AN: I'm from West Virginia, and proud! Recently however, I visited a good friend in Long Island, and couldn't help but make comparisons to our beloved Tony. The show in my opinion has not explored to the depth that I would prefer Tony's background. He is an Italian-American from Long Island who is living in a southern state. I was inspired to write this based off my trip. I thought it would be interesting to write a story showcasing his roots, and his culture.

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Warning: Language.

*All Italian dialogue has been translated, however everyday common speech I have not translated right next to the passage because I think somehow having the translation next to it takes away from it. All the words are at the bottom. I'm going to continue in this format unless too many people complain. (There is no Italian in this chapter)

"Do you understand that you are going to be accused of murder, Tony?"

"Yeah boss I got that."

"Do you understand that this is the third time that you have been accused of murder?"

"Third time's the charm? What, you want me in jail?"

"I'm incredulous. I have never had an agent been accused this many times."

"I don't know if it helps, but I didn't do it."

"I know that DiNozzo. What I don't understand is why you can't tell me any details surrounding this. Defend yourself. Asking for a lawyer is going to prevent any chance to clear your name in the open."

"You know that saying boss that you have, about being a Marine? The one where you never leave a man behind? Well Italians have a saying too boss. You don't screw family. You don't go contro la famiglia."

One Month Ago…(Gibbs)

I can hear someone entering my house and coming down the stairs. Heavy step, but slower paced, not Tony. Perhaps Ducky? The door opens and I see a tired FBI agent. Nope, Fornell.

"Problem Fornell", I ask.

"Yeah", he replies, "Big one."

I put my tools down and pour us both a drink, and then wait. He sighs and runs his hand over his head.

"Look", he says, "I really shouldn't even be here, but I thought it best to give you the heads up."

I continue to wait.

"It's just that we have already accused DiNozzo of murder twice, and we've been wrong on both counts, so I figure I might give a little here."

"DiNozzo in trouble?"


I settle for glaring.

"Is there somewhere we can sit", he asks and fingers a folder, "Got a few things to show you."

I nod and lead him upstairs. Once we are both seated in the kitchen he pulls out a few pictures. I recognize each of them immediately, but I let him explain them anyway. It never hurts to get as much information as possible.

He places each picture distinctly in front of me and then a family tree. I don't like where this is going.

Fornell points to a mug shot of a thug, around the same age as DiNozzo; olive skin, spiky gelled hair, two huge diamond earring studs, a wife beater and a huge golden cross.

"This here is Carmine De Luca", he says. "Arrested for selling drugs."

He points to another picture of a similar looking boy. This picture unsettles me because I can obviously tell that it was taken without the boy's knowledge. He looks more dangerous than his brother, hair gelled back and piercing blue eyes.

"James or Jamie De Luca", he says pointing at him, "His younger brother."

"He's under surveillance", I ask.

Fornell nods. This is not good.

He points to another picture.

"This here is Christian De Luca", he says. "Other younger brother, number three in the family". Shaved buzz hair cut, wearing expensive clothes, but nothing as outlandish as his brothers.

He then points to the last picture, it's a girl around seventeen that had been raped. Her face is bruised and I can tell that there are more injuries past the camera's shot.

"Mary De Luca", he says, "Says she was raped."

I shoot my eye up, words are unnecessary.

"Looks Gibbs", he says, "You hear about that case about the missing senator's daughter, the one from New York?"

I nod again. I don't like where this is going.

"Megan Broome" he says while picking out another picture of a blonde girl, "The senator's daughter has been missing for over a week now."

I interrupt him.

"What, the New York branch can't handle this by themselves?"

"I'm not involved", he states, "I'm just passing along the information. Figured I owed you as much."

I nod again and let him continue.

"Anyway", he says, "They went through her phone records. Found pictures on her phone of Mary de Luca being raped by her boyfriend. Apparently she was sending the pictures to Mary everyday."

"Why", I ask.

"Apparently the two were feuding over a boy, name is Brandon Johnson. He is the one accused of raping Mary. Anyway, Mary pressed charges against Brandon, and when he wakes up from the coma he is currently in, he will be tried."


"Yeah real mysterious huh?"

Yeah I think to myself, her brothers must have had a field day with him, not that I mind.

"Anyway", Fornell states, "Everyone knew that the De Luca boys did it, but no one had evidence, they're rich you know."

Yeah no shit.

"Anyway", Fornell continues, "We believe that Megan was sending pictures of rape to humiliate Mary to get back at her. It didn't matter that it was her boyfriend cheating on her, she didn't care, she just wanted to hurt Mary. And now she's gone missing."

"Fornell", I stop him, "It's 1 in the morning, what the hell does this have to do with DiNozzo?"

"Other than the obvious", he states, "Well Dominic Leone, their cousin has placed a few calls to DiNozzo in the last week."

"Check further on his phone records", I state angrily, "They've kept in touch, it's not a one time event. I also do not appreciate you going through Tony's life."

"Look Gibbs", he says tiredly, "Just tell your boy to stay out of it. The senator is looking for blood right now. Meagan is his only child. Also, one agent who was working undercover has already gone missing in relation to this case, and this family is suspected of mafia connections."

I get up.

"DiNozzo is a fine agent", I say, "He wouldn't get mixed up in this."

"It's family", Fornell says.

"Listen to me", I state, "DiNozzo is a federal agent, he wouldn't betray that oath."

"Gibbs", he cuts me short, "It's been a long day. Let me make this quick and sweet. I've worked mafia cases before. I know the mindset."

"DiNozzo is not mafia!"

"I know that", Fornell cries, "But this is his family, and trust me, blood runs thicker."

