Chapter 5 - A Movie Script Ending

"What happened then, Auntie Spencer?"

"Yeah, what'd Ashley do?"

Spencer looked down fondly at the two sets of bright blue eyes staring back up at her. Ryan and Kelly looked so much like her brother. It didn't matter how many times she told the six years old twins the story, edited for children, of course, they still always wanted to hear the ending.

"I think I know how it goes," her girlfriend said, ambling in on all fours with their two year old son clinging to her back like a baby koala. She waited until Spencer had a hold of Lance before standing up and stretching out her back, wincing when she felt a something pop. "That used to be a hell of a lot easier."

"You also used to be ten years younger, Ash."

Ashley growled and stuck her tongue out at Spencer, making the twins giggle. "Well I'm glad you two find it so amusing."

"Come on, Auntie Ash, tell us how it ends!" Ryan demanded.

"Alright, alright." She sat down next to Spencer on the couch. "Ashley chose to stay with Spencer, the bad man got in trouble with the police-" After being caught with six underage hookers and enough cocaine in his hotel room to make a Colombian drug lord's eyes bug out. "and went away and then Ashley and Spencer ended up living happily ever after. Right, Spence?"

"That sounds about right." There were huge gaps in the story, of course. Some parts were just not appropriate for little ears. The twins didn't need to hear about huge rift that their relationship caused between Spencer and her mother or what Ashley had to go through to get to where she was today. They just wanted their fairytale with a happy ending.

"Hey, what time did Glen say he and Stacey say they were coming around to pick the kids up?" Spencer asked, noticing the dusk was falling. Nobody had expected it to last, when Glen had picked Stacey up while she was on the rebound from Brad, but their relationship had defied expectations and now they were happily married with two beautiful children and another on the way.

"About seven. He said not to worry about feeding them, they were going to take them to Burger King."

"Burger King!" Kelly squealed happily.

"Oops, I don't think they were supposed to hear that." Ashley cringed, watching the twins chatter excitedly to each other. She turned her attention to her own child who was tugging on Spencer's hair. Lance had been named after the Carlin's beloved pet dog who'd had to be put down due to illness only a month before the baby was born. Both Spencer and Ashley thought that it would only be fitting to name their son after the animal who'd inadvertently brought them together.

Spencer shrugged, bouncing the toddler in her arms. "Glen'll get over it. And if he doesn't, just threaten to not let him use the go kart track anymore."

When Ashley had inherited her ridiculously large fortune, the first major splurge was on a house. Not just any house, either, but one with outdoor basketball courts and go kart track (at Glen's urging, of course), that backed onto the same woods that had been her home for eleven years.

A howl sounded in the distance and Ashley's head instinctively snapped in it's direction. She turned back to her wife with a hesitantly hopeful expression. "Can I-"

Spencer nodded her consent. "Go."

Ashley hesitated. "Are you going to be okay with the kids?"

"I'll be fine. Just make sure you're home in time for dinner."

Ashley's smile turned wolfish. "Will do." She kissed her wife's cheek and ruffled Lance's hair.

"Where are you going Auntie Ash?" Ryan questioned.

Ashley paused on her way out. "I'm going to go play with some old friends."