Title: A.M.
Author: Mahtalie
Rating: T for a bit on language
Characters: Dean, Sam
Word Count: 100
Summary: Dean knows he's sick. Sam doesn't. Dean would like to keep it that way. Set anytime after being pulled from Hell. sick!Dean. Drabble.
A/N: Language warning. Written for the E/O Challenge. Prompt word: "thermometer." Check out the shiny new E/O Challenge community to read everybody's work - you all are amazing and I'm happy to play with you!
Disclaimer: Just playing.

When the neon read 3:28, Dean finally had enough. He threw the blankets from him and padded across the olive carpet, a shiver running through his thin t-shirt. He eased the bathroom door shut behind him, didn't bother with the light, didn't want to alert Sam, didn't need the mirror to tell him he looked like shit. He smothered a threatening sneeze in his elbow and felt for the first aid kit. Sweaty fingers fumbled the thermometer. When it beeped a minute later he squinted at the digital read disapprovingly, sagging, knowing he couldn't hide 101.4 from Sam long.