this is my story about the First female avatar from the water tribe, she's the avatar before Yengchen. and the one to start the hair loopies that Katara has.

long ago The avatar Jin-jin of the air nomads past away. now the next Avatar will be reborn in to a waterbender. and her Story starts in the northren water tribe at the age of 15.

She watched as her friend Prince Kinoku Waterbend a little bubble of water into a whip., she studied the move , only men are waterbenders

" hey Noko" some one called out to her, she saw prince Kinoku waving to her, she ran over to him

" what is it Kinoku?" she asked. the waterbending master saw her talking with the price he walked over to them

" what are you doing here?" he demanded, Noko looked up at the old grumpy man " you know girls are not aloud here"

"master, she's just talking to me it's not like she's going to waterbend or anything" Kinoku told his master " she can't waterbend after all" he said resting his arm on noko's sholder, she laugh. The old man stuck up his nose and turn away.

" My father said it was all right for you to celebrate your 16th birthday in the palace" he told her

" oh that's great, thank you Kinoku your the best". she hugged him. " I'll see you in 2 days" she said having to leave before she got into any more trouble.

that night Noko was helping her grand mother clean up after dinner, she wasn't focused on her chores , she was imagining what it would be like to waterbend.

" Grandmother" Noko called out, the old lady turn in response

" yes my child?" she asked with a smile.

" what would be like if women could waterbend?" she asked " we could help out," Noko's grandmother placed her dish down

" Noko, not this again you know better" she said " you've been visiting the waterbending classes have you"

" it's ok Kinoku was there, he let me watch him waterbend" noko said

" so what I told so many times not to go any where near the training grounds" the old lady scolded

" Kinoku said i could celebrate my 16th birthday at the palace" Noko told her

" ok just be care full alright" the old woman said going back to washing dishe.



Noko's 16th birthday came up and every one was at the palace to celabrate it, all of her friends were there . Noko was talking to one of the girls, her name was Lee-Lee.

" I wished i was good friends with the prince " Lee-Lee complained " then i could have my birthday's in the palace too" she said, noko laughed at her

" oh come on Lee-Lee" Noko said " it's my birthday so no pouting". noko felt a hand on her shoulder, Prince Kinoku was behind her

" hi Prince Kinoku" Lee-Lee said while blushing, Noko rolled her eyes

" Noko, would you like to dance?" Kinoku asked offering his hand. Noko blushed didn't know what to say, Lee-Lee pushe her into him. as the two walked tward the center of the room.

the dance started out with the two circling each other, then i they stated to do flips, then whent back to circling, then it ended with them bowing.

Kinoku put his hand in his pocket, he fished out a necklace

" Noko, since your now at the age to be wed will you..." but he was cut off by the arrival of the water sages.

" we are her to announce the Identity of the next avatar" one said.

oh my who could the next avatar be?.......