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Paul smirked at Izzy's remark, "Shouldn't you be breaking up the Kennidy-Kinski marriage with Holly or waiting for Max to arrive from the rig?" Izzy laughed and patted him on the shoulder "Susan loves Holly anyway I'm off to the street party later, I bet all these reunions with Neighbours like Sky will be pleasant?" Izzy smirked and walked off to welcome her brother back to the Street.

Paul sat down at the street party feeling bitter and twisted. Rebecca noticed this and mentioned to him about how he hurt Sky for what happened with his affair with Lil. She only said such a thing because of her own anger towards him for cheating on her. She was happier now because she loved Andrew Simpson instead.

"So Connor, how was China? Said Toadie with a grin, he was happy to see his mates from House O' Trouser but Stu was living with Ned and the Parkers. "Oh it was fine, Maddy is doing great" he smiled staring at little Scott(who was with Harold) remembering his parental days.

Meanwhile Sky and Dylan walked over with Kerry who was now 3 years old and walking an talking. "Ahh Izzy I see you have returned, I'm amazed you haven't have an affair with Paul yet, seeing as he had one with you an my aunt Lil.. Oh wait we don't want little Holly to hear that?" She was looking really angrily towards Izzy and poor Dylan was trying to hold her back as this was going to be a frenzy "Sky its nothing Izzy doesn't matter" he said grabbing her.

"Gee Sky, that's cheap for someone who had a one night stand with her child's father's brother and didn't know who the father was" Sky laughed "Your talking when your mothering Karl's Baby" Karl covered his face with his hands and Susan looked angrily at Izzy.

Izzy lunged forward and smashed Sky to the ground the cat fight was very entertaining to watch Susan yelled with enthusiasm "Go Sky!" "God I'd hate to be like that when my baby is born" Bridget laughed, Declan kissed her on the cheek. Poor Harold tried to stop all the mess much to the amusement of Connor, Toadie and the Parker brothers who were all dancing around in their underwear as a House O' Trouser tradition.


Meanwhile back at No28 Karl and Susan were happily sitting at the table with Zeke, (Rachel has left for London) when a knock on the door, Susan went to answer it "Oh hello you two, come in!" Harold an Lou walked in with cheerful looks on their face "look who has returned" they both said. Janae and Bree walked in with happy looks on their faces. "OH MY GOD" Zeke screamed hugging Bree "Zeke its so good to see you" she said smiling. "I have to introduce you to Declan, Didge, Ringo and Donna and I'm sure you've heard that Rachel has left to go to London to start a music career?" Bree nodded. Janae looked hopeful "I'm just going to see Dyl and Ned".

Janae then left the house after saying goodbye to the Kennedy's an Zeke took Bree to meet the Teens.