Well, this is from Bella's point of view as she tinks about Edward and all he is to her :D

Meaning, emotion, want, desire

Thirst, pain, wit, fire

Muscles, sculpture, beauty, splendour

Pride, love, faith, defender

Words are few, your appeal infinite,

Around you, my presence seems so trite;

And when I view the world in its beautiful reality

You're the shining star, I say it with finality

You make my heart bubble in infatuation

I feel the streams of affection, your information.

As my eyelashes close your face paints my eyes

No force, no evil, no monster, no lies

No selfishness, no pity, no plea, no malevolence

Young forever, epitome of benevolence

My young heart can't hold so much for you;

I want to stretch it further, and that's true

You; who I see in every step, every blink

Voice in every bell, in every glass I hear clink

Hold me, draw me closer let me kiss you

Know this; if you ever go, I will really miss you