Lord Keahi was in his office reading scrolls and filling out paper work. he heard his door slam open, Zasha entered with out any permision, looking over the stacks of papers Keahi rose from his chair

" Princess Zasha whats the meaning of this?" he asked. the princess slamed her hands on his desk

" oh but you won't yell at Rei?" she yelled at him " you never yell at her, you told me that going to the fire festival is forbinin and Rei just did that last night and you didn't yell at her". The Fire Lord sat back down in his chair

" Your sister was with the avatar" he told her " and she didn't know". Piles of papers went flying off the desk, all of Keahi's work on the floors " Young lady " his scolded " you need to control your self"

" WHY?" she screamed " I'm your oly child who can firebend but you don't see that, you too focused on Rei" her hands lit up " I HATE MY SISTER I"M THE FIREBENDER I WHISH SHE NEVER EXISTED"

" EHOUGH ZASHA!" Keahi roared " you are punished for the rest of the day, go to your room" Zasha didn't move " Princess Zasha I said leave" still the Princess didn't move, Keahi singnaled on of the gaurds to escort her out, Zasha didn't struggleand was taken out.

Fire flew, vases shaddered and hair products were chucked at the door. Zasha tore a thow pillow in half, feathers from the pillows scattered all over the floor, she opend the baclony window, she looked down in the cort yard, Noko and Chi-long were doing some fire bending exersies, Hanij, Anoki and Rei watched. Zasha could take it any more she hated Noko.

" verry good Noko" Chi-lang commented. Anoki Hanji and Rei claped, Noko bowed. sudenly she sensed a threat, turning she defected a on comming fire blast

" Chi-long did you throw that?" she asked, Chi-long was behind her

" no" he quickly scaned the area " Quickly Princess Rei get out" he told the princess Rei obayed and ran into the palace.

" on top " Anoki called pointing up on the roof. on the roof stood Zasha, she leaped down facing the avatar

" Princess Zasha" Noko called " whats wrong?" The princess got into a stance

" you want to know?" she asked, she shot two blast from her hands " It you". Noko rolled out of the way, what was she going to do? she can;t attack a princess

" Zasha calm down" she called. the princess wasn't listening, she shot more blast, Noko defected them with her own bending, Chi-long knew somthing was wrong with the young princess

" Princess Zasha you must stop" he ran over to stop her but the Princess kicked him away, she kicked and puched fire, Noko dashed to dodged them.

" I"M NOT THROUH YET AVATAR" she screamed, looking around she spoted Anoki with no protection, she made the strike, Hanji watched in Horro , so did Noko she quicky rushed out to try and stop it

" NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!" both Noko and Hanji screamed. but she was to late, the fire hit the child in his right shoulder

" AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH" he screamed, he cluched his shoulder. Noko and Hanji ran over to him

" Anoki are you alright" she asked him, the boy tried to hold back the tears, he let go of his burned shoulder, they saw that is was burn good

" oh man " Hanji said, Anoki begun to cry,

" AHHHHHHHHH" he let tears fall from his face " MMMMMOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM, DDDDDDAAAAAAAAAADDDDDD" he kept crying. Noko faced the Princess who was smiling wickedly at them

" Zasha lok at what you did" she poited to the child " you burned a child, why did you do that"

" he was in the way" she said " but Noko you should know fire will burn, every one should be careful around fire" and with that she leaped into the tree and back on ti the roof and ran off. Chi-long helped Noko and Hanji tend to the Injured child.

" WHAT!" Keahi roared. Noko, Hanji, Chi-long, Anoki and his parents were in the throne room, when the boy swo the flames rise at the tone of the Fire Lord's anger he burried his face into his mothers arms

" NO" he screamed. Keahi could see that the Boy has been tramatized by fire.

" I'm sorry" he said " I don't know what caused my daughter to act out this way" he turn to Noko " I'm realy sorry about what she did to your freind" he turn to Anoki's parents

" I'm know what your feeling" he said " but I'll find my daughter and she'll be punished for sure, this behavior is unaceptable".

Anoki has been burn and it'll stay with him for the rest of his life. at this point Water bending Healing abilities have not been discovered yet

As you can see Zaha is endviouse of her older sister, and she was the one who rated her out in the last chapter.

next Chapter it'll be 2 years latter