"Italian is not synonymous with mafia."

"Save the political correctness", he shoots back at me, "I know Tony's a fine agent, but I also know that Meagan Broome didn't just disappear into thin air. And to be really honest, he's an Italian, no excuse me, Sicilian to be more precise from Long Island whose family has more money than the Queen of England."

I don't bother to argue this point. DiNozzo is not mafia, nor does he come from mafia.

"Is he under surveillance", I ask.

"Everyone in the damn family is under surveillance! A senator's daughter went missing! Look, let me lay it out for you, the De Lucas, Leones, DiNozzos, Brunellis, and Parsanos are all under scrutiny. They are family, and the problem Gibbs is that when they're good, they're good, but when they're bad, they're a helluva lot better. They've been smart so far, all lawyered up. You know that its only a matter of time before they go after DiNozzo because they can affect his career. They are going to go after DiNozzo because they know of the rift in the family. They are especially going to go after DiNozzo because if someone is teaching these moron kids how to kidnap a senator's daughter and leave no evidence, no evidence whatsoever, its either DiNozzo or mafia. Take your pick."

"Fine", I concede, "I'll monitor him, but I can tell you right now that DiNozzo doesn't know about any of this."

"Just keep him the hell out of New York."

Two Weeks Later…(DiNozzo)


"Yes boss?"

"Maybe you should take that call."

"You sure boss, I know your policy-"

Gibbs gives me a pointed look.

"Right, I'll just take this."

Leaving the house I and sidestepping all the agents working around the dead bodies, I finally answer.


"Tony", a tired voice answers. I recognize it immediately. Shocked a bit seeing is how I haven't talked to her in years, but I don't care. Despite myself, I'm smiling and excited.

"Elena? Hey, what's up? Everything okay?"

"My mother, she got into a car accident."

She pronounces mother without the "er", and car so harshly that I'm immediately reminded of the Island. I haven't heard that accent in a really long time.

"Is Aunt Donna alright?"

"She's dead Tony."

Well shit.

"Lenny, I'm so sorry. When is the funeral?"

"Friday, Tony, look I know that we haven't seen in each other in some time, and I know that you and your father aren't really on speaking terms, but Tony, we miss you. Please try and come, okay?"

I pause, "I'll have to clear it with my boss first."

I sigh. I hadn't been in New York for years now, and the thought of returning, it was appealing, but I didn't belong there anymore. But they wanted me back, perhaps it was time to put this all behind us.

"Tony, please. We're family."

Well now what am I supposed to say to that? Aunt Donna was good to me, and while some traits desired were lacking, she never wronged me. And Elena sounded so much older. But on the same hand these were the same people that cut me out of their lives. I didn't do that.

"Lenny, look I'm sorry about your mom-"

"Don't blow me off Tony", she snaps at me, "Look, I know that we all parted on less than perfect terms-"

"I was thrown out Elena", I say growing immediately tired of this conversation. Sure it was my father that was the one to do it, but the entire family was right there behind him in silent complaisance. Well most of them anyway. Regardless, no action is an action. We all made beds and now we have to lie in them. I live alone, celebrate holidays with Gibbs, and my father in return has no child to speak well of.

"You selfish son of a bitch", she starts screaming, "My mother just died, this isn't about you!"

I run my hand through my hair, she is right. I do know that.

"I'm sorry Elena."

"Good, so you'll come?"

"Yeah", I sigh, "I'll come."

She makes a satisfied sound on her line.

"Good, ma would have wanted that."


"She wanted the family to be together, that's all anyone ever wanted."

And I screwed that all up by refusing to be a pawn in my father's business.

"Elena", I warn, "Look, I'll be there okay? And I am sorry, Aunt Donna was a good lady."

She is silent on the other end, "It'll be good-hey, the hell is the matter with you, put that down!"

"Elena", I question.

"Sorry, I have to go, my idiot brother just walked in and he doesn't know what the hell he is doing."

"How is Frankie holding up?"

"Eh", she says, "You know how these things go."

I nod to myself, "What time Lenny?"

"The wake is at 7 in the evening. Friday and Thursday."

I make a mental note of it, and say my goodbye. I turn around and bump into Gibbs. I swear that man moves in ways that are not humanly possible.

"Everything okay", he asks me.

"My aunt died", I reply, "I'm going to need to take Friday off."

He puts his hand on my shoulder and nods, "You can have all the time you need, but Tony, Friday? Today is Tuesday, why not take tomorrow off?"

It's funny, normally I hate being touched. But Gibbs is the exception to the rule I suppose. I'm a tactile person, but I don't like it when others are tactile with me. Gibbs however has always been able to figure out when it is okay to touch and when it's not, hell I think he's the only one that even knows I have these kind of issues. He's different too, there is something about him that doesn't bother me, or maybe I'm just special. Yeah, I'm just special.

"The wake is Friday."

He looks at me the way I would imagine a hawk would look at its prey.

"You're going to New York?"

I nod.

"You sure?"

Gibbs knows my issues with my family, his background checks are the most intimate I've ever experienced. And truth to be told, I'm not really so sure.

"You want me to go with you?"

"No boss", I say, "I don't want to drag you away. I'm a big boy."

Plus the idea of him being around my family is already giving me headache. Of course the idea of going by myself isn't that much more attractive.

"Look Tony", he says real gently, "Let me come okay?"

My head shoots up, and before I can stop myself, I'm already thanking him and telling him how much I would appreciate it. Never mind how I am going to explain his appearance to my cousins, I just don't want to be alone. See now this is why I love Gibbs. People think he's an ass, and sometime's its warranted, but deep down, he takes care of his own. He's loyal.