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The Firework of Emotions..

When you have forever to live

Then you know that you will live to see the world evolve

To track it and chart it out

To trace it and to follow life

To experience everything….

A century goes by, and you know you have seen it all

But then one thing in your life is incomplete.

The one feeling you have read about, seen, witnessed

The one emotion you know that you haven't experienced

The one you want to live to tell the tale of,

Still hasn't come to find you.

So you start to think of it as a myth

To stop believing that there really is something called Love.

I was one of these idiots-

Who fantasized about love and thought of it as a myth

My eyes; their panellised perfection drank every detail in

But they didn't draw in her beauty at first sight.

At first, it was as if Satan had inhabited me

As if he was the parasite, and I the host.

The bloodlust was like a syndrome I had caught;

The scent of her blood was hypnotic –

Her blood was the horseshoe magnet; I was the weak iron nail.

But as the aroma of her blood brought my attention to her

I noticed the pale perfection of her striking face

The thick and naughty tint of her gorgeous tresses

The eerie depth and splendour of her chocolate eyes

Her charismatic silence; her frailness and her hidden demeanour,

Her innocence – her beatific cadaver…

And as I worked over the bloodlust, over the thirst

I noticed her, and she noticed me –

The movement was like excited fireworks on New Year's

Like a the feeling in a bride's heart when she marries

The excitement and the happiness of a new life.

And I knew at once that Love wasn't a fable –

That my fate had turned the table…

And when you have forever to live, and you finally grasp the missing element

No one can remind you of your shady past

Because it is now that you think about.

It is her you think about.

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