same cheeky grin on his face Stingray Timmins one shared with the Street.

"Oh he's doing fine, listen the rest of Ramsay street along with ourselves are sorry for informing you of what has happened in the past with Paul, he's a creep and he broke my Aunt's marriage, my uncle died, we all were in a tragic Plane crash" "I know all about it" Rebecca stated looking tired, "anyway he'll move on and be his same evil person he was back then" Sky and Dylan went and sat down at the bar.

Meanwhile back at No22 Paul sighed staring at a picture of the 20th anniversary of Ramsay Street (Neighbours) There staring back at him were the bishops. David with a grim look on his face. Suddenly Paul was startled with a shock, Izzy Hoyland standing behind him. "Hey there stranger, still fantasising about Lilijana? She said with a thought back to 2005 when Paul destroyed the marriage of the family by having an affair with David's wife.