Author's Note: This was written for Enkidu07/Onyx Moonbeam's Weekly Drabble Challenge. Also, a bit of a double drabble, couldn't quite get the word count down. Enjoy.

Episode: Not written for any Specific Episode.

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Challenge Word: Thermometer


The hotel room door quickly swung open and shut. From the hotel beds the sound of coughing filled the air, causing John's concerned look to grow even deeper. He set the grocery bags down, unwrapped a thermometer, and walked to the bed with Sammy in it.

"Ok little man, time to take your temperature." Sam looked up at his dad and opened his parched lips. "Temp of 101, not so good tough guy, better rest up." John looked lovingly at Sam and patted him on the head as Sam's eyes drooped.

Next, John turned to Dean, who was sitting up in bed, watching him with Sam. "Daddy, is Sammy going to be ok; because I've been looking out for him all day? But I'm starting to not feel so well." Dean's eyes were red-rimmed and watery. John felt his forehead, "Oh, Dean, you're burning up, let me check your temperature." John deftly inserted the thermometer in Dean's mouth and found his temperature to be 104. "Dean, you gotta rest, little solider. I'll get you a cool washcloth so you're not so hot, then get some sleep, that's an order." John spoke gruffly but there was love in his voice as he got the washcloth for Dean. "Ok sir, I'll get some sleep. And dad…I'm glad you're home." With that Dean rolled to his side and fell into a deep but labored sleep. John stood up and sat on a chair across from the beds, worried about his two sick little boys.